Senior Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Senior Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

senior and advanced yoga teacher training

100 Hour Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course has been designed for the people who have keen interest to work with the elder people. People with the deep desire to help senior people work on yoga are the most suitable people for taking the 100 Hour Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course. With the growth of age and time, one tends to seek the better care, love, and respect from the other.

As a teacher to the seniors, one is required to develop the qualities which would be applicable to the seniors. Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Research Centre is focused to offer the 100 Hour Senior’s Yoga Teacher Training Course helping to germinate and build such strong qualities of respect, love, and compassion as a teacher.

As the yoga gets more popular, the possibility of its application also has been seen with different aspects. In spite of its recent concept of senior yoga in its teacher training course, its practice by the senior people especially in the East is very common and traditional than among the young ones.

When the yoga comes to mind, even nowadays people still believe it’s for old and aged people who have passed their fifties and more if not forties.

Indeed, the time has thoroughly changed. It can be a great number of the young generation following the yoga coming to this time. However, yoga for senior has not been systematized as seriously as many other styles have been brought into the practice. Therefore, it has been an essential step to structure the program for the seniors.

For senior people, the yoga can be beneficial in many ways. On the one hand, they get the community of the same age group to practice and exchange their ideas.

On the other, they have better sleep and relaxation in the body which is actually lacking and needed for many seniors. As a yoga teacher trainee for 100 Hour Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course, you will learn the ideas of making a good and cordial class environment.

You will also be able to get the idea of applying the chair, wall, straps, and blocks for the elderly people. Seniors tend to get anxious and unstable because of their leisure time and workless condition.

In such case, yoga and use of breathing and visualization techniques are very helpful. 100 Hour Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course will focus to provide the guideline and teaching on breathing techniques and visualization process suitable for the elderly people.

Since the yoga to the seniors needs to make more specialized and systematic, 100 Hour Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course will certainly help to work the chronic, acute and various conditions of the senior people. As preventive medicine, hatha yoga can be a boon for all the people in which elderly people can’t be excluded.

Therefore, 100 Hour Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course has been a quintessential program to extend to the yoga enthusiasts. With very sense and hope of contributing on the side of elderly people, Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Research Centre has come up with 100 Hour Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course.


Course Curriculum

During the course program, we will try to cover the basics of the aging process while looking at how yoga affects the aging process as well how aging may influence yoga practice.

We will consider for specific conditions which includes spine conditions, joint replacement, heart and breathing conditions, stroke and other neurological conditions, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, and cancer. There will be work on balancing and decreasing the risk of falling for which different ideas and modification will be showed and shared.

Appropriate Breathing Techniques

Chair and Floor Yoga for seniors

Anatomy and Physiology of Aging

Intelligent Sequencing and Variations

Therapeutics yoga  for seniors

Working with Conditions and Injuries

Appropriate Meditation Techniques

Common Concerns for seniors

Relaxation Visualizations and Techniques


Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course Requirement

You’ve certain prerequisites for this training which is that you must have attained yoga experience and have got the general understanding of the yoga poses such as standing, sitting, forward bending, backward bending, inversions, and twisting.

However, your interest and enthusiasm for the yoga also will be considered highly important even if you have not such experience of yoga for long.  In this case, reading assignments will be required to complete the 100 Hour Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course begins.



As a condition of being an eligible for certification you must attend all training sessions, complete assigned readings, successfully pass the practical and written exams. You will also teach to your peer group as a test under the supervision of your teacher.



Proper modification options for poses and sequences to keep bones strong and muscles and joints as healthy as possible.

Keeping a range of movement without adding straining.

The use of props such as blocks, bolsters, chairs, and straps.

Dealing with common issues such as:

  • Arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Pain
  • Heart conditions

Restorative yoga

The practice of pranayama and meditation