One Month Yoga Retreat in Nepal

One Month Cheaper & Healthy Yoga Retreat in Nepal

One month Yoga retreat is very effective for the people who have a long holiday. If you want to make your life special then join us in Yoga. You will have sufficient time to learn the theoretical and practical aspects of Yoga.

This one-month yoga retreat in Nepal includes the different aspects of yoga-like asana practice, different breathing techniques, different techniques of Meditation, stuff related to lifestyle management, yoga philosophy, Mantra chanting, Managing stress in our daily life and many more. In addition, we care about your inner peace and bliss and try to keep you in the state of peace, bliss, and happiness. 

yoga reterats in Nepal

What our One month Yoga Retreat in Nepal Includes

The Course includes followings:

Joint Exercise, Subtle Exercise, Fast Exercise, and Recharging exercise.
Yoga-asana: You will learn more than 100 yoga poses with proper alignment. Each asana has its own health benefits, therapeutic uses and limitations, spiritual growth, and realization of being a particular creature. You will get a chance to learn deeply.

Pranayama (Breath regulation, control, and cessation): Various techniques of pranayama are taught. You will learn how to get abundant oxygen and recharge your body.

Meditation: It is an art to waken your divinity and power. Meditation is done in many ways. Different techniques of meditation are taught. Mindful meditation is kept at the center of a lesson during this one-month yoga retreat in Nepal.
Yoga-Nidra and Yogic Relaxation: They are the techniques of sleeping and relaxing the body being conscious. It is a faster way to relax the body.
Yoga Philosophy and related philosophy
Healthy food habits
Mantra chanting.  

Besides, eight limbs of Yoga- Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi are taught in detail. You will learn how these are applied in this contemporary world.

The residential facility is in the Nepalese style. Food served here is vegetarian and vegan.  Most of the food items we provide here are natural. The lifestyle is also natural. It is a respect for nature. We try to keep an innate relationship with nature. During the stay in our yoga retreat in Nepal, you will learn healthy food habits. How food is to be taken for different categories of people. If any of the students are in need of otherwise, then we try to fulfill their needs as well.

yoga retreat in Nepal

The Retreat Center is situated at the lap of Sivapuri-Nagarjuna National Park, 5 km away from Thamel. The greenery of the forest, clean atmosphere, and natural beauty of this area give the pleasure to the people. The retreat center lies at a height; so, one can enjoy the view of the city.  The environment is free from disturbance and sound. Thus, practicing yoga retreat in Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and retreat center is favorable, peaceful and quiet. As Nepal is a holy place, a country of Yoga, practicing yoga over here is its own importance.   

  You will be benefited from the yoga in following ways:

  It enhances your health and strength. Innate immunity increases which lead healthy life.

  You will find the techniques to lead a healthy life.

Mind becomes positive. Negativity, ill-will, hatred, anger etc will be cleared. The mind becomes wholesome and pure. Depression, tension, anxiety etc will be eradicated. The mind becomes happier.

 You will discover a peaceful and harmonious life during this yoga retreat in Nepal.

If you are suffering from any health problem, you will be benefitted.

 After the completion of the course, you will find that your memory power and concentration increased.

It develops intuition and mental status.

It increases flexibility. Bones and muscles become strong.

You will get a spiritual and wholesome path in life.

You will fully enjoy nature, fresh air, family environment. 

When our Course Starts

We prefer to start the course from 1st of any month but if you can’t make it on 1st, send us an inquiry and we try our best to accommodate you at that time. 

Pre-Requisites for Course

The beginner can join the class so even if you are beginner, you can join the class