Buddhism is a concept of the religion founded by Gautam Buddha. It is not only a religious belief but also a spiritual practice and spiritual tradition. 7 percent of the people of the world are Buddhist. Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal, 563 BC. He got enlightened and started to spread the message of peace to the most of the Asian countries so he is called as the ambassador of peace of Asia.

The main philosophy of Buddhism can be categorized into three parts. They are four noble truths, eightfold paths, and Pancasila. The Buddhist philosophy is written in three Tripitakas. Three Tripitakas are:


  • Binaya Pitak: This is the scripture of Buddhism which includes the rules for the monks and nuns.
  • Shukti Pitak: This part of Tripitaka has the sermons of the Buddha.
  • Abhidhamma Pitak: This is the book of the collection of the philosophies of Buddhism.


Here are the four noble truths of Buddha:


  1. There is suffering in life
  2. There is the reason for suffering
  3. There is the way to be free from the suffering
  4. The way of being free from suffering is eightfold paths


  1. There is suffering in life:  Suffering is the part of our life which is inseparable for everyone who is born in this world. We are born here with the suffering. We have to be in suffering in our life until and unless we don’t get enlightened. Buddha focused on the fact that life can’t be imagined without suffering. Suffering is as true as our life is. It is said that who is enlightened, he or she should not be born in this world. If we have some Karmic debt, we have to born here in this world.


  1. There is the reason behind suffering: Buddha’s teaching always clarifies the reason for everything and the solution of every reason. The main cause of the suffering is the desire. How much we get in our life, we want more and more. The chain of gaining will not over. There are unlimited desires in human mind. The human can’t be satisfied with the worldly affairs, world’s achievement. There are limited resources to fulfill our desires but we have unlimited desires so the available resources can’t fulfill our desires. The nature of desire is like a pot where we can’t put anything because it doesn’t have the lower part so from where everything can fall.


  1. There is the way to be free from the suffering: There is the way to be free from the suffering. Buddha’s teaching is very scientific because he raised the hypothesis that there is suffering in this world and at the end, he gave the exact solution of the hypothesis. Now, we have the hope that we can be free from all the sufferings of the world. It is in our hand to be free from all the sufferings. If we want, we can be free from all the pains and discomforts.


  1. The way of the freedom of the suffering is eightfold path: If we practice the eightfold path, we can be free and get the liberation from the suffering of the world. They are the real solutions to our life’s suffering. They are the Real Techniques to be totally free from the desires of our life.

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Eightfold Path:


Right View:  View means the attitude. We have to see anything that that thing is real. In a simple way, we see what we want to see. We don’t have to judge anything by our perspective. We think that death is the end of our life, which is the main cause of the fear in our life. Fear creates suffering. We have to know everything in their real existence.


Right Resolution: This is the second step of the eightfold path. In this step, we take the right resolution of our mental development. We take firm determination to love all the being of the world. We focus on being polite to others and to be sincere when we behave with others.


Right Speech:  We have to speak the truth all the time. Speaking truth can lead us to the higher level in the path of liberation. If there is something harmful matter to others, we don’t have to speak. We don’t have to speak the false because false is not the way of liberation. False is not the part of the higher source.


Right Action:  We don’t have to perform the action that is not right. We have to analyze whether it is right or not before we do anything. We don’t have to harm to others by our action. We don’t have to suffer others by our action.


Right Livelihood:  We have to live with the minimal things that we need to live. We don’t have to collect more than we need. We don’t have to do the profession, which is the harm to others.


Right effort:  We have to try to change our habits or we have to try to be better and better. We have to be able to change our overall factors of life from negative to positive. We have to be bold to be better.


Right Mindfulness:  We have to try to be aware every moment. We don’t have to lose the awareness because the awareness can lead us to the higher source. We have to be guided by the real knowledge rather than the false knowledge. We have to develop our mind to accept the higher source of knowledge.


Right concentration or Meditation:  We have to practice the meditation of four types. To unite our self to the higher source, we have to practice the meditation. In this state, we are free from the ego. We are able to understand the natural state of our life. The flow of life can be seen in this state.


