Online yoga workshop: A new way of learning yoga


3 Hours Online Yoga workshop: A new  & Interactive Way of Learning Yoga

Overview of Online yoga Workshop

Our online yoga workshop is to grow your skill, to share your skill, and to take you in the higher level of yoga. In this workshop, we talk about different topics of yoga and sometimes the expert of yoga present ppt (Power Point presentation)  on yoga. Also, we give the live session of yoga sometimes.

Every month we do different types of workshops sometimes live yoga asana session, sometimes on meditation, sometimes on breathing, and sometimes power point presentation.

The main aim of this online yoga workshop program is to cover all who are interested to join the workshop and can’t move from their home or from their country. Anyone interested can join the session and take the benefits of the workshop program.

Also, If someone is doing research in yoga field and want to present their contribution, we give the opportunity to them to present their contribution that might be any related topic of yoga but we don’t take the topic out of yoga.

online yoga workshop

Why Online yoga Workshop?

There is a growing trend going online, live, and interactive amid pandemic where you can meet and participate in workshops in real-time and share and interact with your groups. When everything and everyone is going online why regular yoga sessions do not go online. By going online, you can share high-quality video conferencing through various apps like Zoom, Viber, and many others.

Online yoga workshop though is at the incipient state it might take some time to be inured for some people mostly the old aged ones who are not tech-savvy.

Online classes have become the panacea for not being able to participate in an in-person workshop. Zoom platform is mostly palatable by many yoga teachers and has been continuing to rise its popularity. The popular notion that a human being is a neurological creature is widely accepted, how well our body functions is contingent upon the movement of the body.

Many researchers believe that unless if our movements are not synchronized with our body map, then it is quite evident that long-term complications in the body might arise which will be anything but easy to achieve an asana or pose in the long run, which ultimately will result in the bad health of the person. Therefore, it is necessary to practice yoga no matter even if it is an online yoga workshop to keep your body in proper shape.

ZOOM Application in an online yoga workshop

There is a growing tendency of using the internet connection for an online yoga workshop. Most commonly, many yoga centers use the ZOOM video conferencing tool for virtual meetings and hangouts.

It is handy to carry out yoga sessions because at one go as many as 500 people can attend the live session, and for those who could not accommodate inside 500, the live session can be streamed using YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other different online platforms.

For those who are new to zoom, it has similar features like Skype and FaceTime and allows seeing the users in a face to face chat on any compatible device like a phone, tablet, or any other computer device.

Out of many unpredictable things, there is one thing that you can truly rely on and is unchanging is yoga practice. The shutdown of yoga centers are common, but it does not matter whether you are at home through online yoga workshop or at the yoga centers to practice yoga, the yogic journey is still the same and you continue to practice yoga to be healthy and hearty.

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