Yoga for Senior Citizens

Yoga for Senior Citizens

Who are Senior Citizens?

Senior citizens are the people who cross 60 years in their life. Actually, there is not any fixed age to be old. Especially, it is a psychological aspect but generally, people think that if someone is 60 years or more, he or she is old. Simply, this stage is the old age of every people which is naturally very sensitive. We have to be very careful in our old age. In this age, we become
mentally and physically weak so we have to be more careful than in our previous age. We feel lonely in this state. If we do yoga regularly in this state, we can be active like others who are not crossed 60 years in their life.

On the other hand, senior citizens are the wise and experienced human resources so they should be healthy and active in their life. They can guide us in every sector of life. They can change the life of new generation by their golden experience of their profession. Yoga can be the best way of making them able to share their valuable experience.

If we apply yoga in our daily life, we never get old mentally. Our mind becomes youth but only our body gets old. For a yogic man, old age can be the blessing, rather than the curse. Yogic life is the best way of living without any mental retardation.

When they grew old in their life, older people have faced many challenges in the different field and that becomes the new formula for the newcomers. If we can grab their experience as the great opportunity to be the success in our life, we have to respect them and give them the chance to grow up with yoga. Yoga can heal all the physical and mental diseases so they can be creative in their life. The last day of their life also becomes active, if they live perfect yogic life.

In this stage, the older generation thinks that they are not useful to the society but that is not the reality. The society also thinks so and can't use the golden part of the society. We have to change the trend of our thinking and use seniors for the better world. The new generation is naturally aggressive and they don’t have patience. The old generation is naturally practical because they have spent more years in this world by doing the profession in one field. If we can make the real combination of new and old generation, we can get the great achievement to establish a beautiful world. For that, we have to practice yoga regularly. We have to give the chance of yoga for every senior to develop their mind and reduce the rate of diseases in older people.

If we want to make our life beautiful without regret, we have to hear the seniors and apply their suggestion in our profession. The older people should also give the chance to the new generation in every profession thinking that they are capable. Older have to involve in the activities of yoga, Pranayama, and meditation. They have to share their experiences with the new generation.

What are the common problems in this state?

In the old age, there are a lot of problems. In this old age, our body becomes weak and the power of our brain decline. Our memory power also becomes less. We feel that people reject us and don’t give any attention to us, therefore, we think that we are neglected. The older people generally become psychologically and emotionally tired. So, they should feel secure in their life by the practice of yoga. Yoga can be the solution to all the problems of old age because the most important purpose of yoga is to reunite with the higher self. If we can understand the higher self, we never weep for worldly affairs which are impermanent. By yoga, we can understand the way of life and mystery of life. We have to identify our problem in our old age and should start yoga for our betterment of our condition. These are the common problems in our old age.

1.      Feeling of loneliness
2.      Financially insecurity
3.      Stress
4.      Depression and anxiety
5.      Blood pressure
6.      Diabetes
7.      Fatigues
8.      Weakness.

Why yoga in Old age

We can see in points how yoga can be the great pleasure in our old age:
1.      It maintains the balance in our old age.
2.      It reduces the joint pain and our joint becomes flexible.
3.      It helps for healthy bones and muscles.
4.      It enables us to cope with the mental stress.
5.      We are able to feel younger that really we are physically old.
6.      It helps us to be relaxed with emotional level.
7.      We can be happy even we are alone. The feeling of loneliness disappears by the practice of yoga.

What poses and Pranayama we can do in old age

There are a lot of poses in yoga but in our old age, we don’t have to practice difficult poses. We have to do easy and medium poses, by concerning our strength. We have to think our age while we do yoga. Yoga can strengthen our body and grow our mind. Some poses for the senior citizens:

Some Pranayamas for senior citizens:
1.      Anulom Bilom Pranayama
2.      Bhramari Pranayama
3.      Kapalbhati
4.      Bhastrika

Those are not the complete package for the senior citizens. We can do more poses and pranayamas but simply they are just the examples. The old people have to do poses and pranayama in slow motion. They should be careful in stretching and bending. They should do yoga very patiently by watching the sensation of their body.