  1. Not killing
  2. Not stealing
  3. To be away from sensual (including sexual) misconduct
  4. Not lying
  5. Not to be in the state of intoxication

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Five moral virtues are the very important part of the eightfold path. These five virtues are the common people. There are eight or ten virtues for the monks and nuns.

Different branches of Buddhism are as follows:

Mahayana:  It believes that the scripture should be changed by the time. It focuses that we all have the possibility to be enlightened in our life.


Theravada: Theravada Buddhism is the branch of traditional Buddhism. It is the oldest form of Buddhism. It believes that the original Buddhism is the pure Buddhism. It focuses on the learning the teachings of Buddha and doing the meditation. It is a very powerful concept that we have to search the wisdom.


Vajrayana:  Vajrayana is thebranch of Buddhism which believes in Tantra. Tibetan Buddhism is in this category. We have to start our spiritual practice with a much matured Guru.

Yoga for Student Life

Yoga for Student Life

Yoga is not the limited subject matter. It can cover all the aspects of our life. Yoga is beneficial not only for the youths and adults but also for the students and seniors. Students are the valuable gifts of the future that they can handle the future the world. So, they need to be healthy and happy in their life from their school life or childhood. For the students, yoga can be the best medium to be free from the stress and increase the mind power. Most of the students in this modern era are very confused by the present scenario of the world. They should be free from the stress that comes from the outside source. They are so vulnerable that they can learn what they see by their eyes in this world. In this situation, yoga can be the best way to make them clear about their goal.

The concept of yogic life should teach from our childhood because we can perceive everything effectively in our childhood. If we can learn something about yoga and positive thinking in our student life, our life can become easier in our childhood as well as in the future. There are a lot of benefits of doing yoga in the student life. The most important factor in the student life is memory power and yoga can increase and improve our memory power.

Why yoga in student life?

The children don’t have any life’s problems like adults but they need to do yoga for their academic improvement, stress management and healthy body and mind. All the students from class 1 to graduate need to do yoga in their life for their study as well as physical, mental and psychological development. Some of the students are under the stress of their family condition and other psychological problem. If they do yoga, they can be free from the stress from outside in the classroom and they can concentrate on their study.

Concentration plays a very important role in the study. If we cannot give any attention in the study, we never understand anything. Yoga can improve the power of concentration of the student. Concentration can improve the level of student’s academic position and overall extra activities. Children can distract very easily from their study so yoga is very useful to bring their attention to the study. Many types of research show that yoga can improve the concentration and memory power of the students.

The healthy body can receive everything easily in the classroom so yoga can be helpful to improve the health of the body of students. If students become healthy, they can give their full attention in their study. The fresh mind of student can focus on the study. Yoga should be playful to the students. Yoga can make a student, better student in the class. Yoga increases the positivity in the life of students. Yoga increases the level of confidence of the student so he or she can perform the better in the classroom or in the examination.

There are a lot of pressures in the life of students. They think exam and result are their hard times because they want to bring high grade to show in the family and among their friends. To cope with that pressure, all the students should start yoga and all the schools should give the environment for them to learn yoga. Yoga can teach them to take their exam and result easily. If the student is very good in the study, what is the reason to be in pressure? They are never in the pressure. They start to enjoy their exam and result after their yoga session. Yoga helps students to make more friends in their life. Students can be friendlier by the yoga. Students become more sociable in the society. Yoga can increase the power of decision making. Yoga can enable the students to make the commitment to their goal setting.

The problem of the today’s students is to copy their homework from their own previous homework or friend’s homework. This kind of habit is not good. In this situation, yoga can help them to be creative in doing their homework.  They don’t have to worry about their homework. They can do their homework in a creative way.

Most of the students are restless in their childhood so they need to be calm for improving their study. Yoga can be helpful for their peace of mind. When their mind becomes calm, they can give their attention in their study. Relaxation is a most important factor in the life of a student. Yoga increases the good hormones in the mind of students and those good hormones can be very effective them to be relaxed. This kind of chemical can play the role of motivation in the life of a student.

There are much-restricted thinking in the society. The traditional way of thinking can lead the student to the narrow-minded. Yoga can help the student to develop the broader mind. Yoga inspires the students to be open-minded. Yoga can also help them to be positive in their life. Positivity leads them to the higher level of thinking capacity. Their conduct and behavior become very praiseworthy. They can take the problems of their life very easily. They can find out the reason behind the problem and the solution of the problem.

