How to go for longer meditation? – How to meditate longer time for peace of mind

Meditation, yoga, and mental health are the most talked topics in today’s time. However, many people struggle for Longer meditation. For the meditation to be effective, a fair amount of time and dedication should be given to the process. Instead of doing haphazardly, and unknowingly they need to understand what meditation is. How to meditate longer is not the question of one or two people but of majority of people who are practicing yoga. However, before learning How to meditate longer let us learn what meditation is.

The act of immersing in a certain activity using various technique, which provides a mental, spiritual, and emotional peace. Meditation is a remarkably diverse field and can be unique to every individual that practice it. Meditation is so widespread that most of the civilization and religion practice meditation. If someone were to look all the meditation techniques and practices found around the world one can find they are all different and diverse in their own way. All the methods are so well integrated with their religion or their culture.

Looking at the history of meditation. The earliest and oldest mention of meditation is found in Vedas. In both Yoga and Ayurveda, the use of meditation for various purposes can be seen. Buddhism was also using various meditation techniques and had an extraordinarily rich culture practicing spirituality, mental and psychological well-being. After the 19th century where world was busy connecting con civilization with other. Due to globalization the Asian meditation made its way to the western society and other parts of the world. After this meditation integrated into various cultures giving birth to various variations of meditation itself.

Some Popular Meditation Techniques

There are distinct types of meditation in the world today. Some of the most popular meditation techniques that are practiced are mentioned below:

-Mantra Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation
-Zen Meditation
-Kundalini Meditation
-Reflection Meditation
-Transcendental Meditation
-Vipassana Meditation
-Yoga Meditation
-Chakra Meditation
Sound Meditation
-Loving Kindness Meditation

Candle gaze meditation

These are some of the most popular forms of meditation practiced today in the world. All these forms and techniques are not native to single place or even single religion. Some are from Hindu religion; some are from Buddhist and some are based on location or country rather than the religion.

All these fame, popularity and people’s inclination to meditation is due to its benefits and positive impact on their lives. Some most notable benefits of meditation are mentioned below:

Better concentration

Increasing focus and enhancing concentration is one of the biggest benefits of meditation. If you are lacking concentration in your life and unable to focus on your life. Then, meditation is your answer.

Reduce Stress

Cortisol is the stress hormone produced in our body, which in high amount is very harmful. Meditation is proved to reduce the cortisol amount and provide stressless environment.

Confidence and self-esteem

Confidence and self-esteem are especially important things in life of humans. Confidence and belief in yourself are very much needed to perform every task. Daily meditation practice can improve your confidence and self-esteem.

Improve mental health

One of the greatest perks of yoga is mental health improvement. People who are going through mental health problems have time and time claimed how meditation helped them.

Promote calmness

Every time a person practice meditation he/she are teaching their mind to be calmer. Cam mind is the one that emerges victorious in every situation. If you are having problem to remain calm and are state in turmoil meditation may be the thing you need.

Victory over addiction

Meditation also helps to get over addiction. Addiction is the uncontrollable desire over a specific substance. Meditation helps your mind to gain control over the substance.

Help with emotional imbalance

sometimes people get emotionally disbalanced. Either they have too much empathy or too less. Meditation also can help people to get their emotion balanced.

Despite all these benefits, there is one thing all the mediation practitioners go with in their beginning or even after. How to meditate Longer is the question of many meditation practitioners. Meditation time can range variously depending on the individual. From minutes of normal peoples to the decades of meditation practiced, by the great sages and Tapasvi’s the difference is too great.

Following are the ways to meditate longer and answer to the question how to meditate longer:

  • Know what you want

If you know something about yoga, meditation, spirituality, you must know meditation is a vast field and term. The range of meditation is too huge. At what point you will think you have meditate longer?

Your time period and definition of longer meditation depend on what are you trying to achieve. If you are aiming to be sages then years and years of continuous meditation is what you would call a longer meditation. However, if your goal is mental health promotion, getting rid of addiction, gaining control in life. Then your meditation time can range from minutes to hours.
At first you have to be clear why you want to meditate longer.

For your goal how much time meditation is needed, how much is enough and how much are too much. If you have researched enough and still cannot get enough focus to mediate longer then you have some problem. Therefore, you need to learn and know certain things about how to meditate longer.

  • Clear mind

Meditation is more a mental and spiritual technique rather than a physical one. Not just your body need to be in the mediation position but also your mind and spirit. If you are sitting in a meditation posture but thinking about other things you cannot meditate longer.

