700 Hours Yoga Teachers Training

700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Nepal

Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Research Centre offers wide-ranging and comprehensive 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course. The course has been mainly prepared for enhancing the practice and study of yoga in deeper level. It’s more about making one a yogi, a person with all the yogic qualities. The program stands high in its characteristics and standard. It is purely and exclusively dedicated to the trained and well-qualified yogis who have already experienced and practiced yoga for the last few years. Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Research Centre believes that yoga practice is lifelong journey.

It never ends. It still continues even one ends one’s physical life in this world. This is why, the horizon and scope of yoga is vast that the program designed by the people may not acquire or meet all the possibility and potentiality the yoga has possessed. However, the designation of program at least leads one to follow the path in guidance of dedicated and devoted yogis who have supreme and sacred desire to help you follow your supreme path. Through the involvement in the 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course, one is led to the intensive yoga program of various style in higher sense of awareness, devotion and dedication.

The program has been prepared keeping the mind of those already qualified and energetic yogis who have been following the path of yoga for few years.  Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Iyengar Yoga are some of the styles of yoga one will practice and purify the practice to greater level. As a higher level of course, it is not only focused about being on practice rather it dedicates its maximum times to make that practice standard and specific with advanced yoga practices.

Either it’s on asana, or pranayama or meditation or any other facets of yoga one would want to hone and make the specialization. Having said that, the 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course is specifically oriented to specialize the certain field on the one hand. On the other hand, it’s also mainly dedicated to improve the pedagogical skills. The 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course is concerned to qualify you to be a better teacher in every way. It’s a complete package to make one a yoga master.

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The 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course has been designed keeping the fact in mind that participants of this course are expected to have strong foundational and fundamental understanding and practice of yoga at least. Preferably, the candidates are expected to have few years of yoga teacher experience in a professional level.

The 700 Hour Teacher Training Course incorporates and provides the advanced level of study in every subject of yoga. During the 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course, one is supposed to lead one’s professional yoga teaching in higher level by acquiring the ideas and skills to enhance the ability and quality of a participants. Besides, it’s practical and profound platform to explore your inner inspiration and joy to magnify your own individual journey in another level.

Course Objectives of 700 hours Yoga Teachers Training

Development of teaching skills and self-practice in higher level in the subject of traditional Hatha Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

In-depth practice of pranayama and meditation to explore and enjoy the existence of the self being in harmony to the supreme self.

Teaching number of classes to the peers for the very reason to improvise and magnify the skill and stamina of your teaching style.

Deeper understanding and study of yoga anatomy and ayurveda

Detailed application and practice of mantra, mudra and bandha and kriya.

Comprehensive study of Patanjali Yoga Sutra mainly being focused on the Ashtanga Yoga and its practical implication in our daily life.

Discourse on Bhagavad Geeta, Hath Yoga Pradipika and Upanishads.

Advance Asana Training

Advanced Asana Practice

Practice of advanced asana

Advanced asana transition

Adjustment and assistance on advanced asana

Preparation of intermediate and advanced yoga series for teaching after the completion of the class

Personal Asana practice

Practice of asana in next level is what will be expected and practiced during the 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course. The practice of yin and yang style of yoga where you will get relaxed, gentle practice to the intensive and dynamic flow of asana. In this level of your yoga journey, you will try to learn several ways of going to the same pose and also learn lots of variation for the teaching.

It’s also the time to evaluate your yoga journey and try to follow the better way with the complete hope and aspiration of including new ways and ideas in the bucket of your practice and teaching. With proper adjustment and alignment of asana, the understanding of yoga asana gets deeper and deeper which definitely empower your insight and intelligence of yoga.


The practice of pranayama wants you to be dedicated and devoted to the practice to the same level one gives the effort and time for the asana. Indeed, the pranayama is more subtle and internal practice which has even stronger and effective relation to the journey of yoga. Pranayama practice in the 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course demands intensive and comparatively longer time of practice. Both teaching and practice are combined together to provide superior result through the 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course.

In the 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course, the importance of pranayama is strived to connect with asana. Pranayama and Asana are practice which can be done in combination to each other. They have different effect but are highly interrelated. If both practices are brought together they recharge the body, calm the mind and bliss the soul. In this manner, the importance of pranayama is high that it’s not made just a practice in the mat, it’s rather a gate to open the way of life.

Kriya and Mudra

The 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course has incorporated the practice of Kriya also called Shat Karmas, six cleansing techniques which will be practiced to make you able to teach other. The practical knowledge and practicum will be conducted to make you able to practice yourself and teach to other. Neti, Dhauti, Bhasti, Kapalbhati, and Tratak will be thoroughly taught in the advanced level 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course.

Likewise, Mudra also called energy seals will be taught in detailed. Few days of classes will be conducted for only teaching you about Mudra. The cleansing process of kriya helps to clear the toxins, tension, anxiety, and stress of the body and make the free flow of the energy and air the body on the one hand. On the other, the practice of Mudra helps you to activate your various quality and intelligence of the body.

Mudra has greater effect on healing different issues as well as it also helps to create the certain mood one wants to experience and develop. In the 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course, both Kriya and Mudra are taught in detailed manner to make one able to practice oneself and teach others.

Ayurveda and Yoga Anatomy

The Five Elements

The Six Tastes

Ayurvedic philosophy

Marma Points

Doshas & Sub-doshas

Pranayama and Asana for doshic balance

20 Gunas


Agni and Ama

Abyanga massage

Tongue, Face and Pulse analysis

Food Guidelines

Daily Routines

Learn to make Ayurvedic spice blends, ghee and khichari.