Students are emotionally weak in their age. Students are easily affected by the outside situation. Yoga can help them to be emotionally strong. Students become able to control their emotions and anger after the regular practice of yoga. Yoga is beneficial to increase the immune system of the body of students which can prevent the physical and mental diseases.

Most of the students take wrong decisions in their life and they regret after the result of their decision. But, yoga increases the decision making power and that can lead them towards the maturity of the mind. The most important factor is that yoga prevents the students to be away from the addiction because yoga can relax their body and lessen the stress of their mind. So, they never think about any addiction in their student life.

Some of the poses for the students are here:

  1. Cat-cow pose
  2. Staff Pose
  3. Child Pose
  4. Pigeon Pose
  5. Cobra Pose
  6. Tree Pose
  7. Chair Pose
  8. Lotus Pose
  9. Seated Twist Tose
  10. Garland Pose

Yoga for student life is essential to improve student’s study and health. There are a lot of benefits of yoga in student life. Students can develop a new broaden concept of their life by yoga which will be very helpful in their future. Students are the source of our future world so we have to give them the chance to do yoga from their student life.


Shiva-yoga Meditation

Shiva-yoga meditation is a devotional meditation to Shiva. Shiva introduced yoga in this earth planet at the first time ever and he was the first guru of yoga. It is considered that he lives in the Himalayan region in Nepal. He created 8 million and 40 thousand yoga posters. Shiva-yoga meditation is a form of mantra chanting. We try to dissolve in the mantra and we forget everything of the worldly existence. We can get a blessing if we can totally sink in the mantra during meditation. Shiva is considered as a powerful deity in Hindu philosophy. He has many names and there are many mantras to worship him.

To understand Shiva-yoga meditation, we have to know about Shiva first. Shiva is a part of the Trinity in Hindu philosophy. He is the god of the destroyer of evil and transforming life. To worship this kind of powerful deity, we perform Shiva-yoga meditation. Shiva-yoga meditation is suitable for those who can devote to some higher energy than them. Mantra has a powerful energy and mantra can bring us to the very higher level of meditation. If we can surrender ourselves to Shiva, we can achieve a higher level of experience in the meditation.

The most powerful mantra of Shiva is Mahamrityunjaya mantra which is said to be the great mantra of longevity and immortality. When we can get perfection in this mantra, we don’t fear the death. By this mantra, we can able to accept our life as it is and even we can accept our death. This mantra protects us from every danger of our life. This mantra can be the protection of our life. It is also the mantra for healing physical and mental diseases.

As you know, meditation is the medium of transforming our life. It can balance our every aspect of life. Shiva-yoga meditation can lead us to the state of healthy and happy life. This meditation can eliminate all our stresses and heals our physical diseases. This meditation can be the life-changing weapon of our life. We have to learn this meditation from a very experienced and higher level yoga teacher.

‘Aum Namah Shivaya’ is a very common and easy mantra for Shiva-yoga meditation. The meaning of this mantra is I salute Shiva. Aum is a very powerful mantra which can provide universal energy in our body. Aum is the sound of the divine and mystical world. It can create the energy field and protect us from the evil.

Anyway, Shiva-yoga meditation is a powerful meditation among different types. First, we can start this meditation by counting the mantra. When we become habitual in counting mantra, we can start to cite mantra inside the heart. By doing this, we can reach in the state where we become mantra itself. We don’t have to cite mantra, mantra itself is cited. We can get bliss in this state. We get ecstasy, heavenly pleasure.

We have to go step by step in Shiva-yoga meditation. We should not hurry up. We can bring the image of Shiva on our third eye in this meditation. A strong image of Shiva can help us to go into a deeper level. Shiva-yoga meditation is a part of bhakti yoga meditation where devotees forget themselves for the sake of devotion. They really want to forget their identity to make their new identity with Shiva. Their only goal becomes to achieve the grace of Shiva.