Yogic Healing in Nepal

Yogic Healing in Nepal

Yoga can heal physical and mental diseases. Sometimes yoga can heal those diseases which cannot be cured by allopathic medicine. Yoga can heal chronic diseases too. Nepal is the best place to have a wonderful journey with yogic healing. Nepal is the origin country of yoga so the effect of yoga can be felt in Nepal. Yoga has been practiced for ages in this country. Yogic
healing in Nepal provides you amazing healing of your mind and body. Yoga is the best way for the stresses and tensions of our life. Yoga makes you calm and stresses free when you practice it regularly.

Yogic healing in Nepal is your best choice because you can find more than you expect from here. When you feel free from all the burdens of your mind and body will start to believe the real power of yoga. Yoga is the traditional way of practice in Nepal. The yogic way of living was the real life in the past but its originality was disappeared in the middle period but now yoga becomes the most powerful medium to be healthy.

Nature is also supportive yogic healing in Nepal. The fresh aerobic air can be the best supportive factor for all-around healthy life. It is the country of great sages who meditated and did yoga and got enlightened. Nepal has 44.476% of jungle area so we can achieve enough oxygen for our body. If we can enter the oxygen into our blood cells by yoga, pranayama, and meditation, we can be free from physical and mental discomfort.

Nepal is the best destination for the healing purpose of yoga. Yogic healing in Nepal gives you the real pleasure you have found ever in your life. Highly experienced teachers guide you to start the journey of new life. You really get the chance to reborn without any problems in your life after the class of yogic healing in Nepal.

How does yoga heal?

It can have the question in your mind how yoga heals. It is proved scientifically that yoga is the natural way of healing without medicine. Yoga opens the blockages of the body and eliminates the real reason for the diseases. Yoga heals without any side effects but yoga can give you side benefits. The main reason for any diseases is the blockages in our body. If we can remove the blockages of our body, we can be healed totally.

Yogic healing in Nepal brings you to the higher level of the mental state. The confusions of the mind will be disappeared and we will get complete wellbeing in our life. Yoga in any place of the world can heal the diseases but yogic healing in Nepal can provide you extra benefits. The extra benefits are as follows:

1.   Yogic healing in Nepal can be the great achievement in connecting with the natural beauty.

2.  Being the origin country of yoga, yogic healing in Nepal can give the original touch of doing yoga.

3.  You can learn from more experienced teachers than any other place in yogic healing in Nepal.

4.  You can find more hospitality than professionalism in yogic healing in Nepal.

Yoga gives us the healthy lifestyle and the meaning of living in this world. Yogic healing in Nepal is the best choice of our life to help ourselves in different dimensions of our health such as physical, mental, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual.

Our continuation of yoga can assure us different health benefits. To start a step for yogic healing in Nepal can be the life-changing decision of your life. You may have some kind of traumatic discomfort to heal; you may have different types of uneasiness to be removed in your life. In any condition, you can choose to be comfortable and easiness in your life by attending the class of yogic healing in Nepal.

Some people say that yoga is the solution for every problem of life and they are exactly right. We can make yoga as our real helper for physical and mental problems. It is believed that the healing power is within us and we have to activate that power. To activate the healing power within us, we have to practice yoga, pranayama, and meditation.

If you are searching the way-out from your stressful hectic life, yoga healing in Nepal can be your life-changing decision forever and ever. Yoga can be the perfect guidance for your life in every situation. If you let yoga to heal all your mental diseases, it can be successful in its vision to heal. You just have to be ready to be healed.

Yoga addresses the main cause of the diseases so that the diseases can be healed from their roots. It is necessary the diseases be healed from the root of the causes because the diseases can cure forever. Yoga healing in Nepal can be the best platform to heal your diseases from the root cause.

