The literally meaning of Vipassana (Vipasyasana); ‘Vi’ means “in a special way” and ‘pasyana’ means “to see, observe”. So Vipassana means “to see observe in a special way”, “to perceive the things as it is”. It aims at seeing the things or situation in reality without any illusion or delusion. Vipassana tries to seek the truth. The explanation of Vipassana is given in Buddhist literature. The original literature regarding Vipassana, are in Pali language. It is somewhat similar to the Sanskrit language. Theravada tradition insights the three marks of existence: impermanence, suffering, and realization of non-self.


ü  “Impermanence (Anitya)” means everything in this world is temporary. No situation or matter remains permanent. Everything keeps changing.  

ü  “Suffering (Dukkha)” is found everywhere in the world. People may illusioned by seeing pleasure. In fact, the world is full of illusion. However, Lord Buddha has given the techniques to get rid of sorrow.

ü  “Non-self (Anatma)” is an important reality. A person identifies himself with the situation or sorrow. Whenever he realizes that he is unattached to situation, events, misery etc; then he can live a perfect life.


From the meditation Buddha discover ultimate reality:

Ø  There is sorrow in life.

Ø  There causes of sorrow.

Ø  There is the path to eliminate sorrow.

Ø  Arya-astangik Marga ie “Eightfold noble path” is the way to eliminate sorrow.


Vipassana meditation was the technique for the Buddha to attain enlightenment. It is an ancient technique through which many people got enlightenment in the period of Buddha. This meditation has two bases:

o    Consciousness on respiration  

o    Consciousness on body sensation.


And the purpose of being conscious is to create equanimity. So, Vipassana is also termed as “Samatha Meditation”. As it requires awareness, consciousness, it is also named as “Mindfulness Meditation”.  Thus this meditation requires mindfulness and equanimity. Lord Buddha had discovered this meditation technique. He became fully enlightened at the age of 35. Then he started to teach this meditation to the mass of people.


For the practice of Vipassana meditation, a meditator sits for meditation and begins with the awareness of respiration keeping the torso straight and unmoved. The eyes are closed so that mind does not wander on external things. His backbone and head neither should lean frontwards nor backward. One must be at the present for the perfect practice of meditation. If the body is crooked forwards, the mind tends to shift to past experiences and thoughts. Similarly, if the body is leaned backward, the mind tends to fly with future imagination and thinking. So the alignment of the body must be straight to practice meditation.


Now, the meditator observes his inhalation and exhalation. Sometimes it may happen that mind cannot identify the breaths. If so, he needs to inhale and exhale with his own effort. It makes to feel the breaths. Doing this he starts knowing the breath. Gradually, he starts knowing natural and spontaneous respiration.  If the breath is faster, he just knows that the breath is faster without any judgment and reaction. If the breath is slower, he just knows it without any reaction and judgment. The purpose of meditation is to get the reality. If one start to judgment or reaction then he misleads the path. When the meditator starts observing the breath, it becomes subtler and subtler. Sometime it may happen that breath has stopped for some moment. Whatever it may be one should just know the incoming and outgoing respiration. If it is inhalation, know it as it is. If it is exhalation, know it as it is. Never try to shift from the reality. The mind is linked to respiration. So, this helps to explore the mind. Observation of respiration is a primary phase of meditation.


After this, the meditator starts observing the sensation of the body. He observes the sensation of the whole body from the top of the head to toes and vice-versa. Again, the meditator may experience different types of sensation like pain, pleasure, heat cold, perspiration, etching, tickle, pressure, soft, rough, vibration, etc. Whatever the types of sensation there may be, but the meditator should not generate any attachment or aversion to it. He should neither judge nor react on it. Just know the reality. Judgment and reaction are the barriers of the truth. Neither be happy with pleasure nor be sad on pain. They both are ephemeral. Never identify yourself with them.


The self is always unattached and free from all the bondage.  Whatever the element is in the universe, those all are within the human body. So, knowing the element within the framework of the body one can understand the reality of the entire universe. Just with the study of the self, one can realize the whole world. Being mindful of the sensation of the body one starts understanding the reality. One can understand the law of nature. One can understand the principles of mind and matter. During the meditation, the mind may go in past and sometimes in future. We have nothing to do with past and future as these are not in our hands.


