100 Hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Course

100 Hour Children Yoga Teacher Training Course is especially designed for the people who are interested to share their love, wisdom and ideas to the children. The persons who have great harmony and rapport with the children can be the best candidates to pursue the 100 Hour Children Yoga Teacher Training Course. If you think you are charm for the children and you have equally love and bond with the children, you are one of the best candidates for enrolling into 100 Hour Children Yoga Teacher Training Course. As the raw mud can be shaped in the form an artist wants to create, children resemble many ways like that raw mud, who can be made and given a desired shape and guidance the way teacher wants to offer. And through 100 Hour Children Yoga Teacher Training Course, Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Research Centre wants to produce and culminate the schooling of a competent and cooperative being who can be the light of a children, who have unlimited potentialities hidden inside. As a catalyst as well as a coach, a teacher can be the best person to illuminate the light of a child for the better life and way.

Children Yoga is one of the most challenging as well as the most interesting subjects of study both for the teacher as well for the children as they want great sense of creativity and playfulness which can be extended through yoga. Yoga can be the real motivator to the children for exchanging their fun, joy and pleasure to each other. Observing their different intelligence, a different schooling is needed. When teaching of yoga comes, it’s not only about teaching asana rather it has broad and extensive relationship with the psychology and mentality of the children. The reading of personality and trying to offer them accordingly to concretize their excellent qualities can be one of the most challenging tasks of a yoga teacher. In the process of 100 Hour Children Yoga Teacher Training Course, a well-expanded study of child psychology, intelligence, age group and their developmental stages will be understood and deepened the knowledge.


What are the skills to be acquired in the 100 Hour Children Yoga Teacher Training Course?

  • The 100 Hour Children Yoga Teacher Training Course will help to develop the idea of supporting children’s learning through movement and art.
  • Study of Yoga philosophy and Eight Limbs of Patanjali Yoga Sutras and its application to children
  • Enhancing and empowering the developmental stage of chakra in children
  • Acro or Partner Yoga for children as well as for the parents.
  • You will learn to apply the yoga into education, yoga studios, and community.
  • The training will help you to develop your inner child so that you will create harmony while teaching to the children.
  • Develop your creativity and liveliness.
  • The ability of understanding the children through their multiple intelligence.
  • Comprehend the development stage of children to work with suitable way.
  • To get the idea of mindfulness for children.
  • You will also learn to apply storytelling for the kids.
  • You will also be able to incorporate the yoga with your current educational program.

What will you experience during 100 Hour Children Yoga Teacher Training Course?

  • Asana for balance and strength with fun and harmony.
  • Pranayama with breathing awareness and images.
  • Dharana or concentration exercise.
  • Teaching yoga with the help of storytelling
  • Yoga Nidra for body and mind relaxation with visualization
  • Mantra Chanting, bhajan singing and dancing
  • Yoga philosophy focusing mainly on Yamas and Niyamas
  • Chakras in relation to the body, mantra and healing
  • The idea of understanding playfulness and creativity along with the application of mindfulness to children.
  • The ways of applying yoga to advance your present educational program.
  • Exploring your own inner child and enliven it.
  • Extending your understanding of chakra developmental stages of the children.
  • Assisting in the learning of children through movement and art.
  • Augmenting playful skills of the teachers.
  • Ways of identifying and inspiring the multiple intelligence.
  • Methodology in combination of self-expression and liveliness.
  • Partner and Acro Yoga for Parents and Children

Why with Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Research Centre?

  • Because of our policy of taking small number of people for Children Yoga Teacher Training Course, you will have a plentiful time for individual attention and learning the skills for better performance as a teacher when you go for the real experience.
  • You will have a family-like environment to nurture your heart and soul
  • We’ve authentic and well-experienced certified yoga teachers for the specific course designed.
  • Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Research Center makes the learning environment very fruitful and comprehensive for the participants.
  • Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Research Centre seldom comprromise for the quality. To be a certified teacher, perhaps you want such environment.
  • Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Research Centre is perched in the vicinity of natural and green jungle and hill which create the meditative and serene learning environment.
  • We are international yoga alliance certified organization from USA and India.

Group Size

The maximum number of participants will not be more than 20.

What’s included?

100 Hours of Training 14 nights of accommodation Organic breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided daily. Training manual will also be included. Notebook and pens will be provided. One or two class for teaching at Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Research Centre 100 Hour Children Yoga Teacher Training Course will be certified upon completion.

What’s not included?

Flight Airport transfer Excursion or outdoor trip Books  

Recommended Readings

Yoga and education for Children, Swami Satyananda Saraswati Planting Seeds, Thich Nhat Hanh Nurturing Spirituality in Children, Peggy Jenkins  


Upon completion of 100 Hour Children Yoga Teacher Training Course, you will be awarded with the certification of 100 Hour Children Yoga Teacher Training Course from our organization.  
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