5 Days Healing retreat in Nepal

5 Days Healing retreat in Nepal [ Yoga+ singing bowl+ Reiki + Massage]


The 4 nights 5 days healing retreat in Nepal epitomizes the idea that healing is an integral aspect of life and through proper healing, one can lead a healthy life. In this retreat, you will take part in various healing activities that are not limited to yoga only. Navigate through the wonderful healing procedures and find inner peace and tranquility along the way.

Yoga relaxation & meditation- wellness program

You will spend a total of 5 days in this retreat out of which you will practice Hatha yoga for 4 days. Along with that, you will be a part of healing activities like singing bowl healing, reiki healing, and ayurvedic massage. These healing processes are designed to give you optimum healing satisfaction and boost internal lifeforce.

Becoming a part of this healing retreat in Nepal has perks that are simply immeasurable so join us and grasp it! 



This retreat is carefully structured by our professional teachers who have years of experience in the field of yoga and Ayurveda. The program is made in such a way that it enables you to achieve the maximum benefit, which is to heal your body. The core activity that you will do is given below:

Day 1: Two yoga session

Day 2: singing bowl healing  and two normal Hatha yoga session

Day 3: reiki healing and  two normal Hatha yoga session

Day 4: ayurvedic massage and two normal Hatha yoga session

Day 5: Two morning yoga session and checkout at noon

We apologize for being unable to provide you a detailed timetable of this healing retreat in Nepal. Our teacher selects the time and yogic activity so we can’t give you a detailed schedule. You will learn about it once you join this retreat. But we can give you a description of the tasks which you will take part in. 


Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is an umbrella term that envelops various types of yoga that are taught worldwide. The concept of this yoga is to achieve inner harmony between the ‘sun’ and ‘moon’ component of the human body. In this yoga, we emphasize on managed breathing and firm posture. There are hundreds of postures in Hatha yoga which contribute towards enhancing the vital energy.

balasana- healing retreat in Nepal

You will take part in altogether 8 yoga sessions during your time in this healing retreat in Nepal. Our teacher will take you through the mandatory poses and breathing exercises. You will gain valuable insight into the theoretical aspect of Hatha yoga by reading ancient texts and Vedic literature. Hatha yoga promotes healing by reducing stress levels, enhancing sleep quality, and reducing anxiety and depression.


Singing Bowl healing 

singing bowl healing retreat

The practice of healing through singing bowl traces its roots to the Himalaya of Nepal. In this healing process, a person gently hits the outer rim of a bowl with a wooden mallet. Upon striking, it produces a soothing humming sound that lasts for a while. You will take part in this healing activity in this healing retreat in Nepal. Through this healing, stress and pain levels is reduced to some extent. to know more about the singing bowl and related healing click here


Reiki healing 

Reiki healing was recently introduced to the world by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikai Usui. The idea behind Reiki therapy is transmitting healing powers from one’s hands and using mantras to cleanse the body. Also, it enhances the life force energy and provides mental and emotional clarity. This healing has many benefits.

reiki healing retreat in nepal

You will take part in a reiki healing activity during your stay in this healing retreat in Nepal. The activity lasts for a day only but the benefit it provides is everlasting. A trained professional will help you with the healing process and he will make sure that you get the best out of this session. If you have any queries, then he will do his best to solve them. 


Ayurvedic massage 

The principle of Ayurvedic massage dates back to thousands of years. It combines the use of various medicinal herbs to create a balance between spirit, mind, and body. Also, it encourages the healing process as well. Ayurvedic massage distinguishes itself from simple massages in a way that it is different for each individual. You will find about this in the 4 nights 5 days healing retreat in Nepal. 

The different types of Ayurvedic massages are as follows:

  • Abhyanga  or normal massage
  • Gandharva
  • Marma
  • Odyssey Ayurvedic Massage treatment
  • Shirodhara

If you want to find about the type of massage you will get, be sure to join us.

Normal yoga Session

In this normal yoga session, we will practice the fundamentals of yoga and strengthen our grasp on subjects like breathing, meditation, and asanas.