. We are gifted with the present. So, we always try to remain on the present without dwelling on past or future. Whatever is being happened on respiration and sensation, we just become concentrated on it. Our work is- only knowing, feeling, or realizing in an equanimous manner. This activity gives the knowledge of mind and matter. As we understand the mind and mater including its law; we surpass across it.  We transcend the physical world. Then we will realize these are changing, non-self, and sorrow.  After this, we start knowing the metaphysical world. After knowing the world of changing, non-self, and sorrow; we will know that world which is beyond sorrow and beyond changing. Continuous practice leads to ultimate truth and enlightenment. There are many paths which lead towards enlightenment. But the history and religious literature have shown that there were a maximum number of people who attained enlightenment at the period of Buddha through the practice of Vipassana. 


For the Vipassana meditation, one-hour sitting is necessary, twice a day- morning and evening. In other time he works everything being conscious and mindful. He eats being conscious on breaths or the sensation, he moves being mindful, he sits being mindful, he speaks being mindful. Whatever he does, they all are done being mindful. He becomes conscious of his thoughts. So he is the master of the self.


Some of the people practice Vipassana meditation to get the health benefit. But practicing Vipassana meditation with aim of health is not good. Curing the various diseases, even HIV AIDS (scientific research has already discovered it) will be cured by this meditation, providing ultimate health is a byproduct. The aim always should be enlightenment, not health. For example- rice cover is byproduct while grinding the rice. So health is byproduct on the path of enlightenment. Nowadays the original technique of Vipassana is taught in the Vipassana center started by SN Goenka. It is taught in more than 50 countries with free of cost.

Utthita Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose)

Utthita Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose)


In Sanskrit language, Utthita means extended and Trikona means triangle. Utthita Trikonasana means extended triangle pose.


Steps to do Utthita Trikonasana

1.      Stand in a straight pose like in Tadasana.

2.      Slowly jump your legs about 4 feet. Set your arms parallel to the floor.

3.      Turn your right leg in 90 degrees and set your left leg 45 degrees.

4.      Set your left hand on the left ankle and shin.

5.      Stay in this pose at least for 15 minutes.

6.      Do the same process from the right leg.


Benefits of Utthita Trikonasana

1.      It can improve the digestive system of our body.

2.      It helps us to be rid of the stress.

3.      It is helpful to the people who have an infertility problem.

4.      It strengthens all the parts of our stomach.



1.      You don’t have to do this pose if you are suffering from diarrhea.

2.      You should avoid this pose if you have a headache and low blood pressure.

3.      If you have the heart problem, neck pain and high-blood pressure you have to apply special precautions while you do this yoga. For that, you have to consult with your yoga teacher.



Five Nights Six days Yoga Retreat

Five Nights Six days Yoga Retreat

Five nights six days yoga retreat is a wonderful yoga retreat package which gives you an amazing chance to experience deep relaxation by yoga. You can learn how to do yoga, breathing exercise and meditation in your daily life in this course. If you are searching inner happiness in your life, this retreat can be the breakthrough of your life. Daily yoga classes can strengthen your inner power and you start to feel more energetic and powerful from inside. You don’t only learn yoga in this retreat, but also you learn many aspects of life. You learn the yogic lifestyle and new way of thinking pattern.



Further attraction of this retreat is the environment of the place. You can find the peaceful and natural surroundings and homely behavior. Yoga is the medium to find the self and joining the self with the supreme self. This retreat also try to you find your nature and your higher goal in this world. Yoga has many benefits. It gives us the physical, mental, emotional and psychological health. Yoga can eliminate all the stresses and tensions of our life.


Yoga Retreat


We seek only the materialistic achievement in our life and deprive ourselves from experiencing the most beautiful achievement in our life. We rush to the matter and forget our real self which causes restlessness in our life and cannot make us satisfied. Satisfaction is not gained by the matter but it can be got by the mental stillness. We should search both aspects of our life, both dimensions of our life. This retreat gives us that forgotten aspect of our life.




This retreat can connect us with our inner self. Our inner self can introduce us with our true being which is the original part of our life. Hygienic food is also the part of this retreat which allures you. We can learn some philosophy of life and yoga in the class. This retreat increases our awareness. Awareness can be the best solution for every mental discomfort.




This yoga retreat gives you the golden opportunity to be free from your frustration and misunderstanding about life. You can find the beautiful aspect of your life and become grateful with your life whatever you have, wherever you are and whoever is with you in your life. Your perspective can be changed to see this world and your life. Yoga can be your guidance to walk in the path of your life.

Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystal healing is the system of healing by using the different types of crystals. Crystals are the elements which form different geometric shapes. They form underground of the earth taking millions of years. In the process of forming the different shapes of crystals, they hold the energy inside them. They capture the natural power from the core of the earth. The energy of the crystals can stop to enter the negative energy in our body and help to enter positive energy. Crystals can attract the energy of the universe towards it and send into our body from where we keep the crystals on our body.