Most of the people think that health is the priority part of their life and want better health in their life but they don’t get the real medium for that. If you are one of them, you are lucky to know the right information for your entire health. Many researchers have been proved that 80% to 90% cause of the physical diseases is the mental state of the people. If we think positively and become clear about most of the life's goal, we rarely become sick in our life and even if we become sick, we can recover fast.

By its nature, yoga has multiple benefits. The most beautiful aspect of yoga is its health dimension because making us healthy yoga starts to teach the higher philosophy of life which makes us easy to live in this world, easy to take everything of our life. Yoga gives us the new light which can show our path of the future, clearly.

Yoga for Mental Health

Yoga for Mental Health

Mental health is the most demanded factor currently. Every one of the world wants to be fresh and comfortable. How much they want to be calm in their life, the more noises distract them. They cannot find the way out. The mental problem has become a great threat to the field of medical science. Every level of people is suffering from this problem. The meaning of mental health is wellbeing emotionally, psychologically, and socially. Mental health means to be fine in thinking, feeling and activity level. Yoga is the best treatment and solution for mental health according to researchers.

How Can Yoga Maintain Your Mental Health?

Yoga is the systematic movement of the body in a single flow. Yoga can heal the mental diseases by purifying our body and mind. Yoga releases the hormones which are responsible for happiness and positive thinking. Stress is the main reason for every mental diseases or problem. The main foundation of the mental disorder is stress. Yoga is the best healer of stress than any other healing processes. In this way, we can conclude that yoga is the best remedy for the mental diseases. Yoga plays a great role to remove anxiety from our mind. Yoga removes mental problems from the root of the cause, so we can believe in yoga to heal our mental diseases.

In general, all yoga can be beneficial for mental health but there are special yoga poses for mental healing. The list of yoga which can prevent, and cure mental diseases are as follows:

1.      Savasana
2.      Balasana
3.      Biparita Karani Asana
4.      Matsyasana
5.      Sirsasana
6.      Padahartasana

There are two ways to stay healthy they are prevention and cure. There is a saying prevention is better than cure. Yoga helps us in both conditions. Yoga can prevent mental diseases and cure too. If you want to be stress-free life without the possibility of mental diseases in your life, daily yoga practice is a superb idea. If you are suffering from mental diseases, then it could be the best solution in your life to heal your diseases.

Yoga gives you the calmness of your mind and reliefs from the stress. Yoga removes fear from our mind and gives us the secure feeling. In total, yoga maintains the environment in our mind which is responsible for the positive feeling. There are different factors for mental health problems such as the experience of trauma, family history of the mental health problem and biological factors etc. The most important reason for the mental problem is a misunderstanding about life and reality.

Yoga philosophy is the best way of understanding life and beyond. When we learn yoga philosophy, we start to know the beauty and meaning of life. Without knowing the real meaning of life, we cannot convince our self.

Breathing exercise is a part of yoga which brings more oxygen to our brain cells and keeps us mentally healthy. Meditation is also an important part of yoga which can cure and prevent mental health problems. Meditation focuses on awareness and awareness gives us healthy mind and healthy body. People want to find the best solution to cure the mental problem. They all want to be mentally healthy.

If you want to join in different classes of yoga, Nepal Yoga Home conducts many packages of yoga. Nepal Yoga Home targets yoga classes for the seekers of yoga like you. Nepal Yoga Home welcomes you all. Yoga believes life is very precious and life can be meaningful if we find our real self inside.The real meaning of yoga is to join our self with the higher energy. Connection with the source is the main goal of yoga. Yoga is a science of health and healing. Yoga keeps us fit and fine all over our life. Yoga is the solution to our mental confusion, depression, uneasiness, feeling of insecurity, emotional disbalance and many more other mental related problems.

