Iyengar yoga retreat in Nepal 

1 Week Iyengar yoga retreat in Nepal 



Yoga is a group of exercises promoting physical, mental, and spiritual well-being to achieve a healthy lifestyle. There are umpteen of varieties of yoga and each is dart with different goals. Iyengar yoga retreat is generally different from simple yoga retreat classes, since the postures in Iyengar yoga are little advanced type.

iyengar yoga retreat in Nepal

Yoga asanas are generally offer with involvement of yoga poses only. whereas a yoga retreat is a specified yoga program designed to provide yoga asana, breathing, meditation and overall spiritual practices. Now, this all takes us to an important type of yoga: Iyengar yoga retreat in Nepal.

Among various types of yoga, Iyengar yoga retreat has made an imperative scope all around the world. Iyengar yoga was named after B.K.S Iyengar and described it in his bestselling 1966 book ‘Light of yoga’. It is a form of yoga that emphasizes detail, precision, and alignment in yoga postures.

This style of yoga uses props such as belts, blocks, blankets, etc. that help to make Iyengar yoga more effective. They are famous all over and the world and it is getting hype in Nepal. So many yoga studios in Nepal are conducting Iyengar yoga programs. Nepal has always been the home of spirituality and yoga. You can enjoy the depth of Iyengar yoga in Nepal with residential facilities and a beautiful environment.


Why choose Nepal for the Iyengar yoga retreat?

 People from various countries come here, stay under the sky if Nepal, eat Nepalese food, take good memories, and practice yoga. Nepal being home of yoga and spirituality will offer you to practice yoga in a heart-warming environment.

The expert group of the teachers here takes different types of classes like a hath yoga class, pranayama class, meditation class, anatomy, and physiology class, Ayurveda class, mudras, and bandha class. As the teachers are well qualified and experienced, so it is sure that after the completion of the course you will turn out as a new person carrying a new perspective towards this world.


 What is the Iyengar yoga retreat?

 Iyengar yoga retreat is the type of hath yoga named after B.K.S Iyengar. This yoga is the combination of the three parts of yoga; postures, breathing exercises, and meditation. The popular part about Iyengar yoga is its perfection in postures.

Its beauty is enhanced when it is performed perfectly. The main features of Iyengar yoga are flexibility, stability, and awareness. All types of people can do this yoga. It does not discriminate against anyone but collects everyone from everywhere. Either you are physically strong or weak; you will have a place for Iyengar yoga.


 More about Iyengar yoga retreat in Nepal

Duration of Course: 1 Week

Class per Day: 4 class each day [ 2 hours Iyengar yoga practice + 2 hours Hatha yoga asana, breathing and meditation] 

Included: food, accommodation and classes

Check-in time: 12 pm noon

Check out time: 12 pm noon

2 classes in day 1st and 2 classes in checkout day.

Iyengar yoga retreat in Nepal is a four hours course every day. The time is divided equally for Iyengar yoga and hath yoga, meditation, and breathing exercise. Both of these are two hours courses resulting in the total time to be four hours. Postures are the essential part of Iyengar yoga but they are not the end aim of yoga.

Nepal is conducting this program for a long time with experienced gurus and workers. The teaching style of B.K.S Iyengar has not been harmed or modernized in any aspect. The residential facilities, environment, food, and lodging are very good here. Learning yoga in nature’s lap is the best way to gain spirituality. The art of healthy living will be taught in this course, which will help, you gain a new perspective on life.


 Benefits of Iyengar yoga retreat

 The flexibility and awareness gained during this course will help to increase the potential of a person to do daily activities. This will make the person capable to do their work for a longer duration with a constant flow of energy.

The regular practice of Iyengar yoga will make the person cheerful, happy, and enthusiastic. They can control their emotions and mind. Iyengar yoga adjusts all the imbalances of our life and gives us a natural solution for every problem. This will help an individual to be calm and active


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