Ten Days Lifestyle Changing Yoga Retreat

Ten Days Lifestyle Changing Yoga Retreat

Enjoy yoga and celebrate your life on the lap of the Himalayas in our lifestyle changing yoga retreat, Nepal

Life is beautiful if we see it from a positive perspective. Yoga enriches our life by making us, positive thinkers. Our life won’t be the same after attending the ten days lifestyle changing yoga retreat. This is purely focused on relaxation with life-changing knowledge. This lifestyle changing yoga retreat is very useful to those who want to be free from all the stresses and tensions of their life. Yoga asanas, breathing techniques, and meditation can be blissful in anyone’s life.

Nepal is a central destination of Himalayas for yoga and is normally considered as a yoga hub Kathmandu Nepal. Nepal is a highly growing country for yoga and meditation as this land is the birthplace of Yoga.

lifestyle changing yoga retreat in Nepal

If you are fed up with your day to day busy and hectic life, a lifestyle changing yoga retreat can reenergize you and relive you. Life searches to do something new in the rush of life. If you search to do something different in your life, this retreat gives you the best life-changing opportunity. Yoga gives you not only better health but also it gives you the best way of entertainment. Yoga can make you happy from inside. Yoga can release hormones that are responsible for positive feelings.

Yoga revitalizes you from the stress and frustration of life and it increases the creativity of your mind. People say that yoga is the solution to every problem of our life because it can address all the aspects of life i. e. physical, mental, philosophical, emotional, and psychological. You can get the answers to those every aspect of life in this lifestyle changing yoga retreat

The peaceful mind only can be happy so we provide you a peaceful environment on the lap of Nagarjun National Park. The place is quiet from the noisy and hectic city life. This place can be the best place for those who want the serene and tranquil place to spend their holidays with stunning experience of yoga asana, breathing science and meditation. We provide healthy, hygienic, and yogic food to all of our guests.

lifestyle changing yoga retreat

Yoga is a vast subject and it includes many aspects of our life and beyond. You can learn the concept of spirituality, Ayurveda, and chanting in the course. Positive change of your mind is our vital concern. In 10 days lifestyle-changing yoga retreat you can be able to apply yoga in your daily life. In a higher level, yoga is the way of connecting with the supreme self. Yoga encourages us to find our real selves and motivates us to go inside rather than outside. If we know the source of every problem in our life, we can correct the way of our life and we become more advanced in our thinking pattern.

Objectives of this 10 days lifestyle changing yoga retreat

  1. To experience the most beautiful aspect of our life that is yoga.
  2. To be calm from the inside and free from all the stresses of life.
  3. To increase the flexibility of the body.
  4. To have a wonderful experience of blissfulness.
  5. To be able to apply mindfulness in daily life.
  6. To be able to do different types of yoga asanas.
  7. To make yoga asanas, breathing exercises, and meditation as our lifestyle.
  8. To establish the harmony between body and mind and maintain physical and mental health.
  9. To increase the concentration power.
  10. managing the lifestyle and teach how to go deeper inside our real beings.
  11. To improve mind power.
  12. To change the lifestyle.
  13. To reduce the stress of day to day life and help to destress, managing positive thoughts.