Yoga and Cancer Disease

Yoga and Cancer Disease

Yoga is the medium to open the blockages in our body. Blockages can create many diseases in our body. Cancer is also a disease which is incurable by the medical science. Cancer can multiply the viruses very secretly in our body. The medicine cannot control the symptoms of cancer. Nowadays the first and second stages of cancer can be healed by the chemotherapy but there is no certainty in the recovery. Positivity plays the role to heal cancer. Our attitude should be pro-active. Yoga plays the role to be positive and to bring the oxygen every cell of our body which is very beneficial for cancer.

Cancer is the disease which is defined one of the fatal diseases. In the cancer disease, the cells are divided unnecessarily so they form tumors in our body. Some tumors are solid and some are in liquid form. The first factor we have to understand is that yoga can prevent cancer if we do it regularly in our life.

The second factor is that yoga can minimize the rate of spread of cancer cells in our body. Yoga can be very effective to make it less harmful to the cancer patient. If we continue our treatment in the hospital with regular yoga, pranayama, and meditation, the rate of curing cancer increases.

We can find many cases of curing cancer by yogic lifestyle. The yogic way of living can be the best choice of the people, who are suffering from cancer. In a yogic way, there are many factors i.e. food, thinking, behaving, watching, talking, seeing and many more. If we change our perception, we can be healed. Spiritual philosophy can also play the role to be cured of cancer. Only one way is not enough for the cancer patient to be healed. They should apply the holistic way of healing. They should work in many dimensions. We have to make a complete package to heal our cancer. We have to drink the juice of wheatgrass and eat organic food as possible as we can. The natural way of living is very effective part of healing.


How yoga play the role to cure cancer?

1.      By reducing the stress:

It is very common to be in stress after cancer attacks us. Yoga is helpful to reduce the stress of the disease we have. Yoga teaches us that this body is not our real self. We are different from our body. If we can take our body as a separate part of the self, our stress converts into the joy. Yoga is the best remedy for any type of stress and discomfort and any of mental restlessness.

2.      By reducing weakness of the body:

Yoga can help us to be strong from inside. When cancer attacks our body, we feel very weak and cannot work hard and for the longer period of time. Yoga gives us the vitality and strength to cope with cancer. If we feel physically strong, we can maintain our mental state.

3.      By improving sleep:

Cancer is the disease which is considered as a fatal disease so people think so much about it and take unnecessary stress in their mind and they lose their sleeping capacity. Yoga is very good healer of insomnia. Yoga definitely improves our sleeping and makes us strong from our inside.

4.      By making us physically strong:

Cancer is the disease which can make our body weak. When our body becomes weak, we start to lose our hope to survive. Yoga is the best way to bring our inner power naturally. Yoga can give us the new strength in our body. The strong body can be the source of mental strength. Mental strength leads us to the positive attitude. Positive attitude leads us to the healthy body.

We have to accept ourselves after suffering from cancer. We have to accept our life with cancer and then we can work to be free from cancer. We have to search the way to be rid of from the disease from which we are suffering. There are many alternative ways to heal cancer and we can find many examples in the world of curing by cancer. If we analyze deeply being free from everything, we surely find the way. Our attitude should be changed for the first time. Sometimes the most beautiful gift can be hidden in the form of misfortune.

Yoga is not the medicine for cancer but yoga can be the way of getting rid of cancer. Here, yoga is the border aspect of our life. Yoga is not only the poses, pranayama, and meditation but also full of philosophy. Yoga is helpful to make strong our body. Yoga increases the immune system. The immune system is the main factor to heal any disease. If our immune power becomes strong than the virus of the disease, the disease can be healed from our body.

Yoga is the way of being strong by mentally. Yoga increases the self-esteem and self-motivation to heal the disease. The half of the part of the disease is related to our psychology. If our psychology becomes strong, our body can create a lot of immune cells in the blood. The immune cells can fight with the multiple cells of cancer.

