How to live in awareness?

We all live on our beautiful blue planet. We all hold some value, purpose, or some sort of goal in our life. Looking individual’s life in a close not specific but of any individual. You will find all sort of things in their life. They want something, they have some problem and they want to be aware. But the question is how to live in awareness?

Awareness dictionary meaning is to have right perception about a thing, situation, or a topic. The dictionary definition cannot cover this vague and multi-dimensional topic. What would you call awareness? Knowing what is awareness? Also, awareness is limited to the thinking capacity of the person.

What makes a person reach awareness? What makes a person more aware than others? Regardless the field and topic experience and information are the key to awareness. What may be the situation, field, subject the more information and experience you have more aware you are in the related subject. Information and experience are also not the perfect words that describe awareness but are closest thing that define it.

Take two individuals with two different professionals, like a doctor and a musician. If the topic is of medical knowledge, medicine, disease, and medical apparatus. The doctor is the one with awareness. However, if the topic is music, rhythm, song, and musical apparatus then the musician is the one who possess awareness. Awareness is an extremely diverse thing which may be impossible to bind in just one subject matter. It is not enough but completely wrong to judge awareness with only one side.

The situation gets even more complicated and disputable if instead of people of same generation you compare people of different generation. Compare an individual living today with an individual living one or two hundred years ago. The information that was only available to the elites of the late century is readily available to the today’s commoner.

Also, the information that was considered peak idea of that age may have been completely discarded today. The information that made someone more aware than others in that time got debunked toady for its hollowness.

A person with political background may think true awareness is knowing the political situation, scenario, and possible competitive. What will be his answer to How to live in awareness?
In his perception knowing the competition, gaining the ultimate authority of the region or country and other political gain. For his field, his career it is not wrong also as the goal of awareness varies from person to person.

The person who believes in learning, dedicated to a goal, lives for other’s also not for himself. One whose goal is to know himself and tries to understand others. Tries to balance his spiritual part, mental part along his physical well-being. They understand what they lack and what must be done to improve or overcome it. They know being perfect is impossible but try to be better than what they were yesterday. That is what a person living in awareness will do.

Despite the variation in meaning and depend upon person to person the concept of awareness. There are few things that need to be common for every individual to live in awareness. The individual who is walking on the path to attain awareness share some unique traits. Be it in their behavior, their calmness, their persistence for change they show some traits.

Following ways, habits may be the answer to How to live in awareness?

  • Thirst for knowledge and information

The number of living species that live in our earth are roughly one trillion species. One trillion species live with us, unique in their own way. One trillion is a lot of numbers for the diversity of living beings. If you attempt to count one trillion second it would take slightly over 31,688 years.

Now, you can imagine how vast is the number? In those number there are lot of unique species with amazing abilities. Also, not just in abilities but huge diversity exists in forms and size. From unicellular organisms to massive giant whales all live here. Some can fly, some can swim, some can survive in the depth of ocean however no one is as unique as a human being.

What makes us so unique compared to other beings? What made the dominating species of the planet? The answer is information, innovation, and awareness. Our ancestor living in the cave got little bit more awakened, more aware of his surroundings. The thirst for knowledge, innovation, desire to learn habit developed by our ancestor resulted this top place on the chain of this planet. The only being in the planet that is aware of himself and the planet.

Our awareness brought us from there to here and can father lead to another place. A mind that that stops learning stops growing this is the ultimate reality. On the other hand, the mind whose goal is to peruse knowledge, to learn will always grow.

Growth and knowledge always lead the way toward the awareness. If your goal is to live in awareness try to know more, research more, study books. World is full of knowledge, technically the pursue of knowledge will never end and to know all things is impossible. Knowing everything may be impossible, but knowing all what you need to know is completely possible. If your question is How to live in awareness? Information and knowledge are your first answer.

  • Meditation

Meditation is the sets of techniques and poses used to achieve peace of mind. Many of us may surfacely know what meditation is. However, only some know how vast is meditation. If one is wondering How to live in awareness? Meditation will certainly help in a lot of ways.
Meditation is a key self healing and making oneself better. First lets look why people today are so much into meditation:

                                     – It reduces the stress
                                     -It is known to boost confidence and self –esteem
                                     – Train your mind to be more calm
                                     -Help to get rid of addiction problem if any
                                     -Promoting mental health
These are some of the proven benefits of meditation. It gives many things and trains person to achieve many things.

