Yoga Academy in Nepal

Yoga Academy in Nepal

Out of many Yoga Academy in Nepal, Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center is one of them. Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center is true yoga school in Nepal which focuses on spiritual yoga. Since Nepal is one of the greatest spiritual spots on the earth. Nepal has the good environment for yoga because of deeply devotional peoples, sacred rivers, the highest peak of the mountain. Most importantly it is the birthplace of Buddha and consists of many temples. Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center is located at a holy heaven of the jungle of Nagarjuna of Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. It is sister academy of Nepal Yoga Home so that same the facilities will be given to the trainee of Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center.

Yoga Academy in Nepal

Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center is Yoga Academy in Nepal

Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center focuses on the ethics and inspires people to be good human being. As a true yoga school in Nepal, it offers specified and standard courses to the trainee for the purpose of conducting the teacher training programs. The training is not just for the sake of becoming a teacher. Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center courses are to awake and enlarge the spectrum of the yoga. We don’t think after taking the courses you have to be the trainer or link with the yoga. Being True yoga school in Nepal we provide some courses which may be beneficial for you. We brought the comprehensive courses which will be conducted by highly experienced and dedicated teachers. The courses which we provide are:

  • 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • 500 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • short to long Yoga Retreat course in Nepal

Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center is planning to expand its horizon by offering opportunities for training and research programs. We have been accenting in kindling the glint of spirituality and waking up to the individuals instead of simply be a mere faculty to deliver some designed programs.

Services provided

Since Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center is True yoga school in Nepal many trainees attain the class or course. And providing good course will not be enough to be yoga academy in Nepal; you have to provide some services to the trainees so that they feel comfortable to attain course. Keeping this in mind Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center provides best services clean room, spiritual environment, healthy foods, Nice classes with experienced gurus as the requirement of the course and trainee.

The goal of Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center

Since we believe that yoga is not just for physical fitness or to be the trainer. Yoga of different forms can help so many problems which are in our society. Some of them are the addiction, crime, anxiety, depression, and much more health problem. So our main goal is to help the society to get ride from these all and other are

  • Spread awareness and transformation of life through yoga, and meditation
  • Reduce side effect and harms caused by social disharmony, crime, and many health issues
  • Provide charity to organic farms
  • Help you to realize your inner potentiality
  • Promote the sacred and divine land of Nepal
  • Research paper on yoga and therapy
  • Assist yoga seekers to make their life beautiful, joyful and successful
Five Reasons Why You Need a Professional Yoga Center

Five Reasons Why You Need a Professional Yoga Center

1}  Food

To walk on the road of becoming a perfect yogi, it is necessary to check what you consume and what impact it creates on your body. There are numerous ways to learn about this subject but the best way to do it is through visiting a Yoga retreat in Nepal. A Yogic diet is a balanced diet that ancient Yogis believed had a huge influence not only over our physical well being, but also over our thoughts, and ultimately our emotional and spiritual well being. This balanced diet provides an individual with a newfound sense of serenity, and a profound command over the mental and spiritual abilities. If you take a certified Yoga teacher training in Nepal, then you can get to know about it in a much deeper perspective. At Nepal Yoga Teacher Training, the food served is fresh, organic, and contains the vital elements to make your body healthy. Yogis follow a vegetarian diet and it will be a new experience for your taste buds as well. There are a variety of cuisines which will amaze and excite you. The food in Nepal Yoga Home is served with the utmost care and consideration. This care is reflected in the plating style and in the quality of the food prepared.   


2 } Accommodation and the environment

During your yoga training in Nepal, you will be spending at least a month or two in Nepal. You do not need to worry about accommodation as we have got you covered. During your stay, we provide you 3-star accommodation that is equipped with all the basic needs. Our room is spacious and each room has a twin bed with attached washroom (western style) 24 hrs. There is a facility of hot and cold showers throughout the day. Each room has a window and there, you can see a net covering the window. This is done to prevent insects from entering your room. This Yoga center in Nepal holds cleanliness to the highest regard. Each room faces a garden and you can enjoy the tranquility of nature. Enjoy the tranquility and serenity as well.

3} Staff and services

“Atithi Devo Bhava” Means the guest is equivalent to god. Throughout Nepal, guests are given utmost respect and consideration. Guests are given the same importance as God and are taken care of properly. At Nepal Home Academy, we follow this motto and our team is dedicated to serving you in the best way to provide you a homely experience. We pride ourselves in being the only Yoga institute in Nepal that gives such care and consideration to guests. Furthermore, we provide Ayurvedic treatments like massages.

