Kundalini meditation is the meditation which can open our kundalini energy and give us the divine power. It is the pure spiritual practice with the purpose to save the world from negativity. This meditation can give us the unlimited happiness in our life. The total satisfaction with our life brings all positive changes, not only in our life but also to the life of the people who are related to us.

Kundalini is the primal energy which lies on the bottom of the spine. The kundalini power is dormant inside our body and everybody has it. We must activate the kundalini power by doing meditation to awaken the latent power. The kundalini energy lies twisted like a serpent in the triangular sacrum at the lower end of the spine. By purifying our all 7 chakras we can awake the power of kundalini snake.

When the power awakens, we can be rid of physical, mental and psychological diseases. The energy purifies all the systems of our body. This meditation is also related to the 7 chakras of our body because, without the knowledge of 7 chakras, we can not do kundalini meditation perfectly. 7 chakras are the main centers or the path where the energy flows from the bottom of the spine to the tip of the head.

There are a lot of techniques for doing Kundalini meditation. We don’t have to be confused with different ways of doing. The most important factor is to awake our kundalini power. There is no vast difference in the different techniques but only the slight difference can be found.

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The main purpose of Kundalini meditation is to be enlightened in life. It is very powerful meditation which can bring us to the higher level of the spiritual path. The ultimate destination of every yoga, pranayama, and meditation is to be liberated from the bondage of life. Most of the people want to seek worldly success, good health, and serenity in life. We can get everything whatever we choose to have in our life from kundalini yoga and meditation.

We must gradually evolve in kundalini meditation. We don’t have to hurry up to do the meditation fast. We must follow the process patiently. Kundalini meditation should be done with the instruction of a good master. We must understand the theory and precautions very perfectly then we can achieve our goal. We will not be the same after finishing Kundalini meditation. We will be transformed after the kundalini meditation.

At first, you must learn the basic concept of meditation if you don’t have any knowledge about meditation or you have not experienced meditation. You must go into a deeper level in mediation. You must follow your master in the process of kundalini meditation. The most important factor is to sit in a proper position in the meditation. You must sit in the very comfortable position with loose clothes. Padmasana can be the best position but you cannot sit in Padmasana you can sit in Sukhasana.

The breathing process can be the common meditation technique. With the instruction of your master, you should start to watch your breathing process. You may take a long breath from your nose with the sensation of inhaling and exiling.  You can count the breathing 1-5 and continue to count 1-5, not 6. When you count your breath, you can go to a deeper level.

For the further process of the meditation, your master will guide you. You should be clear that you don’t have to practice this meditation without your master until and unless you can be the good kundalini meditation practitioner. You should practice more and more to be a better meditator. You can achieve the mastery in meditation one day, which will be the best moment of your life.

Your master can give you a powerful mantra to make you concentrated. Mantra has the power of universe which has been singing for ages. The positive vibration can be produced by citing mantra. You must focus only on the meditation. You don’t have to attach with the worldly affairs during the meditation. There are a lot of benefits of kundalini meditation that you can not believe them. Kundalini meditation has many dimensions which are physical, mental, emotional, psychological and social. Some of the benefits of kundalini meditation are as follows:

  1. Your face becomes bright and you look younger than you really are.
  2. You can feel the bliss of life.
  3. Your brain becomes very light and you can remember most of the content what you read.
  4. You can realize that your body is very light, and you become happy most of the time.
  5. You can realize that some power of the universe is coming into your body.
  6. Kundalini meditation can purify your body and you can be completely healthy.
  7. Kundalini meditation can eliminate all the toxins in your body and increase the oxygen flow in the blood cells.
  8. Kundalini meditation can balance the chemistry of the brain and activates the positive hormones like serotonin and melatonin which can make us free from the risk of depression, stress, and anxiety.
  9. Kundalini meditation promotes the self-esteem of our life.
  10. The positive vibes of kundalini meditation can affect the world positively.
  11. You can feel the inner peace.
  12. You want to share your love with your dearest and nearest. You can give the love of your heart.
  13. You can be able to help others selflessly. Your expectation from others decreases.
  14. Your way of thinking will be changed, and you will be able to think about the positive aspect of your life.
  15. Kundalini meditation can increase your IQ level and make you more logical.
  16. You can feel the peace of mind you will become better to sense sound, color and sight.
  17. You can be more companionate and empathetic in your life.
  18. You can maintain the good relationship with the people around you.
  19. Kundalini meditation can increase your creative power.
  20. You can attract people easily. You will be popular with your friends.
  21. You become more spiritual and sincere in your life.
  22. You can feel youthful, immense joyful, and beautiful body.
  23. All the suppressions of our mind will disappear.
  24. You can find your real existence in this world.