200 hours online yoga teacher training in Nepal

 200 Hours Online Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Hobbies are considered by many as an integral aspect of life. They tell us more about what our interests are and they aid us in shaping our personality and skillset. It is not news that many people have established themselves successfully in life or made a career by following their hobbies. One of the most common hobbies that people have as of late, is yoga. It may have started as a mere pastime but as you drove deep into it, your fascination with this amazing discipline must have skyrocketed and now you are here to learn how to develop a fulfilling career in yoga by means of our online yoga teacher training course.

online yoga Teacher Training in NepalWell, we could have opted you to try the yoga teacher training course in Nepal but it’s no longer as the ongoing pandemic has halted travel from one country to another. Just because you are not allowed to travel does not necessarily mean that you cannot learn.

Nepal yoga teacher training and retreat center brings you the 200 hours online yoga teacher training which will provide you the pivotal guidelines and assistance in becoming a yoga teacher. This training will be conducted online and it will be taught by experienced tutors and teachers. Go beyond the idea that yoga is only poses/asanas and decipher the meaning behind ancient texts and scriptures. The teachers abide by the motto of providing quality education and you will feel it too.


Before you decide to hop on the yoga train, let’s take a quick insight into the course contents that you will be dealing in this 200 hours online yoga teacher training. Yoga will take you on a philosophical tour as you’ll experience when you deal with numerous philosophical texts. It is crucial to know our roots before we forge ahead. It is true in the context of yoga as well. You will embark on a journey thousands of years back to learn the history and very foundation of yoga. Human anatomy is a complex machine and the way it works borderlines mystery and fascination.online yoga Teacher Training

In this online yoga teacher training session, you will learn about the human body and mind. Your understanding of asanas will be further accentuated as you will not only learn extra poses, but you will understand the meaning behind these poses and how they came to be. You will also be taught general skills like how to handle clients, presenting oneself in front of others, and how to become a good speaker. These were the basic contents that you will deal with in this session. If this has piqued your interest, then take it a step further and join it!

In this 200-hours online yoga teacher training, the study materials and course contents will be provided by our tutors. The teachers are greatly experienced and have been teaching yoga for the past decade. You will feel that their teaching methodology and expression of ideas are very fluent. The timing of the class will be notified to you later and the duration of each class too.

If you want to take your career into a new direction and simultaneously learn about the secrets of life, then the 200 hours online yoga teacher training will help you in making your vision a reality.

Pre-requirement to join the course

We use zoom for the online session, so you need to install zoom software in your computer first. As it is going to be online course, your internet connectivity must be good.

Training Certifications

You will get the certificate from Yoga Alliance Register yoga school (RYS).

How this 200 Hours YTT Online Yoga Teacher Training works

6 days a week, 100 contact, and 100 non-contact hours. 100 non-contact hours consists of assignment, self-practice, homework, presentation, and more.

Daily schedule as per (GMT+5:45)

The sample schedule but may be changed according to situation and month of the year.

  • Session 1st : Yoga asana
  • Session 2nd: Meditation, breathing, and yoga philosophy
  • Session 3rd: Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • Session4th: Textbook of yoga

Our Recommendation: 

If you have time and want to explore Nepal, We recommend you to come for On-school Yoga Teacher training course. Nepal is very good for the Tour and Trekking as well as for the authentic yoga meditation retreat.