2 Week Weight Loss Retreat In Nepal

2 Week Weight Loss Yoga Retreat In Nepal


Most people are often bothered by their weight and no matter how hard they try; they are not able to solve their problem. For such people, the 2-week weight loss retreat in Nepal is a viable solution as her, you will learn the secrets of losing weight in a systematic yet fun manner. After completing this session, you will look back and think “losing weight is not that difficult”.

During this 2-week weight loss retreat in Nepal, you will take part in a series of activities that will push you to your limits. We focus on calorie burning yoga sessions as well. These activities include exercising, stretching, proper breathing, and most of all healthy eating. The activities are humongous but remember that to be the best, you have to complete them. Although daunting, you’ll get used to it in a few sessions.

weight loss yoga retreat in nepal

The weight loss retreat in Nepal is a great way to experience what your body is capable of and how you can optimize your performance. 



In this 2-week weight loss retreat in Nepal, you will witness never before seen things and adventure. This retreat is structured in such a way that it aids to achieve your fitness objective which is losing weight. The activities done during your time there tends to differ in response to your physical conditions so, we cannot give you a clear itinerary about the activities. On the contrary, we can provide you some details about your daily activities and when you will do them.

Keep in mind that these activities are very structured and they are kept like that for a reason. Remember that it is only through being systematic and disciplined, we can achieve the desired outcome. 


Timetable for the 2-week weight loss retreat in Nepal

6 am to 7 am: Wake up

7 am to 8 am: Yoga classes

9 am to 10 am: Healthy breakfast 

10 am to 12 pm: Aerobic session

12 pm to 2 pm: Lunch 

2 pm to 3 pm: Bodyweight exercises

3 pm to 4 pm: Rest 

4 pm to 5 pm: Meditation classes

yoga reterat for weight loss- Nepal


This whole retreat is categorized into three major aspects.

  1. Healthy eating
  2. Bodyweight exercises
  3. Yoga and meditation

Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Healthy eating

Healthy eating is an integral component of losing weight. We all know that most of our weight problems arise from eating unhealthy food and eating at the incorrect time. In this 2-week weight loss retreat in Nepal, you will dine on healthy food which aids in achieving your objective. We shall guide you on the timing and frequency of meals. We shall also teach you what type of food is beneficial to the body and what is not plus when you should eat them.

In just a week, you will learn the ability to distinguish food, count calories, and be a part of a healthy lifestyle. 

2. Bodyweight exercises

Once we have learned about healthy eating, the next stop is exercising. It is a must to burn off the excess calories that you have consumed. To do so, you will take part in an aerobic session. The class will be conducted by a trained professional and he will make sure that you derive the maximum benefit from your session. The class consists of moving non-stop so make sure that you are ready!

After the aerobic session, bodyweight exercises are next for you. In this 2-week weight loss retreat in Nepal, you will indulge in basic exercises like pushups, chin-ups, and dibs. If you possess a certain level of fitness, then the trainer might make you do advanced versions of these exercises. Depending upon the weather conditions and time available, we might go for a short hike too. Hiking in the hills is another great way to burn some calories.

3. Yoga and meditation

It is equally important that we exercise ourselves mentally too if we are to achieve our set target. To do that, we shall take part in yoga sessions in the morning, and meditation classes in the evening. The classes are conducted by trained professionals that have years of experience. In the yoga class, you will learn about the different poses, asanas, and a slight hint of philosophy too. 

Meditation is an evening activity in this 2-week weight loss retreat in Nepal. This session helps your mind to relax after a grueling day of hard activities. The meditation session not only helps you to relax, but it sharpens your mind as well. Learn about different meditation techniques and be sure to practice them wholeheartedly.