Chanting and Meditation – focus on balancing the chakra system!

Yoga anatomy with alignment

Based on the anatomical knowledge and intricacies of the body, yoga can be made even interesting and wonderful subject of practice. Specially, the insight on skeletal and muscular system of the body is vital to go deeper into the practice as well as getting into the mechanism of our body. The limitation and potentiality of the body is gained and grasped appropriately if there is better understanding of yoga anatomy.

It’s the practice of yoga which tries to combine the study of anatomy for the sole reason to make the practitioner very aware to the practice. Yoga practice gets a deeper horizon when it is combined in relation to yoga anatomy. Yoga anatomy is like finding the trick and techniques to know the unknown structure and function of the body. If it is attained, that definitely has wonderful result to the practice.

The knowledge on anatomy helps you to deal with the students and try to figure out the issue of the student. You will also get the idea how much you can go on helping to perform yoga postures to any person depending on the condition of the practitioner.


The 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course includes meditation as one of the major subject matters of study and practice.

Understanding on meditation: meaning, definition, philosophy behind meditation.

Fundamental practices of meditation in combination with breathe awareness and mantra repetition

Mechanism and philosophy of the mind

Teaching skills for the beginner level practitioners

Preparation of meditation course to teach after the completion of the intensive and advanced level 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course

Expansion and in-depth practice on breathe awareness

Meditation practice on subtle energy and the chakras

The study on different bodies: physical, subtle and causal body

Discussion on spiritual growth

Teaching Methodology

During the 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course, you will be taken into different stage of practice. In the first two weeks you will be embellished with the knowledge and ideas to teach and conduct the yoga practice in effective manner. In the third week, you will be the one who will teach and deliver the teaching skills to the peer groups.

The experience of teaching definitely shouldn’t be new to you but the way of teaching may be new or improvised with new skills and effect that you have gained in the 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course. You will have countless idea on running the class. The idea of opening of the class, warming up, sequencing, relaxation etc. will be taught in very operative manner which you’ll incorporate in your practical class given to your classmates.

Yoga Philosophy

Everything has its own quality and characteristic. Yoga is also has been entwined in the vast ocean of the philosophy. Yoga is both practice and philosophy. It’s both art and science. It can be practiced as well as talked. It’s the direction of life as well as the part and portion of life. Yoga philosophy in relation to Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Geeta, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Upanishads and many others will be delivered in detailed manner. The discourse on these Holy Scriptures will be conducted to share and exchange the idea to expand the scope of yoga philosophy.

The 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course will be a wonderful platform to extend your height and horizon of philosophical depth along with the practice and implication of yoga philosophy. Discussion and debate during the yoga philosophy with constructive manner makes the subject interesting and inspiring to lead the way further. Following the yoga philosophy class, the participants will be taken to spiritual activities of mantra chanting, bhajan, kirtan even the documentaries will be shown.


Teaching of a class with combination of sequence, alignment, adjustment, and relaxation techniques.

Written exam in Yoga anatomy and Ayurveda, Yoga Philosophy, Asana, Pranayama and Meditation

Presentation of asana with alignment and adjustment.

Personal Evolution:  The development of a student comes with the practice with dedication and devotion. The personal evolution through self-practice is observed and scrutinized throughout the intensive and advanced 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course.

Continuing assessment of studies: There will be continuous assessment of the progress of the students. The assessment of a student will be undergone through the written test, oral presentation, active participation, teaching practice. During the 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course, the level of aptitude, comprehension, communication ability and the overall personality will be observed.

Student Teacher Relationship and Ethics

As it is important to practice yoga, the mutual and disciplined relationship between a teacher and a student is equally significant. Based on the ethics of yama and niyama, one should follow the ethical aspect of Patanjali Yoga Sutra for having better evolution and change in life through yoga. Under the proper and dedicated guidance of a teacher, student evolves and inspires oneself to track the path of better life.

Having an opportunity to study under an experienced and qualified teacher is highly critical for the practice and performance of a student. The relationship between these two sides indeed makes the change and builds the yogic life in possible practical way. Teacher is a light and student is a walker who walks on the path. The journey is made easy if there is light to show the way. In the same manner, the light gets value when it can be applied for helping someone.

Both teacher and student are in reciprocal relationship where teacher always needs to have desire to bring change in the life of student through yogic practices and students always should follow the path with discipline and dedicated manner regardless of the age, profession, gender and position one may have possessed. In the eyes of a teacher, student is a one who is like a child whom he always tends to love and direct towards the better way. During the period of the 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course, the relationship between student and teacher will be regarded tremendously precious.

Graduation Requirements

In order to attain certification, the candidate must complete all the pre-training homework assignments, attend every session of the contact hours. It is also required to achieve a passing grade on the oral exam taken during the contact hours of 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course. It is also highly essential to submit all the assignments during the training as well as completion of the supporting documents.

Throughout the contact hours of the 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course, the participant will be taught and provided full-fledged yogic techniques. It’s also compulsorily necessary to participate in all aspects of the 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course.

After the completion of the 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course meeting all the requirement, one will be eligible to get awarded with 700 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course certification.


Completion of 200 Yoga Teachers Training Course. If someone Practice yoga from long time and not having 200 hours they might join our class after passing the interview taken by our yoga school

At least one year of yoga teacher experience. Considered in case of above condition.

Applicants must be emotionally and mentally stable and mature.

Applicants must be able to communicate clearly.

Applicants must be committed to the training and instruction given by the teacher while improving and enhancing the personal practice.

Applicants must submit two recommendation letters from the people who have been introduced at least for two years mentioning the characteristics, good habits and limitations.