At the first level of the meditation, most of the people seek worldly achievement. It is very easy to achieve materialistic abundance in our life by becoming a devotee of Shiva.  The beauty of Shiva-yoga meditation is that it can provide us with the real taste of meditation. This meditation can inspire us to the path of purification.

In Sanskrit language, Shiva is called ‘Asutosh’ which means being happy soon. He can be happy soon by our worship, by our meditation. The real meditation is the absence of any thought in our mind but it is not easy to empty our mind. The mantra is the medium to make empty our mind. When we cite the mantra, there will come the time when our mind becomes united with the mantra. There will be the only mantra. The frequency of mantra creates an energy field. The energy field connects us with the divine energy.

The ultimate goal of Shiva-yoga meditation is to transform our life, to be enlightened, to be purified. But many people have a misconception about Shiva-yoga meditation. They don’t understand the real aspect of meditation. They do meditation with the knowledge which has been the right direction. This kind of knowledge cannot lead us to the truth. We have to learn Shiva-yoga meditation with a perfect professional yoga master.

Shiva is the synonym of meditation because we find most of his pictures in the meditative mood. This meditation can open our third eye and we can master our mind. This meditation helps you to be free from your stressful life. In the deep meditation, we can experience the light, illumination. The light covers our body and gives us extreme pleasure.

Some benefits of Shiva-yoga meditation are as follows:

  1. It gives you the mental peace and relaxation.
  2. It helps to keep your body healthy and it increases the stamina and metabolism of your body.
  3. This meditation helps you to control your thoughts.
  4. This meditation becomes helpful to eliminate the fear from your mind.
  5. This meditation can be helpful to lose your weight and maintain the body weight.
  6. This meditation helps you to find your real purpose in life.
  7. This meditation increases the power of forgiveness. It increases the kindness within you.
  8. This meditation increases your memory power and boosts your intuition power.
  9. This meditation strengthens your immune power and helps you to be healthy most of the time.
  10. This meditation helps you to be stable in your life. Your restlessness behaviour can be wiped out.
  11. This meditation helps you to find the real self.
Chakra meditation

Chakra meditation

Chakra meditation is a powerful meditation which can activate seven energy centres of our body and gives us unlimited benefits in our life. Chakra meditation is the real medium to purify our 7 chakras and enables us to be free from the diseases. Our 7 chakras are related to the different parts of our body. The body parts which are related to our 7 chakras can be healed by purifying those specific chakras.

We can have the question what chakra is then. Chakras are the main centres of our body which plays the role to absorb the energy in our body from the universe. Chakras are called glands in medical science. Those chakras can absorb the positive energy from the universe if we can purify them. When chakras are pure, the positive energy can enter our body by the path of chakras.

Everyone wants to open their chakras to gain happiness, healthy life and prosperity. The most effective medium to make our chakras pure is meditation. Before to know about the chakra meditation, we must know about 7 chakras.

The names of 7 chakras are:

  1. Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra)
  2. Sacral Chakra (Swadhishthan Chakra)
  3. Solar plexus chakra (Manipur Chakra)
  4. Heart chakra (Anahat Chakra)
  5. Throat chakra (Bisuddi Chakra)
  6. Third eye chakra (Ajna Chakra)
  7. Crown chakra (Sahasrara Chakra)

Those each chakra has their own colour and mantras to open them. They have their deities. If we can open all chakras, we can become healthy, happy and joyful in our life. To gain overall satisfaction in our life our all 7 chakras should be opened.

Chakra meditation is done to open the chakras of our body. Our body is controlled by the 7 energy centres. The centres should absorb the positive energy to our body from the universe. If they absorb the negative energy, we must purify them. Yoga, pranayama and meditation are the best media to make them positive. Among them, meditation is the best medium to open our all 7 chakras. Meditation is the tool by which we can get the chance to have an energetic life. We can get the real pleasure in our life by opening the energy centres of our body. We also achieve higher spiritual experience by opening them.

Chakra meditation can be done in different ways. We can do by feeling the sensation on our chakras, by citing their related mantras. We must go into deep level first and start to concentrate in the centres of our chakras. By purifying our centre points, we can achieve our real pleasure which is the most beautiful part of our life. We can imagine the colour of every chakra when we sit in our chakra meditation.

