Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Yoga is a cluster of physical, mental, and religious practices or disciplines that originated in ancient India. There’s a broad type of yoga faculties, practices, and goals in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Among the foremost well-known kinds of yoga are yoga and Raja yoga.

Many training institutes and retreat centers are providing training in Nepal. NYTT & RC is also one of the Training and Retreat Centre who is providing yoga teacher training in Nepal.

We provide opportunities to seek out regarding yourself and the life-changing experience of yoga teacher training courses in mountain range country Nepal. This may be a spiritual, life work yoga teacher training in Nepal (motherland of yoga). Guide yourself to the new direction of peace and joy.

Some Yoga Training Courses we provide

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

10 hours Online Yoga Training

5 Hours Online  Meditation Training

Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Who can be part of Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal at Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Centre?

If you are interested in yoga and thinking about taking training in Nepal then join Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Centre. Anyone can be a part of this course who desires to

  • Find inner peace,
  • Self-transformation,
  • Deepen your observe,
  • Expand knowledge and
  • To be a certified and qualified yoga and meditation teacher.

Once you take this comprehensive yoga teacher training in Nepal, you’ll kick-start your career of yoga. Several of our previous students have started yoga as a profession once finishing a yoga teacher training course at Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center. Many of us have misconceptions about a teacher training course.

They assume that the yoga teacher training in Nepal is just to be a yoga teacher. However, this is often half true. Hence, Yoga Teacher Training Nepal Course addresses us from all sides of our life. Anyone will join who wishes to understand concerning their body, mind, and true self.

Before knowing why to take yoga teacher training in Nepal, we have to know about the benefits of yoga. There are many benefits of yoga in our daily life some of them are

  • Yoga helps to build muscle strength
  • If you do yoga daily then it will help you to perfect your posture
  • Improvement in respiration.
  • Protect from different kinds of injury.
  • improves the bone’s health and makes it stronger.
  • maintains the sugar and pressure level in the body
  • Yoga helps you to regulate your adrenal glands
  • It helps to find a healthy lifestyle, help you to focus on your goal,  and make you happy

Why yoga teacher training?

Almost all of us understand the advantages of yoga. However, what the number of us understand the advantages of training as a yoga teacher in particular? Some of the reasons are

  • Yoga practice improves your health
  • Growth + Deeper Self-Understanding
  • Learn Life-Enhancing Skills
  • Stress-free minds
  • Breathing control
  • Improves your flexibility
  • New Friends + Authentic Connections
  • Become a leader + Teacher

Why Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal?

Nepal is the most popular and highest in a part of the Himalayas, the motherland of yoga and meditation, Shiva’s birthplace, Buddha’s birthplace. Due to which Nepal could be a deeply religious place and a spirited and divine place for the religious seeker. It is one amongst the most effective countries to meditation and yoga teacher training in Nepal and for all true seekers.

You’ll find the different dimensions of Yoga in our yoga teacher training in Nepal. Therefore, it is an ideal destination to experience the ability of yoga, meditation, Himalaya, and spirituality. Learn yoga and meditation throughout vacation in Nepal with distinctive yogis.

In Nepal, there’s an opportunity to find out the authentic tradition of yoga that has been passed from teacher to student over and over for thousands of years. NYTT & RC has been providing the chance to share information of yoga from completely different traditions and Authentic Yogi Culture.

Why with Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Research Center?

  • NYTT & RC needs to preserve what looks to be forgotten by several yoga colleges that are teaching yoga as a mere exercise.
  • You will learn based on ancient, religious, and research.
  • Located within the lap of the natural fantastic thing about the luxurious Himalayan forest
  • We are certified across the country and internationally.
  • We have an academic teacher who did (Master’s degree in yogic science). On the other hand, we’ve got traditional yoga teachers who learned from Himalayas, jungles, caves, monastery, etc. Their knowledge is unbelievable to remodel your life upside down. So, you may get benefited from traditional also as trendy research base yoga.
  • You will leave the program with the information, experience, and confidence to become the qualified and licensed yoga teacher of your dreams.
  • NYTT & RC bears a detailed syllabus that will enrich your personal life and self-transformation.
  • The main reasons why you may love Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Research Centre and the way it’s completely different from the remainder is due to the actual fact that, we have a tendency to teach a holistic specialize in all aspects of yoga, not just the physical.
  • Our yoga ashram in Nepal may be a religious hub for information seekers to grow and nourish their souls.
  • This teacher training course may be a multi-style course for beginner to intermediate-level students.
  • This internationally certified yoga teacher training in Nepal focuses on body and mind connection and its application within the present.
  • Students explore ideas of the chakra system as frameworks for the appliance of Kundalini yoga.
  • The programs throughout the month are filled with completely different activities and interesting information.