4} Surroundings and approach

Nepal Teacher Training In Nepal resides in the delightful Kathmandu valley. To be clear, it resides on the outskirts of the Kathmandu valley. It mingles with the beautiful countryside and gives you a picturesque display of green hills . The Kathmandu valley houses numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites which are worth a visit. These include Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, and Boudhanath. If you fancy short hikes and adventure, then there are plenty of hiking retreats too. The weather in Kathmandu is pleasant throughout the year. The Nepal Home Academy sits about 15 minutes away from the Kathmandu valley and you can explore it if you want.


5 } Traditional and Authentic teaching technique

We truly believe in delivering the true essence of yoga which was previously neglected due to modernization. People mostly know about the physical aspects of Yoga but it is more than that, it is a lifestyle or a way to connect to the higher self. With the real theme of yoga in mind, we at Nepal Yoga Teacher Training have developed the authentic and traditional teaching techniques to impart the wisdom of Yoga. We have various yoga teacher training courses that are designed to help you to become a yoga teacher. The classes are based on Classical Hatha Yoga which is the very foundation of every style of yoga. Our class prioritizes on the Yogic philosophy and provides learners a deeper understanding of the roots of Yoga.

6} Lead trainer and his team

Our lead trainer  is a Ph.D. holder in Sanskrit Philosophy. He/She has more than 20 years of experience in teaching yoga and a very strong command over numerous Sanskrit scriptures and Yoga philosophy. He/She can deliver difficult concepts in a simplified pattern and make people understand the very norm of Yoga. His/Her team has designed yoga classes for all sorts of practitioners. 

7} Schedule for the Teachers Training Student

This Yoga school in Nepal focuses on the overall growth and development of students. Students of every level can learn with the utmost ease here. The course is designed to last 4 weeks. In the first week, the major focus is on understanding the body types and capacity of the students. An emphasis is also placed on the experience of the student and his attitude towards the subject matter. This is done so that the teacher can deliver the best to the students and boost their learning abilities. The second week focuses on the overall development of the root concept of yoga by teaching various yoga philosophies. Students are taught about the anatomy of yoga as well. This week is crucial for learning yoga as it focuses on the value of human lives and how through yoga, one can lead it more wonderful. The third week focuses on skill development where we learn about the different skills to be practiced to become a good yoga teacher. In the last week, students show their skills on whatever they have learned in the course. This helps students to showcase their skills and knowledge.

8} Asana Sessions

We mostly focus on the Classical Hatha yoga. We design classes according to the level of the students in the class to accommodate everyone and to gain maximum benefits out of the session. We create classes which are anatomically fit for them and giving the therapeutic benefits as well as a modification when needed. Every asan session ends with meditation or the short relaxation to make sure that they connect themselves with the body and heal on their own. Our classes contain traditional and authentic essence behind yoga which connects everyone to their inner self and helps them to realize the cause of Life.


Why to attain True Yoga School in Nepal

Why to attain True Yoga School in Nepal

Yoga isn’t a faith in and of itself, it’s a philosophy, rooted in Hinduism; composed of a system of varied practices designed to heighten spirituality. It includes several physical exercises and body postures however its approach isn’t just restricted to exercises. Yoga also includes an over life balance. The balance over one’s own mind and body. People who attain this balance, are able to connect with their inner spirituality. That is the final goal of the yoga lifestyle. You can find true yoga school in foreign countries but not in our country. But now, you can find much true yoga school in Nepal too. Nowadays, it is a trend to include yoga in schools. But my question is why to include yoga classes in School? If you want to attain yoga classes then there are many yoga schools why don’t you go there?

True Yoga School

Which one is better Yoga in School or True Yoga School in Nepal?

Including Yoga in the Academic curriculum, activities are somehow good but cannot get a complete education. Just surface knowledge will be provided, so if you want to complete the course then you have to attain yoga academy. Yoga in school will be like a part of the sport just like in other games. The student, interested to do yoga or not but also they have to attain if shool includes yoga.

If you attain yoga class in true yoga school in Nepal then you can get complete knowledge and certificate. So if you want to continue yoga as your profession then also you can do. Since this class will be attained by just interested people so you can get much more experience and knowledge spread around the environment. You will get theoretical and practical knowledge there. All your queries will be solved about your postures and other question related to yoga and many more. Yoga will be done in a peaceful environment and true yoga school in Nepal will provide you that.

