Yoga isn’t a faith in and of itself, it’s a philosophy, rooted in Hinduism; composed of a system of varied practices designed to heighten spirituality. It includes several physical exercises and body postures however its approach isn’t just restricted to exercises. Yoga also includes an over life balance. The balance over one’s own mind and body. People who attain this balance, are able to connect with their inner spirituality. That is the final goal of the yoga lifestyle. You can find true yoga school in foreign countries but not in our country. But now, you can find much true yoga school in Nepal too. Nowadays, it is a trend to include yoga in schools. But my question is why to include yoga classes in School? If you want to attain yoga classes then there are many yoga schools why don’t you go there?

True Yoga School

Which one is better Yoga in School or True Yoga School in Nepal?

Including Yoga in the Academic curriculum, activities are somehow good but cannot get a complete education. Just surface knowledge will be provided, so if you want to complete the course then you have to attain yoga academy. Yoga in school will be like a part of the sport just like in other games. The student, interested to do yoga or not but also they have to attain if shool includes yoga.

If you attain yoga class in true yoga school in Nepal then you can get complete knowledge and certificate. So if you want to continue yoga as your profession then also you can do. Since this class will be attained by just interested people so you can get much more experience and knowledge spread around the environment. You will get theoretical and practical knowledge there. All your queries will be solved about your postures and other question related to yoga and many more. Yoga will be done in a peaceful environment and true yoga school in Nepal will provide you that.

Comparing the knowledge and posture of the student of school and yoga school you can choose which one is better for you. Keep one thing in your mind that is yoga is not the thing which you do for a whole day; it is just an hour a day.

true yoga

You should take yoga classes in True Yoga School in Nepal.

True Yoga School in Nepal will provide you so many facilities related to yoga rather than any other school. It will provide you the platform to do yoga and learn more about yoga. Here are some reasons for why should you take yoga classes in True yoga school in Nepal:

  • Comprehensive, authentic, premium experience
    * Provide you the most comprehensive and authentic yoga experience with premium facilities
    * Trained by a team of experienced yoga instructors.
  • Convenient, clean and spacious
    * There will be wider space where yoga will do yoga.
    * Most of the time yoga will be done on the lap of nature and fresh environment
    * The surrounding of the space will be clean.
  • Course complete and valid certificate
    * The course which you take will complete on time.
    * After completion, of course, you will get the valid certificate.

Take a yoga class at Reputed True yoga School in Nepal

You can find much true yoga school in Nepal which is conducting yoga classes in Nepal. Different true yoga school in Nepal provide different types of yoga classes i.e. some will give class related to Classical yoga Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Karma yoga, Jnana yoga etc. Try to find which type of yoga you want to do then choose the yoga school and if you are comfortable with their service then attain that school. Attaining in reputed true yoga school in Nepal will be good for your future too. Although all true yoga school in Nepal will provide you valid certificate the priority of reputed school certificate is high.

If you want to take classes on Classical Hatha Yoga and Kundalini yoga then join Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center. Furthermore, you can visit our website or contact us.

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