Kundalini Yoga retreat in Nepal

Kundalini Yoga retreat in Nepal -1 Week Course

Enjoy our kundalini yoga retreat in Nepal, awaken your dormant energy, Remove your chakra blockage, be more energize and creative, enhance memory & focus

The origin of the word Kundalini yoga is from the word kundalini, which in Sanskrit language has the meaning as the energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine until the energy or chi is activated by the practice of yoga, which in turn goes upward through the chakras in the process of spiritual perfection.

kundalini yoga retreat in Nepal

Kundalini is most importantly believed to the power of female or in other words feminine power. Unlike other forms of yoga Kundalini, yoga is most importantly influenced by Shaktism and Tantra school of Hinduism. In Kundalini yoga retreat, most importantly mantra, tantra, yantra, yoga and kundalini meditation is utmost practiced.

Kundalini yoga is a conflation of spiritual along with physical practices. The yoga includes variety of practices like dynamic breathing techniques, repeatedly chanting mantras, practicing guided and mindfulness meditation, mantras like Sat Nam is most commonly practiced. The main purpose of Kundalini Yoga retreat is to increase the physical vigour and the consciousness of the human body.


The perception of Kundalini Yoga

Out of many purpose of Yoga, the main purpose of Kundalini Yoga is to enhance the perception of the human mind, and soul. The complete spiritual process is to enhance the perception of the way we perceive.

The most important yet common example is shown as the symbol of Shiva with a snake, which connotes that the energy of Shiva has reached the highest peak. As the energy of Shankara has reached the highest point, therefore the third eye of Shiva has opened. 

kundalini yoga Retreat Class Nepal


The meaning of the third eye

The meaning of opening of third eye is profound, it does not mean that something has cracked up in the forehead and the eye has bulged out. The intangible meaning of opening of the third eye is the human consciousness has reached another level. It is said that when our third eye is opened we see beyond physicality.

Another dimension of life is opened and we go inward, which most of the time is completely different then what we commonly see, though it is not a cup cake to go inward and indulge in introspection.

Most commonly, there is a tendency of people pointing to other mistakes then going inward. It is said that the person whose third eyes are opened, they see things different from what are not seen through the naked eyes.


What are the health benefits of Kundalini Yoga retreat in Nepal?

There are many reasons why people choose to practice Kundalini- like its effect on both your physical and psychological well-being. Below are some of the most popular health benefits of Kundalini, including a faster metabolism, better mood, and lowered stress levels.

  1. Helps in building the strength of the body.
  2. Prevents your mood from swinging with uncertainty.
  3. Increases the production of serotonin and dopamine in the brain, which soothes you ultimately.
  4. Decreases the blood pressure of the human body, and the heart rate.
  5. Aids in enhancing the memory and focus of the human being.
  6. Also aids in boosting the digestive and metabolism of the human body.

The course kundalini yoga Retreat in Nepal is divided in to 3 major parts: the first is the opening chant or also known as inception chant (which in yogic form of language is known as “tuning in”) as soon as completing the opening chant. We practice warm-up for your spine, a kriya(which is a sequence of postures are followed with soothing breathing technique), ultimately going with the meditation song.

The uncanny benefit of practicing Kundalini yoga retreat is this yoga conflates physical pose with mindfulness breathing and meditation. The perks of practicing Kundalini is you can choose whatever pose you like that might be a warrior pose for leg pain relief or cobra pose for spine relief.


Structure of Kundalini yoga Retret class

If you are searching for the best Kundalini Yoga retreat in Nepal, then We are the best place to take part.

Class structure:

  1. We offers 2 hours of Kundalini Yoga classes every day
  2. Additional 2 yoga classes of hatha yoga asana + mindfulness + breathing.
  3. We include food, accommodation within our course.

We heartily invite you to come and join the wonderful journey of Kundalini yoga with us and get the true benefits of a Yoga retreat in Nepal. 

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