Comparing the knowledge and posture of the student of school and yoga school you can choose which one is better for you. Keep one thing in your mind that is yoga is not the thing which you do for a whole day; it is just an hour a day.

true yoga

You should take yoga classes in True Yoga School in Nepal.

True Yoga School in Nepal will provide you so many facilities related to yoga rather than any other school. It will provide you the platform to do yoga and learn more about yoga. Here are some reasons for why should you take yoga classes in True yoga school in Nepal:

  • Comprehensive, authentic, premium experience
    * Provide you the most comprehensive and authentic yoga experience with premium facilities
    * Trained by a team of experienced yoga instructors.
  • Convenient, clean and spacious
    * There will be wider space where yoga will do yoga.
    * Most of the time yoga will be done on the lap of nature and fresh environment
    * The surrounding of the space will be clean.
  • Course complete and valid certificate
    * The course which you take will complete on time.
    * After completion, of course, you will get the valid certificate.

Take a yoga class at Reputed True yoga School in Nepal

You can find much true yoga school in Nepal which is conducting yoga classes in Nepal. Different true yoga school in Nepal provide different types of yoga classes i.e. some will give class related to Classical yoga Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Karma yoga, Jnana yoga etc. Try to find which type of yoga you want to do then choose the yoga school and if you are comfortable with their service then attain that school. Attaining in reputed true yoga school in Nepal will be good for your future too. Although all true yoga school in Nepal will provide you valid certificate the priority of reputed school certificate is high.

If you want to take classes on Classical Hatha Yoga and Kundalini yoga then join Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center. Furthermore, you can visit our website or contact us.

Yoga Classes in Nepal

Yoga Classes in Nepal

Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center is the sister organization of Nepal Yoga Home. It is one of the leading yoga ashrams in Nepal. Since Nepal YTTC is incorporated with Nepal Yoga Teacher all the assets will be provided here also. Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center is purely established to provide yoga classes in Nepal. Since few years Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center is providing yoga classes and meditation classes. The main goal of Nepal YTTC is to spread spiritual awareness and transformation of life through yoga and meditation. Nepal YTTC helps the organic farms with eco-friendly manner for promoting the organic foods in the yogic lifestyle out of their profit.

Courses provided by Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center for Yoga Classes in Nepal

Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center is yoga academy in Nepal due to which it offers some courses for the trainee. All the courses related to the Yoga and Meditation. Also, the course teaches you to free your mind from tensions and keep you away from the social tensions.  Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Centers offer some courses for yoga classes in Nepal are:

  • 200 hours Yoga Classes in Nepal
  • 500 hours Yoga Classes in Nepal
  • 100 hours Children Yoga Classes in Nepal
  • 300 hours Advanced Yoga Classes in Nepal
  • 700 hours Yoga Classes in Nepal
  • 1000 hours Advanced Yoga Classes in Nepal

200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses

200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course is one of the courses which is provided by Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center. They provide opportunities to learn about yourself and a life-changing experience of yoga within 200 hours yoga course in Nepal. This course guides you in the new direction of peace and joy. Anyone who wants to discover inner peace, self-transformation, to deepen your practice, to expand knowledge and to be certified and qualified yoga and meditation teacher can join. After this course, if you have thoughts on starting your career in yoga then you can create your career in it. 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course addresses us to our all aspect of life. And anyone can join who want to know about their body, mind and true self. The course offers you opportunities to make discoveries of self-realization through connecting of boy, mind, and spirit.

It is a soul-rocking, life-changing opportunity to deepen and connect to your inner source. Join this course to experiment the life in front of the ultimate truth. This course will be held by the experienced and reputed team of the accomplished yoga teacher.

Who is your trainer?

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course is the comprehensive foundational course. This course has been guided by the certified yoga teacher who has the master degree in yogic science and university degree. This course has been designed for worldwide students with high standards of skill, knowledge, and confidence. It helps to discover how to live your own true nature of eternal bliss. After completion of course student will be graduated and awarded with the certification from Yoga Alliance registered yoga school.

The goal of 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

200 hours course aims to provide solid foundation in different aspects of yogic disciplines that prepare them. To adopt yoga as their profession as well as lifestyle. The main goal is to produce qualified and inspiring yoga instructor who is able to transform their personal life.