We have 7 Chakras which can be understood as energy centres of our body. They are the energy providers of the body. They should be in balanced condition. They are responsible for many diseases if the energy moves in the negative direction. They have also the responsibility to heel the diseases of our body if we can heal all seven chakras. We can be healed from different mental and physical illnesses by correcting them. This therapy is done by putting the different crystal on 7 chakras.


7  chakra


Crystal therapy is also a therapeutic method of alternative therapy. Crystal therapy is conducted by putting the crystals on the area where we feel the pain of the body, the meridian points of the body, and 7 chakras. By putting crystals on the body of a patient in a deep relaxation state for about an hour the therapy can be done. In the deep state, the patient can be able to take the positive energy in the body. The energy balances our seven chakras and opens the meridian points of the body. The main reason for any diseases is the blockage at any point in our body. If we can open the blockages of the body, we can regain our health.


Crystal Therapy


Crystals can increase the energy field of our body and keep us healthy. If the energy field becomes thin then we become ill, when we can make our energy field thick, then we can recover from the diseases. Our subtle body is made of the energy and we have to make it positive to live healthy and happy. If the subtle body becomes weak then our physical body also becomes weak and unhealthy. Crystals can correct the subtle body.



There is the link between the seven chakras and the energy body. All seven charkas have their colourful energy. For all chakras, there are different types of crystals. They can create the balance between our body and the energy. Crystals can eliminate all the negative energy from our energy field and fill the positive energy in the place of that. There are two types of energy i. e. positive and negative. We neither can create the energy not destroy the energy; we simply can replace the positive the energy in the place of negative. Crystal healing doesn’t do anything but it replaces the positive energy in the place of positive and the process of healing starts itself.



Some crystals are useful for the heart and some are for the brain. Some crystals can heal the stomach problems. Some crystals can improve our mental capacity. Good crystal therapist collects all the information about the patient and he or she applies crystal therapy as the patient need. Crystal therapist has to know about the patient before treatment. Crystal healing is not any miracle but it has the scientific reason. Crystals are the substances which have a lot of positive energy. That natural energy has the power to heal the different disease of our body. The therapist asks some questions with the patient about the disease and his or her mental state.


Crystal Therapy


Crystals need to cleanse before using them. They should keep underground for one night and put in salty water for seven days. Then that should put outside openly when the full moon appears for one night. The crystals can be used for healing after the cleansing process. The cleaning process can purify the crystals from the negative energy.



Crystals have different colours which can determine the work of crystals. Different colour can heal the different chakra related diseases. All seven chakras have their related colours and there are the diseases which are related to different chakras. To harmonize the seven chakras is the effort of crystal healing. The seven chakras can be made positive by different methods among them crystal therapy is one method.



Crystals don’t do anything but they balance the energy system of our body and enable us to be powerful on our energy level. If our energy level becomes powerful, any negative energy can’t affect our body and we become healthy. It is a saying that the human being becomes ill not only by physical reason but he or she can be sick by the metaphysical reason. To heal the unseen part of the disease, we should use crystal healing. We can apply both types of treatment system, allopathic and crystal therapy at the same time to enhance the healing.


We can use the crystals to increase the energy of our body without being sick. The energy can increase the immune system of our body which can prevent us from many diseases. Crystal therapy can be the best way to increase the vital power of our body. It can improve our memory power. The most important factor of this crystal therapy is that it doesn’t have any side effect. It has the side benefits because it can heal all types of discomforts and diseases if we use it properly for a particular disease. When we use this therapy for one purpose, we can have the extra benefits for another problem.

Crystal healing is a different type of healing which focuses on the mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspect of our problem. It tries to heal our diseases from its root cause. When the root cause can be healed, we can gain the natural power in our body. Our real identity is the healthy body; our real nature is the healthy body and peaceful mind.

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

The meaning of Bhujanga is the serpent in Sanskrit language and asana means pose, therefore Bhujangasana means the serpent pose or cobra pose.

Steps of doing cobra pose

1.     Lie on the floor facing the ground and stretch your legs and hands.

2.     Try to bring up your head and body up-to naval by inhaling. You have to set you both hands on the ground.

3.     Now, stretch your whole body.

4.     Stay in this pose at least 15 seconds and come back to the ground by exhaling.


Benefits of Cobra Pose

1.     This pose makes stronger your spine.

2.     It helps to make our stomach healthy.

3.     It helps to heal asthma.

4.     It helps to make our heart and lungs healthy.


1.     If you are suffering from back pain you have to avoid this pose.

2.     If you are pregnant you should avoid this pose.

3.     If you have a headache you don’t have to do this yoga.

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