One of the chakra meditation technique is presented here to give you the example:

  1. Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Take some deep breath and relax.
  2. Feel your body becoming lighter and lighter.
  3. Concentration in your root chakra. Feel that the red colour is flowing on your root chakra. Feel the sensation there and relax.
  4. Cite the mantra Lam inside and imagine that the energy is flowing towards your spinal cord.
  5. Concentrate on your second chakra, Sacral Chakra (Swadhishthan Chakra) and feel the energy there.
  6. Imagine that the orange colour is covering your Sacral Chakra. At last, cite the mantra Wam inside and feel that the energy goes towards up to your head.
  7. Now, concentrate on your Solar plexus chakra (Manipur Chakra) and feel the energy of the universe is absorbed by the chakra.
  8. Imagine that your Solar plexus chakra is covering the yellow colour.
  9. Cite the mantra Ram inside and feel the energy into your Solar plexus chakra. The power of mantra is transforming the energy towards your spinal cord.
  10. Now the turn is of your fourth energy centre heart chakra. Concentrate on your heart centre and feel the energy of the universe entering your heart and all the love of the universe is covering your body. Imagine that the unconditional love of the higher source is protecting you.
  11. Imagine that the green colour is covering your heart area. The colour gives you the positive energy.
  12. Cite the mantra Yam and feel that your body is being irrigated by the energy of the higher source.
  13. Concentrate on your throat chakra and imagine that the chakra is covered by the supreme source of the universe. The throat chakra is the centre of communication and personal truth of a human being.
  14. Imagine that the blue colour is covered on your throat chakra. Feel that you are blessed by the speaking power.
  15. Cite the mantra Ham and feel that your personal truth has been found.
  16. The sixth chakra is third eye chakra which is related to intuition and brain power. This is also the centre of your mind power.
  17. Imagine that the indigo colour on your third eye. This colour helps you to open your third eye energy centre.
  18. Cite the mantra Aum which can be the blessing of your life because the mantra citing gives you unbelievable satisfaction in your life.
  19. The last chakra is crown chakra. Concentrate on your crown chakra and imagine that the energy is flowing on your crown chakra. The chakra is related to the connection with the divine, universe and your true self.
  20. Imagine the white colour of your crown chakra. The white colour is the combination of all colours. The colour transfers the energy from the universe to your body.
  21. Cite the mantra Aum and feel that all your body is covered by the divine energy.

At last of your chakra meditation, you must suggest yourself come out from the meditation. For that the following process should be applied:

  1. Number one I am coming out from the chakra meditation.
  2. Number two I and coming out from the chakra meditation.
  3. Number three I and coming out from the chakra meditation.
  4. Number four I and coming out from the chakra meditation.
  5. Number five I and coming out from the chakra meditation.
Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini meditation is the meditation which can open our kundalini energy and give us the divine power. It is the pure spiritual practice with the purpose to save the world from negativity. This meditation can give us the unlimited happiness in our life. The total satisfaction with our life brings all positive changes, not only in our life but also to the life of the people who are related to us.

Kundalini is the primal energy which lies on the bottom of the spine. The kundalini power is dormant inside our body and everybody has it. We must activate the kundalini power by doing meditation to awaken the latent power. The kundalini energy lies twisted like a serpent in the triangular sacrum at the lower end of the spine. By purifying our all 7 chakras we can awake the power of kundalini snake.

When the power awakens, we can be rid of physical, mental and psychological diseases. The energy purifies all the systems of our body. This meditation is also related to the 7 chakras of our body because, without the knowledge of 7 chakras, we can not do kundalini meditation perfectly. 7 chakras are the main centers or the path where the energy flows from the bottom of the spine to the tip of the head.

There are a lot of techniques for doing Kundalini meditation. We don’t have to be confused with different ways of doing. The most important factor is to awake our kundalini power. There is no vast difference in the different techniques but only the slight difference can be found.

meditation in nepal

The main purpose of Kundalini meditation is to be enlightened in life. It is very powerful meditation which can bring us to the higher level of the spiritual path. The ultimate destination of every yoga, pranayama, and meditation is to be liberated from the bondage of life. Most of the people want to seek worldly success, good health, and serenity in life. We can get everything whatever we choose to have in our life from kundalini yoga and meditation.