500 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

Nepal Yoga Teacher Training Center offers you one month or 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course throughout the year in Nepal. You can grab this opportunity to be on the way to becoming the best teacher with international standard yoga meditation course. This course is for those who want to gain knowledge from basic to advanced level. This course is designed for the yoga student of every level from a different tradition, style and age group from all over the world. During this course, you will get chance to learn all dimensions of yoga. You can also get deeper information about the holistic approach to yoga and meditation. This course is an internationally certified course which is designed to help you to get efficiency and mastery to the subject of yoga and meditation to teach anywhere in the world.

In addition, those who want to self-empowerment, self-realization, and self-transformation through deeper practice can be highly recommended.This course is the combined program of Register Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours and Register Yoga Teacher Training 300 Hours at a time. Due to which this course is unique, profoundly transforming course based on the ancient Himalayan and Vedic teaching system. The time which you spend at ashram will gift you strength, self-discipline, inspiration, awareness of the nature of mind, body, and spirit while building a firm foundation to teach confidently to others. Hence you will learn here different skills to develop awareness, spiritual power, and positive life.

The objective of this course
  • The goal of this training program is to supply qualified and provoking yoga academics everywhere the world.
  • This teacher training course accomplishes personal transformation and fulfillment.
  • To teach the means of positive transformation in humanity.
  • To orient the trainees in principles and practices of yoga
  • Will facilitate to additional enhance your personal yoga practices and refine your teaching skills with advanced methodologies to become an expert yoga teacher.
  • To create master level teacher, with the tools, knowledge, wisdom, and certification.
  • Train the participants within the yogistic way.
  • To learn and perceive the yogistic practice
  • This intensive course helps the scholars to determine a harmony within the stressful situation.
  • This training course aims to supply a solid foundation in several aspects of yogistic disciplines that prepare them to adopt yoga as their lifestyle.

100 hours Children Yoga Teacher Training Course

Children Yoga is one in all the foremost difficult as well because the most fascinating subjects of study each for the teacher as well for the youngsters as they require nice sense of ability and playfulness which may be extended through yoga. Yoga may be the important motivator to the youngsters for exchanging their fun, joy, and pleasure to every different. observant of their completely different intelligence, a different schooling is required. When the yoga teacher enters the class then the duty of that teacher is not just teaching some posture of yoga. The main duty of yoga teacher to understand the children’s mind, behavior and condition. And according to their condition trend the children.

This 100 hours Children Yoga Teacher Training Course specially design for the people who are interested familiar with children. Just because you love children you can take the course but also to those who want to share their love, wisdom, and ideas to the children. The best candidate to pursue the 100 hours Children Yoga Teacher Training Course; is that person who has great harmony and rapport with children. If you love children and yoga and you think you can trend children; after taking this course then you can join the course. To join this course, first of all, you have the soft corner for children and need to have ideas to handle children.

What type of quality should you have to attain this course?
  • The 100 Hour children Yoga Teacher Training Course can help to develop the concept of supporting children’s learning through movement and art.
  • Study of Yoga philosophy and Eight Limbs of Patanjali Yoga Sutras and its application to youngsters
  • Enhancing and empowering the developmental stage of chakra in youngsters
  • Acro or Partner Yoga for youngsters as well as for the parents.
  • You will learn to use the yoga in education, yoga studios, and community.
  • The training can assist you to develop your inner kid in order that you may produce harmony whereas teaching to the youngsters.
  • Develop your creative thinking and liveliness.
  • The ability to understand the youngsters through their multiple intelligence.
  • Comprehend the event stage of youngsters to figure in an appropriate way.
  • To get the idea of mindfulness for kids.
  • You will also learn to use storytelling for the children.
  • You will even be ready to incorporate the yoga along with your current programme.

300 hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course

300 hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainig Course is the advance yoga course specially design for the yoga enthusiasts. This course is for those who are searching for harness and hone the journey of the yoga in deeper and comprehensive level. The course deliver the higher study and skills to the practitioners who have already graduated 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course. It includes the subjects of higher level of yoga asana practice, gentle and relaxing yoga. Not only these, it also includes few classes of Acro-Yoga. The course is an intensive, empowering, rigorous keeping in mind to the practitioners who have already involved in 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Since 300 Hours Advanced Yoga Teacher training Course produce great teachers who will be able to create several different great teachers. It conduct with discipline, dedication and inspiration to develop such yoga teachers who are trained; and expected to possess earned great deal of skills, wisdom, and way to be a beautiful teacher. Most significantly, the teaching of yoga principally support creating one a decent soul before leading one to the trail of creating a lecturer. 300 Hours Advanced Yoga Teacher training Course has tried to incorporate every; and each facet potential to form one fulfill with all the required skills and ideas to figure within the field of yoga. The course supports the sensible aspect as yoga mainly raise you for the follow instead of anything.