By relaxing the body, yoga helps our body in many ways. The meditation is the best way to heal all the diseases. Meditation maintains the balance of our body and keeps the harmony between our body and mind. Yoga by its meaning is to join the self with the higher self. The universe has its healing power. If we can connect with the source of the higher self, we can surely be healed.

Yoga widens our range of knowledge of the existence and many other philosophies of life. Our concern goes to the higher level. We don’t become worried about our illness only. Our aim doesn’t remain in the limited area. We can cross the limitation of our life. We can be free from the attachment of the life and other relevant subjects. We can visit many countries with full of joy. We can be the ruler of our life. We can think that cancer is the bliss of our life because we can experience many aspects of our life which wouldn’t be able to experience without being the victim of cancer. Really, we are not the victim of cancer; we are the owner of our health. Health is received by the yogic way of living. Yoga gives the greatest goal in our life to make it
meaningful by doing something different in this world.

We can make our life meaningful by helping the people who are in need. We can help the people to live with the knowledge of the real life, knowledge of the whole universe and much more about nature. We can convert our curse into the bliss by applying yoga in our life.



Yoga for the Holiday

Yoga for the Holiday

Do you want to make this holiday meaningful and unforgettable forever in your life? Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat center gives you the golden chance to spend your holiday creatively. Really, yoga is for the refreshment from our monotonous part of daily duty. It is the part of the break in our life. There is no other better option to spend the holiday than yoga. Yoga includes postures, breathing techniques and meditation. Let your holiday become most effective in this year.


There are a lot of factors which makes our life unhappy, but we cannot understand the exact reason for our sadness. We become dissatisfied by the reason inside. So, we must search the solution inside of our every problem of our life. Yoga motivates you to find the cause of your insecure feeling inside. You will get the inspiration to live a life full of joy, full of happiness.


Everyone in the world wants to travel to discover the world. The main purpose of them is to find happiness. Nepal is a very beautiful country with the mountainous area. If you come to join in yoga for holiday in Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat center, you can get the chance to travel to different parts of Nepal after or before the yoga class on your own.


Yoga for holiday is a complete package of a different part of yoga styles. We teach you Hatha yoga, Astanga Vinyasa yoga, Sivananda yoga, Iyengar yoga, Restorative yoga. Kapalbhati, Anulombilom, Bhastrika, Bhramari, Shitali and many more breathing techniques are in our course of study. You will be able to learn how to do different meditation techniques like Vipasyana meditation, Buddha meditation, Mindful meditation, guided meditation etc.


Yoga is the part of our being. Yoga is the source of life and eternity. Yoga is the medium to be the part of the universe. Yoga has a lot of benefits in your life. Yoga gives you a healthy body and clear mind. Yoga can heal your mind and purifies your spirit. Yoga can be your best friend in your lonely life. Yoga improves your decision-making power. Yoga increases your mind
power as well as concentration power.


Yoga increases the flexibility of your body and flexibility of mind. Yoga will aware of everything you do in your life if you apply yoga in your daily life. Awareness brings happiness into your life. Yoga philosophy corrects your living and thinking strategy. When you continue yoga in your daily life after the class, you can able to experience different types of benefits
which you never expected to solve in your whole life.


You are the chosen one in this world for your spiritual journey through the practice of yoga. Yoga is nothing, but it is the unavoidable part of our lifestyle. Yoga takes 1 to 2 hours daily from your life, but it gives you uncountable achievements in your life. Yoga provides you with the peace of mind. When we analyse about the scientific proofs of yoga, we can find incredible research report. So, yoga is scientifically proved activities which can make you younger than you are.


Yoga doesn’t give you the fitness of your body but also it gives you the right direction in your life. Yoga alerts you from the wrong way and places you on the right path. Yoga improves your sleep. Yoga makes your sleep deeper and refreshed.