Meditation was primarily the technique devised by sages and yogis, to attain awareness and enlightenment. Sages used to meditate for years to know the secrets of the universe, cosmic knowledge, powers to help the man kind. That is the true power of meditation. However, you don’t need to do years and years of meditation unless you are trying to become a sage yourself. For an average person, few minutes to hour of meditation per a day is more than enough.

Meditation makes you calmer, and you can perceive the things more clearly in your life. It will increase your focus in learning and increase concentration in your life. Moreover, people who had substance addition or suffered personal loss claimed that meditation helped them. Not, also helping to maintain balance but it also aids to overcome attachments. To live in awareness one need to overcome their unnecessary attachments to te world.

  • Do your karma

Karma is a Sanskrit word that translate to action. However, karma goes very deep than just action. Karma is the duty that one must function for the world to function. Every one even everything in this universe has their own karma. Without every element performing their karma the world will not function. The universe itself runs with the karma of its elements. The karma of sun is to give light, warmth, and life to earth. Likewise, the karma of earth is to be the mother of every living thing.

From celestial bodies to trees everyone has a duty to the world. A fruit tree when reaches to certain maturity it gives fruits. Nobody order or makes it to give fruits but it does because it is its karma to the world.

Likewise, the only living beings with consciousness humans have more duty to the world. If you think about How to live in awareness? Do your duty to the world. The most prominent trait of person who live in awareness is his sense of duty to the world. Aware person knows what is his karma for the world? For himself? For his family? And performs the karma selflessly.

  • Be a student

A person who lives in awareness know they are always the student and have much to learn. Nobody, in the world knows everything alone, that much vast is the world. However, with our numbers we divided the knowledge so that we collectively as a human race will know more than what we individually can amass.

A teacher is someone who teaches and a student learns from him. However, the truth is that when a teacher is teaching, he is also learning through his students. It is truth of the world. Everyone here is student and life will keep teaching him new things as a teacher until they will leave the world forever. So, learn as a student when life teaches you knew things.

Talk to your elders, they have lived through more than you. They have gotten through their time and your time. They know few more things about the world than you and I know. Also, they can teach you one or two things about life. How-to live-in peace? How to live through pain and loss? How to live in awareness?

  • A physically fit body

How to live in awareness? When this question arises a physically fit body is not the answer one hopes to receive. However, for various things a physically fit body is the answer.

How to achieve your goal? How to make your life peacefully? How to excel in study? How to improve your life? For all this questions also a physically fit body is the answer even for How to live in awareness?

A physically well body is not your goal as a person who is living in awareness. However, is the basic need for your journey into achieving and to live in awareness.

If you will not take a diligent care of your body. Various diseases and conditions may affect you. Is that becoming the situation neither you can do your karma to the world nor learn new things efficiently. That is why a physically fit body is your greatest asset in your journey to live in awareness?

There are many ways by which one can enhance the physical health of the body. Eating good healthy food, practicing yoga, Daily workout, stress free life are some of the ways which will help to keep you physically healthy.

It is one of the most important things in life to figure out How to live in awareness? But taking care of your body is as much as important.

  • A positive attitude and kind behavior

A positive attitude is the key element of the person who is figuring How to live in awareness?. Life may not go as planned as always, it applies not to us but each and everybody living in world. While journeying through life one might suffer personal loss, economic disbalance and other worldly problems. No one can change or completely avoid it; the truth is that. However, you with a positive attitude can change the impact of that situation.

A person who lives in awareness will also suffer personal loss, economic disbalance every bit as other individual. However, the main difference between other and aware person is that he will get through it. With positive attitude also the pain and suffering will not decrease but the strength to get through is given.

Kind behavior is the extension that you get through positive attitude. With positive attitude you will see good in you and in time on the world. After this you will start developing the kind behavior toward everyone. Kind behavior not only to your friends and relatives but to everyone is one of the basic requirements to live in awareness. Be kind to whomever you can where ever you can because you cannot know what they are going through. Even a little bit of kindness can give them the spark of hope.