Who can attain this course
  • 200 Hours Yoga Teacher training Course graduates are welcome to join this intensive; and advanced 300 Hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course.
  • The practitioner having the power to carry basic poses for a minimum of one minute.
  • Healthy joints and back to observe intensive yoga classes with Surya Namaskar of a minimum of 10 rounds.
  • Core strength with the flexibility to carry in Navasana for 25 counts a minimum of.

700 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

The 700 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course is the advance course in every subject of yoga. It is for those who want to enhance the practice and study of yoga in deeper level. This course is to have strong foundational and fundamental understanding and practice of yoga. During this course, one is have to lead one’s professional yoga teaching in higher level by acquiring the ideas and skills to enhance the ability and quality of a participants. Besides that, it is fully practical base and profound platform to explore your inner inspiration and joy.

What 700 hour yoga teacher training course involve?

Through the involvement of the 700 Hour Yoga teachers training Course; one is led to the intensive yoga program of varied style in the higher sense of awareness, devotion and dedication. The program has been ready keeping the mind of these already qualified; and energetic yogis who are following the trail of yoga for few years. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Iyengar Yoga are a number of the styles of yoga; one can follow and purify the follow to the greater level. As a higher level after all; it’s not only centered regarding being on follow rather it dedicates its most times to create that follow commonplace and specific with advanced yoga practices. Either it’s on posture, or pranayama or meditation; or the other aspects of yoga one would wish to hone and create the specialization.

Having said that, the 700 Hour Yoga teachers training Course is specifically for specialize the certain field on the one hand. On the other hand, it’s also mainly dedicated to enhance the pedagogical skills. The 700 Hour Yoga teachers training Course concern about qualify you to be a far better teacher in each method. It’s a complete package to form one a yoga master.

Courses include in this course
  • Development of teaching skills and self-practice in higher level in the subject of traditional; Hatha Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.
  • In-depth practice of pranayama and meditation to explore. And enjoy the existence of the self-being in harmony to the supreme self.
  • Teaching number of classes to the peers for the very reason to improvise and magnify the skill; and stamina of your teaching style.
  • Deeper understanding and study of yoga anatomy and ayurveda
  • Detailed application and practice of mantra, mudra and bandha and kriya.
  • Comprehensive study of Patanjali Yoga Sutra mainly being focused on the Ashtanga Yoga and its practical implication in our daily life.
  • Discourse on Bhagavad Geeta, Hath Yoga Pradipika, and Upanishads.

1000 hours Advanced Yoga Certification Course

1000 hours Advanced Yoga Certification Course is the advance course among all. This course lays stresses over the yoga enthusiasts who want to pervasive and comprehensive study of yoga. This course is to empower one’s yoga passion into the everyday life. 1000 Hours Advanced Yoga Certification Course is specially for those yoga candidates who feel by the core of their heart. So they have to step any for improvement of their skills; and talent to turn over into the practice of authentic knowledge and insights of yoga. It’s the course mainly for all the dedicated souls who have the sense and belief. That they meant to be within yoga not only as professional.

But also as guide or assistant for several yoga aspirating this world. Nepal Yoga Ashram emphasizes and welcomes all those determined yoga teachers to participate. In all the wide-ranging and vital programs for honing and heightening the ability; insights, and knowledge in yoga on each side. Our Yoga shala can attempt to include all the expertise and data of yoga into one place through this Course. Our instructors with their best performance potential can provide you with all the love, fondness and help.

Some requirements for taking this course

Requirements to apply for the One Thousand Hour Advanced Yoga Certification Course are

  • an existing yoga practice,
  • an open mind,
  • commitment to learning, and
  • motivation to become a true yoga teacher.

Candidates with a beginner follow are welcome to use for our training provided. They’ll show a high level of self-discipline throughout the course. Because it is physically, mentally and spiritually rigorous and also extremely rewarding.


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