On the other hand, yoga gives the chance to behold the beauty of the creation, beauty of the human being. We never become curious about the greatness of the creation. Yoga makes you curious about everything in the universe and beyond. We indulge in the worldly affairs only and we involve solving the problems of our life but we never let our mind to think about so many things which surprise us. Yoga is the journey to the happiness, awareness, curiosity and even ecstasy.

Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

Wine, cookies, ice-cream, magnesium, Scream, gems… Does anyone else have expertise searching for external solutions to stress in each possible place imaginable?

Practicing yoga isn’t only an effective stress reliever but also the simplest way to ease symptoms of tension. By transferring focus to the body and breath, yoga will help to temper anxiety whereas also emotional physical tension. Anxiety is that the most typical psychopathy, affecting roughly 40 million adults nationwide, or regarding 18 % folks. Yoga is a practice, not a contest. begin where you’re and proceed with caution. While yoga, in general, looks to possess a relaxing influence, there are certain yoga poses that have a brilliant amazing ability to assist us to let go of tension and stress. To avoid injury, listen to your body and don’t push more than feels good. You can find many yoga poses for stress relief so some of them are listed below.

Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

Sukhasana (Easy Pose)

Sukhasana is a posture practiced in yoga, Buddhism, and Hinduism similar to sitting during an easy cross-legged position. The sukhasana could be a very basic yoga posture for stress management. You’re supposed to sit along with your legs folded-up so you wish to ease or calm your mind. It helps to make you feel grounded. It also helps to relax your spine. Sukhasana has some great advantages additionally to benefit crowdedness and inner calm, such as: opens your hips, lengthens your spine, strengthen the state of calmness, coolness, and eliminates nervousness, relieves physical and mental exhaustion and fatigue. Specialize in your breath during this pose and sit still with a straight spine for a minimum of 60 seconds.


Pranayama is a Sanskritic language word as an alternative translated as “extension of the breath”. The word consists of 2 Sanskritic language words: Prana and Ayama. We often don’t take a breath in a correct manner which will increase our stress levels. The results of breathing lungs packed with oxygen may be charming, breathing deeply will clear your head.

Balasana (Child’s Pose)

Balasana is a position that is a counter position for numerous asanas. The Balasana encompasses a terribly potent psychological impact on your brain. For this yoga position, you have got to require the fetal position. Once you crawl back to the position you were in your mother’s womb, you’ll feel huge comfort. Balasana may be a good counter balance pose to supported acrobatic stunt. Attempt sitting on the knees and bending forward with arms forward or by your side. Resting your forehead on the ground during this cause can facilitate to relieve further anxiety. It’s a restful pose which will be sequenced between more difficult asanas. This cause may also be done with arms alongside the body instead of over the top. Do what feels best to you.

Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

The Garudasana is the Sanskrit words Garuda which means “eagle”, and asana which means “posture” or “seat”. In Hindu mythology, Garuda is understood as the king of birds. The ‘eagle’ stands for strength. Therefore, the Eagle pose helps to stay stress at bay by rising inner balance and concentration. It helps you battle your emotional demons. This pose needs you to concentrate and focus the mind to one purpose, that is a superb stress management tool. It may also ease to release weakness within the shoulders and hips, that are common spots for emotional tension to accumulate. Benefits of the Garudasana are stretch the hips, thighs, shoulders and upper back, improves balance, strengthens the calves, helps lighten sciatica and rheumatism, loosens the legs and hips, making them a lot of flexible.

Marjaryasana (Cat Pose) and Bitilasana (Cow Pose)

Cat and Cow pose provides a mild massage to the spine and belly organs. Of course, they are extremely helpful yoga poses for stress relief even to practice separately, but once paired along, they guarantee an overall healthy warm-up for more asanas. Since it’s a breath-synchronized movement with several powerful health benefits for mind, body, and soul.

There are other Yoga Poses for Stress Relief.  Uttana Shishosana (Standing Forward Fold ), Sirsasana (Head-to-Knee Bend), Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, Shavasana (Corpse Pose) are some of the yoga poses.

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