1 Week Yoga Therapy In Nepal

1 Week Yoga Therapy In Nepal

Yoga therapy is the therapeutic practice and training, which is based on elimination of disease through postures, exercises, breathe work etc. Although all types of yoga are potentially therapeutic, yoga therapy consists of some specific yogic tools for sharping those yoga exercises. The course can sometimes be personalized according to your disorders.

Therefore, it can sometimes be called as disease based or problem oriented course. As everyone wants to be healthy, but we lack time for ourselves. So yoga therapies are constructed in such a way that they can help us to cure disease in a short period. Yoga during ancient time was practiced to be connected spiritually and to achieve divine powers. It is now practiced for promoting welfare of body, mind and spirit.

yoga therapy retreat in Nepal

Nepal has always been the best place for yoga. Yoga therapy in Nepal is quite popular. Its popularity is gradually increasing as an integral part of medical systems.

Healing therapies of yoga is purely based on purifying your body, mind and soul. That is why yoga therapy in Nepal will first help you to comfort your physical being and then help you to reduce all the possible toxins from your body. Without proper cleansing, your mind and body will not be ready for tackling new problems.


Illustration of the class

This course lasts for seven days and each day has a new content. The seven days yoga therapy in Nepal will offer an opportunity for a daily learning session with a yoga teacher, which involves almost all the benefits for human’s health. This therapy centre is the individual with a motive of bringing relief by reducing the chances to get disease attacks. Yoga therapy in Nepal follows regular daily schedule with two mixed yoga classes: one at morning and another at evening.

yoga therapy in Nepal- Vamana Dhauti

Each classes will be different so missing one of them can be a loss for trainees. This also includes sat karma, which is a set of yoga therapy focusing on purification of body to prepare for the main work of yoga. Sat karmas help to remove waste materials from our internal organs. They are also used in cleaning three doshas in the body: kappa, pitta and vata. There are total six different karma’s and detoxification of yoga. They are:

                    1) kapalbhati 

                    2) Trataka

                    3) Neti

                    4) Dhouti 

                    5) Nauli and 

                    6) vasti


Each one of them is associated with a particular body part. Kapalbhati is an exercise for making our skull shine by cleansing it. Trataka is related to eye. It is a process to fix the mind by gazing steadily to an object without winking. Neti is intended for the purification of nostrils.

Cleansing upper intestinal tract is the responsibility of Dhouti, Nauli and vasti are responsible for abdominal muscles and rectum’s cleansing. The one-week yoga therapy in Nepal will focus on all of the satkarmas enhancing your immunity and strength. Most of these suddhi kriyas are not meant to be performed every day but when it is necessary, they should be practiced. When the need is over, there practice is stopped.

yoga therapy- neti cleansing of nose

Nepal is the home of yoga and other spiritual activities. Therefore, if someone is thinking about yoga and anything related to it, Nepal is the best place to enjoy it. The seven days yoga therapy in Nepal is practiced since 100’s of year and is medically verified. Nepal serves one of the best yoga teachers around the world. Apart from the benefits of yoga, yoga is also practiced for fun and enjoyment.

Class Structure

You will get 2 hours class related to Yoga therapy 

2 more hours for hatha yoga aasana + meditation + breathing exercise. 

You can consult with our teachers for any disease you have then our teachers will give you instructions what to do for the specific problem. 

This one week retreat can be extended if you feel 1 week is short period and wants to cleanse your body completely. Normally, we recommend 2 weeks of course for the proper cleansing. 



Yoga has always been the best way to increase flexibility and muscle strength. It can tone our muscles and maintains a balanced metabolism. Where cardio health has always been a major issue, yoga can reduce cardio problems to an extent.

It protects us from injury by boosting our immune system. There are so many benefits of yoga in human health. Studies have found that yoga is very beneficial for improving respiration, energy and vitality. Yoga can also be personalized and practiced according to your need.