We must gradually evolve in kundalini meditation. We don’t have to hurry up to do the meditation fast. We must follow the process patiently. Kundalini meditation should be done with the instruction of a good master. We must understand the theory and precautions very perfectly then we can achieve our goal. We will not be the same after finishing Kundalini meditation. We will be transformed after the kundalini meditation.

At first, you must learn the basic concept of meditation if you don’t have any knowledge about meditation or you have not experienced meditation. You must go into a deeper level in mediation. You must follow your master in the process of kundalini meditation. The most important factor is to sit in a proper position in the meditation. You must sit in the very comfortable position with loose clothes. Padmasana can be the best position but you cannot sit in Padmasana you can sit in Sukhasana.

The breathing process can be the common meditation technique. With the instruction of your master, you should start to watch your breathing process. You may take a long breath from your nose with the sensation of inhaling and exiling.  You can count the breathing 1-5 and continue to count 1-5, not 6. When you count your breath, you can go to a deeper level.

For the further process of the meditation, your master will guide you. You should be clear that you don’t have to practice this meditation without your master until and unless you can be the good kundalini meditation practitioner. You should practice more and more to be a better meditator. You can achieve the mastery in meditation one day, which will be the best moment of your life.

Your master can give you a powerful mantra to make you concentrated. Mantra has the power of universe which has been singing for ages. The positive vibration can be produced by citing mantra. You must focus only on the meditation. You don’t have to attach with the worldly affairs during the meditation. There are a lot of benefits of kundalini meditation that you can not believe them. Kundalini meditation has many dimensions which are physical, mental, emotional, psychological and social. Some of the benefits of kundalini meditation are as follows:

  1. Your face becomes bright and you look younger than you really are.
  2. You can feel the bliss of life.
  3. Your brain becomes very light and you can remember most of the content what you read.
  4. You can realize that your body is very light, and you become happy most of the time.
  5. You can realize that some power of the universe is coming into your body.
  6. Kundalini meditation can purify your body and you can be completely healthy.
  7. Kundalini meditation can eliminate all the toxins in your body and increase the oxygen flow in the blood cells.
  8. Kundalini meditation can balance the chemistry of the brain and activates the positive hormones like serotonin and melatonin which can make us free from the risk of depression, stress, and anxiety.
  9. Kundalini meditation promotes the self-esteem of our life.
  10. The positive vibes of kundalini meditation can affect the world positively.
  11. You can feel the inner peace.
  12. You want to share your love with your dearest and nearest. You can give the love of your heart.
  13. You can be able to help others selflessly. Your expectation from others decreases.
  14. Your way of thinking will be changed, and you will be able to think about the positive aspect of your life.
  15. Kundalini meditation can increase your IQ level and make you more logical.
  16. You can feel the peace of mind you will become better to sense sound, color and sight.
  17. You can be more companionate and empathetic in your life.
  18. You can maintain the good relationship with the people around you.
  19. Kundalini meditation can increase your creative power.
  20. You can attract people easily. You will be popular with your friends.
  21. You become more spiritual and sincere in your life.
  22. You can feel youthful, immense joyful, and beautiful body.
  23. All the suppressions of our mind will disappear.
  24. You can find your real existence in this world.
Meditation in Nepal

Meditation in Nepal

How is the practice of meditation in Nepal is meaningful & progressive?

Meditation in Nepal is logical and favorable in the sense that Nepal is a spiritual country wherein many people including Buddha got enlightenment through meditation. It is the place from where entire spirituality was flourished throughout the world. Many people had achieved enlightenment before the time of Buddha, and after the physical life of Buddha. But, there was the highest number of people to get enlightenment contemporary to Buddha through his meditation. Many people practiced meditation in Nepal from the ancient time till now. It is a historical place for practicing meditation and spiritual upliftment. Many people have been benefitted with the practice of meditation in Nepal. Nepal has innumerable places where meditator can uncover the e anteriorly truth through meditation. The spiritual vibration makes the meditation practice in Nepal meaningful and progressive.The geographical condition and temperature also favor the meditation in Nepal. The combination of Plain, Mountain, Hills, and Himalayans are diversified geography in Nepal. Different types of vegetation are found here. Temperature and climatic condition play an important role in a better practice. It is neither too cold nor too hot. All the factors of environment suit for the meditation. Thus many people from different part of the world come to Nepal to practice meditation. It is observed that all the sages belong to this place wherein they practiced meditation and share its nectar in the entire world. We have studied the glory of the meditators and the holy person of the past, which were belonged to Nepal.