Before meditation try to clear your mind as much as you can then only start meditating. Yes, people have problems life is not perfect however your mediation period is not time or place for that. Clear your mind and detach yourself from all the problems and thought and meditate. This way you can extend your meditation time and meditate longer.

  • Get yourself a mantra

Mantras are the verses or texts that carry massive spiritual and mystical energy. If you are having challenging time focusing on your way to meditate longer then you should get a mantra. If you are challenging time focusing, the mantra you obtained will help with that.

During your meditation chant the mantra and focus your meditation on the verses. Various yogis and sadhus also use mantra to meditate longer Om, Om namo Shivaya are sone of the popular mantra you can use while meditating. Also, you can get your own mantra it can be anything as long as it helps you to stay focused.

  • Comfortable Meditation posture

There are thousands of meditation posture that you can use to do meditation. Lotus pose or padmasana is one of the most popular meditation pose that people use for meditation. However, this meditation pose may not be for everyone. If you have spine or back problems, piles then you may have problem to meditate longer in this pose. However, you do not need to use this pose for meditation. There are hundreds of poses you can choose from, standing meditation, lying meditation are some you can use.

  • Calm environment

Clam environment can do wonders to your body and help you meditate longer. Clam and peaceful environment can immediately have a positive effect on your mood. Peaceful environment is known to boost creativity, create the calming personality and other effects. For the same purpose yogis and sages choose forests and mountain for their meditation. The calmer and peaceful the environment better the results of the meditation.

The people who have access to gardens in their backyards or in countryside it is easy to find such environment. However, if you are living in a city and have no access to these then you can create yourself a calm environment. You can make your living space a calm environment. Paint calming color in your walls, make your environment tidy and clean, you can listen to calming music. If you are having problem to meditate longer, clam environment may be your answer to how to meditate longer.


  • Start small and extend

If you are a meditation beginner you should not worry about, why cannot you mediate longer. Learning meditation and extending the time period of meditation is like how a baby learns to walk. At first it is hard and looks impossible, then with persistence the baby slowly starts to take a step and with lot of experience baby will be able to walk. Likewise start slow, at beginning even meditating for few minutes is an exceptionally good achievement.

With every session you are teaching your body to be more and more immersed into meditation. Then slowly start to extend your time period. In this also you do not need to jump to hours from minutes. Take slow steps, even slow steps are incredibly good than no step. Start 2-3 minutes extension with few sessions. Also, you can research, read books, search on the internet for various things about hot to meditate With persistence and calm mind at a point you will be able to meditate longer without any problem.

  • Start in the morning

You can meditate at the time you are comfortable and afford. However, people still believe there is no better time to meditate than in the morning. At morning after a whole night rest your body is completely recharged. Also, more than body your mind is fresh and without stress. Due to this fact if you practice meditation in the morning, you will have no problem focusing the mind. The calm mind and energetic body get highly creative in the morning period. If you are having problems to meditate longer then you should give it a try in the morning. It may be the answer to how to meditate longer.

  • Calming music and scents

If you have visited monasteries or some meditation center in your life you may have noticed a distinct scent and music. The music and scent when smelled invoke a certain peaceful and calm feeling to the person who smell it. They are made in such a way that that trigger something comforting and friendly inside our mind. One can use these things to meditate longer You can buy the scents and music also if you want from the markets. Not, just music and scents there are various things you can use to meditate longer. You can use beads string to chant mantra and channel your energy, hang peaceful pictures in wall to invoke calmness in your mind.

  • Eat right

Food is the main source of energy to your body. Technically you are made by the things that you eat. It is also true that the food that you eat have direct impact in your mood and attitude. This is the same reason yogis and sages eat only purely vegetarian food. Even in the vegetarian food they avoid the foods like garlic, onion, ginger etc. Your unbalanced diet also may be the reason why you are not able to meditate longer. If possible, eat simple light foods instead of high calorie diet. Your thinking, mood, concentration will severely improve if you eat balanced and healthy diet.

  • Find yourself a teacher

Meditation teacher are the experts that teach you how to meditate. There are thousands of meditation and yoga teaching centers where we can find expert teachers. They are those individuals who have years of experience as a teacher and as a meditation practitioner. If you have done all the things, you can meditate longer and properly.

However, for some reason if sill cannot meditate properly. Then finding yourself a well experienced meditation teacher is what you can do ultimately. With years of experience under their belt and being the meditation practitioner themselves. They can find why are you not able to do so and help you to meditate longer in the most proper way possible. Finding a reliable and well experienced teacher is the ultimate answer to How to meditate longer?