3 hours Online Pranayama Class

 3 hours Online Pranayama Class

We Welcome all for our 3 days 3 hours Online Pranayama course  (online breathing course), the vital force of living.

The most basic activity that all living organisms do is breathing. It is involuntary and comes easily to us. The body performs this task at all times whether we are sleeping, working, or exercising. Without this function of breathing, life will be lost. When we speak of breathing in yoga, we refer to it as ‘pranayama’. This word is derived from the Sanskrit words ‘Prana’ and ‘Yama’ which coherently mean extending the life force.

Pranayama is an integral aspect of yoga and is greatly associated with meditation. For the yoga enthusiasts out there, Nepal yoga teacher training and retreat center brings you the 3 hours online pranayama class in Nepal which will greatly help you in achieving the objectives that you have set in yoga, as breathing is a part of yoga. This condensed course shall brief you through the mandatory prerequisites of pranayama, and aid you in leading a healthy and fulfilled life.

online pranayama class

Readers may have the basic idea that pranayama is related to breathing but they might not have ideas regarding its origin and roots. In this 3 hours online pranayama class, you will get an insight as to this matter. However, to satiate your curiosity, we shall spill some beans for you. Pranayama is the practice of controlling the breath which in yoga, is considered as the origin of our vital force or as we call in yoga, ‘prana’.

When we dive deep into the history of yoga, we can find mentions of pranayama. These texts date back to thousands of years in the past. It is to be noted that pranayama is not only associated with Hinduism, but it is found in other religions as well but in different names. Yoga and Hinduism however, are greatly interlinked. In the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, we can find the earliest mentions of pranayamas. Even in the Bhagavad Gita, we can find the mention of pranayama. In this blog, we shall talk about this much only. The remaining portion will be covered in the course.

Readers might be wondering as to why should they take this 3 hours online pranayama class.  If it’s an exercise they want, then other exercises like running and cycling can also be done. What is the need for this breathing exercise? Although other exercises help you to progress physically, pranayama helps you to progress spiritually and mentally too. The core belief of pranayama revolves around the idea of connecting the human mind with the spiritual being and enhancing the life force. The benefits of pranayama are backed by science too. Some of these benefits include a decrease in stress levels and an increase in oxygen intake. Due to the decrease in stress quality, it leads to an increase in sleep quality.

online breathing class

We know that breathing is an involuntary process and it is automatic. Pranayama helps us in increasing mindfulness and it helps you to become aware of the surroundings. It also increases blood circulation and aids in increasing concentration. As it is a breathing exercise, pranayama helps to strengthen the lungs through thorough and practiced breathing. We know that yoga is branched out into various disciplines. The same logic is applicable in Pranayama as well. There are different types of pranayama too which will be taught to you in this 3 hours online pranayama class.

The class will be taught through the internet and it will be handled by our esteemed teachers and tutors. They have years of experience in teaching yoga and pranayama. They will easily guide you through the subject matter and will clear any doubts that you might have. The study material will be provided once you finish the registration process. If you want to improve your knowledge of yoga or want to lead a better life, then this is the place to be.

Course Schedule

Day First – Introduction of breathing science

Correct process of breathing

Abdominal breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing

Thoracic breathing

Day second – UJjyi breathing

Bhastrika Breathing

Kapalbhati Breathing

Anulom Vilom Breathing

Nadhi Sodhana breathing

Day Third –  Sitali Breathing

Sitakari Breathing

Surya bhedi breathing

Chandra bhedi breathing

Way to practice at home


How we provide class

Since this is the online class, it will take over zoom. We will finalize the date and class time during your inquiry period. requirement for this course is, you need to have good internet and zoom account.

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