1 Full-Day Corporate Yoga Retreat in Nepal 

1 Full-Day Corporate Yoga Retreat in Nepal 


The 1 full-day corporate yoga retreat is a great way to reduce the stress levels in the workplace and simultaneously work towards a productive environment. Workers of all levels can benefit from this yoga retreat as it not only proves helpful in the workplace, but it can be useful in daily life as well. Get ready for some stretching, breathing, and finally, relaxing. 

corporate yoga retreat in Nepal

The corporate yoga retreat session lasts a day only but it is filled with activities. We shall take part in activities like yoga asana, meditation, and take an insight into the theoretical aspect of yoga. You shall spend the entire day learning about the various perks of yoga and the methods to apply it in your working and home environment. Once the session is concluded, you can interact with the professional and get the answers to your problems. 

The corporate yoga retreat is a great means to dissolve stress and promote self-awareness and productivity.



The corporate yoga retreat is a great way to reduce stress building in the workplace. As this retreat lasts only for a day, we shall provide you with a detailed guide about the activities that we shall do and the time in which we will do it. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.



10 am: breakfast

11 am: Yoga relaxation technique/ How to Relax in your office hour while working?

12 pm:  Yoga Asana which can be used in the company while working

2 pm:  Lite lunch

3 pm:  How to use Meditation and Breathing exercise while working at office

5 pm to 6 pm: Yoga theory +Query handling session


Yoga asana 

The corporate yoga retreat commences early in the morning and it begins with a yoga session. A trained professional shall explain to you the various techniques and methods that you can use to relieve stress and excel. The professional shall guide you through the mandatory yoga poses and simultaneously explain its importance. To sum it up, the morning session comprises of stretching, following the guidelines, and again stretching!


Yoga relaxation techniques

A workplace is a busy place and at times, it can take a toll on the mental state as well. In this corporate yoga retreat in Nepal, we shall practice yoga relaxation which we can use while working at office. Additionally,  we teach a technique called ‘Yoga Nidra’. It is a state between sleeping and being awake. You will be able to reach this stage through proper guidance from the professional. It is described by many as the best state of relaxation without losing consciousness. 

The Yoga Nidra technique is scientifically proven to release dopamine. Also, the yoga Nidra improves the heart rate variable and promotes balance in the autonomic nervous system.


Yoga theory 

People have the perception that yoga is all about stretching. This session shall provide you clarity regarding this topic. In the yoga theory, you will learn about the various theories and histories that are linked to yoga. You will get an opportunity to understand how yoga originated and how it spread across the globe. It’s just a brief session not in-depth. 


Meditation and Breathing exercise

Meditation and breathing are two best exercises which we can do very easily while working. Meditation is an ancient exercise to find inner peace and serenity. This ancient practice is still in use today. During this corporate yoga retreat, it is the last activity that you will do.

The professional shall guide you through the meditation process and give you tips and tricks that will improve your concentration level. There are different types of meditations like mindfulness meditation, focused meditation, and mantra meditation. 

The professional shall thoroughly guide you through the meditation process and depending on your current state, teach you the type of meditation. Along with meditation, the professional shall teach you breathing techniques as well. An amalgamation of breathing techniques and meditation skills will help you to conquer any sort of problems that arise in the working environment.


Query Handling Session Conclude Corporate Yoga Retreat

After the corporate yoga retreat is completed, you shall take part in a query handling session. If you have any doubts regarding the yoga session and queries as to how to apply the teachings of yoga, you can ask about it in this session. This session normally lasts for an hour.

Note: Inside Nepal, we do on-school class whereas we can make this virtual event if the company outside Nepal wants to join the program.