1}  Food

To walk on the road of becoming a perfect yogi, it is necessary to check what you consume and what impact it creates on your body. There are numerous ways to learn about this subject but the best way to do it is through visiting a Yoga retreat in Nepal. A Yogic diet is a balanced diet that ancient Yogis believed had a huge influence not only over our physical well being, but also over our thoughts, and ultimately our emotional and spiritual well being.

This balanced diet provides an individual with a newfound sense of serenity, and a profound command over the mental and spiritual abilities. If you take a certified Yoga teacher training in Nepal, then you can get to know about it in a much deeper perspective. At Nepal Yoga Teacher Training, the food served is fresh, organic, and contains the vital elements to make your body healthy. Yogis follow a vegetarian diet and it will be a new experience for your taste buds as well. There are a variety of cuisines which will amaze and excite you. The food in Nepal Yoga Home is served with the utmost care and consideration. This care is reflected in the plating style and in the quality of the food prepared.   


2 } Accommodation and the environment

During your yoga training in Nepal, you will be spending at least a month or two in Nepal. You do not need to worry about accommodation as we have got you covered. During your stay, we provide you 3-star accommodation that is equipped with all the basic needs. Our room is spacious and each room has a twin bed with attached washroom (western style) 24 hrs. There is a facility of hot and cold showers throughout the day. Each room has a window and there, you can see a net covering the window. This is done to prevent insects from entering your room. This Yoga center in Nepal holds cleanliness to the highest regard. Each room faces a garden and you can enjoy the tranquility of nature. Enjoy the tranquility and serenity as well.

3} Staff and services

“Atithi Devo Bhava” Means the guest is equivalent to god. Throughout Nepal, guests are given utmost respect and consideration. Guests are given the same importance as God and are taken care of properly. At Nepal Home Academy, we follow this motto and our team is dedicated to serving you in the best way to provide you a homely experience. We pride ourselves in being the only Yoga institute in Nepal that gives such care and consideration to guests. Furthermore, we provide Ayurvedic treatments like massages.

4} Surroundings and approach

Nepal Teacher Training In Nepal resides in the delightful Kathmandu valley. To be clear, it resides on the outskirts of the Kathmandu valley. It mingles with the beautiful countryside and gives you a picturesque display of green hills . The Kathmandu valley houses numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites which are worth a visit. These include Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, and Boudhanath. If you fancy short hikes and adventure, then there are plenty of hiking retreats too. The weather in Kathmandu is pleasant throughout the year. The Nepal Home Academy sits about 15 minutes away from the Kathmandu valley and you can explore it if you want.


5 } Traditional and Authentic teaching technique

We truly believe in delivering the true essence of yoga which was previously neglected due to modernization. People mostly know about the physical aspects of Yoga but it is more than that, it is a lifestyle or a way to connect to the higher self. With the real theme of yoga in mind, we at Nepal Yoga Teacher Training have developed the authentic and traditional teaching techniques to impart the wisdom of Yoga. We have various yoga teacher training courses that are designed to help you to become a yoga teacher. The classes are based on Classical Hatha Yoga which is the very foundation of every style of yoga. Our class prioritizes on the Yogic philosophy and provides learners a deeper understanding of the roots of Yoga.

6} Lead trainer and his team

Our lead trainer  is a Ph.D. holder in Sanskrit Philosophy. He/She has more than 20 years of experience in teaching yoga and a very strong command over numerous Sanskrit scriptures and Yoga philosophy. He/She can deliver difficult concepts in a simplified pattern and make people understand the very norm of Yoga. His/Her team has designed yoga classes for all sorts of practitioners. 

7} Schedule for the Teachers Training Student

This Yoga school in Nepal focuses on the overall growth and development of students. Students of every level can learn with the utmost ease here. The course is designed to last 4 weeks. In the first week, the major focus is on understanding the body types and capacity of the students. An emphasis is also placed on the experience of the student and his attitude towards the subject matter. This is done so that the teacher can deliver the best to the students and boost their learning abilities.

The second week focuses on the overall development of the root concept of yoga by teaching various yoga philosophies. Students are taught about the anatomy of yoga as well. This week is crucial for learning yoga as it focuses on the value of human lives and how through yoga, one can lead it more wonderful. The third week focuses on skill development where we learn about the different skills to be practiced to become a good yoga teacher. In the last week, students show their skills on whatever they have learned in the course. This helps students to showcase their skills and knowledge.

8} Asana Sessions

We mostly focus on the Classical Hatha yoga. We design classes according to the level of the students in the class to accommodate everyone and to gain maximum benefits out of the session. We create classes which are anatomically fit for them and giving the therapeutic benefits as well as a modification when needed. Every asan session ends with meditation or the short relaxation to make sure that they connect themselves with the body and heal on their own. Our classes contain traditional and authentic essence behind yoga which connects everyone to their inner self and helps them to realize the cause of Life.


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