Meditation in Nepal is important in the sense that most of the Nepalese are highly interested in spiritual activities. They love meditation and help people to progress forward whoever are practicing meditation. Any activities regarding meditation are considered as divine work in Nepal. People have deep respect and devotion to meditation. It is treated as a heavenly path which bestows all the divine happiness. Some people perceive meditation as a method of psychological revolution, which clears all the hindrances and defects of mind and purifies it, which naturally uplifts the mental status of a practitioner. People in Nepal clearly understand that the meditation is the bridge that connects the relationship of visible form with invisible form, and many have experienced their unity and the divine relationship.  The ponderability and importance of meditation have been realized by a maximum number of people in Nepal which creates a massive flow of people towards meditation in Nepal. Most of the people in Nepal are with the heart of spirituality who dedicate their life to find the supreme reality which is beyond the realm of physical or material effects. They have the hereditable character to seek the meaning of life in immortal and imperishable things rather than mortal matters and changing phenomena. They try to perceive the reality of invisibility of the divine nature. Thus blissfulness, tranquility, and happiness are their spontaneous nature as they do not depend upon external factor. In other words- they understand that the true source of happiness and peace is within the self. So, they practice for being introvert followed by meditation.  Thus, there is a facility of meditation in Nepal in every part of the country.

Now in this modern world, people have a deep study on Meditation. Each individual requires a perfect health for all-round development and progress. Now, it is known and realized that meditation is the best medication through its regular practice. They understand that real health is nature-gifted or God gifted. It means the immunity power is an innate factor and it is the meditation which boosts immunity power, hence, bestows the real health. Thus, many of the people depend on spiritual law and meditation which give them entire health.  So, people have generated a favorable environment for practicing meditation in Nepal. So, many foreigners and tourists from various parts of the world come to Nepal for yoga teacher training, meditation, yoga retreat, astrology and to enjoy the influential Himalayas. These types of activities are preponderatingly centered around the Kathmandu Valley. Pokhara is also becoming more and more popular for yoga trek and meditation, yet, each of the places is favorable for meditation in Nepal. Besides the practice of meditation, Nepal provides the study of meditation as well. The origin of meditation, fundamental laws, and teachings of meditation, originator, and masters of meditation and purpose of meditation etc. are detailedly taught in Nepal.  People can understand the meditation through the level from theory to practice.

Though the mindful meditation is famous and effective throughout the world, there are many techniques of meditation. Different types of meditations are found in different religion and different institutions. For mindful meditation, people practice Vipassana meditation of which the founder was Lord Buddha, due to which the highest number of people got enlightenment during his period in comparison with other periods of the history. Most of the practitioner reveals their experiences regarding Vipassana meditation as a liberator of all physical, mental, social, and other visible and invisible sorrows; as well as a bestower of enlightenment. Besides, there are many other types of meditation in Nepal. Osho talks about more than 108 techniques of meditation, those all are taught in Nepal. Some other techniques of meditation which are taught in Nepal are- Shivayog meditation, Kriyayog Meditation, Chakra Meditation, Hypnotic meditation, Past-life regression meditation, Dynamic meditation, Kundalini meditation, Swaryog meditation, Nada meditation, Tratak (with candle, moon, sun..), meditation with mantra (powerful enchanting especially in Sanskrit language), etc. These meditations are normally taught and made practice in different institutions.   Besides, there are some hidden techniques of meditation that are limited to the sage who have been dwelling their penance far from the human society especially in the dense forest and the den of the mountain and Himalayan. Those divine personalities are not accessible for all and for common people. The student must be with a pure heart and should possess a capacity to endure the all types of difficulty, in order to be eligible to meet them and receive the technique of meditation. With the practice of meditation, an individual find the real master (the guru) within the self, which leads him to the final destiny.

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