Happiness is a feeling that arises when you hear know something good is being happened. When you get what you desire, you will be happy. Getting chance to stay with a favorable person makes one happy. But the company of unflavored person makes sad. Desired behavior and activities from the people around our surrounding make us happy. But if people show their unwanted behavior and activities, it snatches our happiness. If we see any good thing, it makes us happy. Achieving success makes one happy. We always want good, nice, beautiful, and so on. As and when we happened to get contact with unwanted issue or matters, we become unhappy.  Our happiness is depending on these external matters and issues. These things have become the key to lock or unlock our happiness. However, these keys are not under our control. So, happiness, aroused from external situation and matter, is not under our control.  So, this type of happiness, acquired by external matters and issues, is not real happiness. The happiness which is ephemeral cannot be a real happiness. The happiness which is eternal, which does not get affected by an external situation, which has nothing to give and take in outside environment; such happiness is considered to be the real happiness.   


There is some biochemical process when we are happy. There is happiness hormone released during our happiness. The important happiness hormones are endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. When we come to the contact of happy news or circumstances, these hormones start activating. And secretion of these hormones makes the person happy. So, the real cause of happiness is secretion of these hormones. Some people suffering from depression, anxiety, stress etc. have no secretion of these hormones, no matter what a happy news or situation they face. Thus they can never be happy. From this, we can conclude that happiness is the product of biochemicals. It is the matter of inner world rather than that of the external world.  Now the question arises- how are these hormones secrete? The simple answer is a balanced and healthy life. Again a question arises- how can a balanced and a healthy life be achieved? There are various methods for it. Let us talk about them.  


Secret 1: Yoga and meditation: Regular practice of yoga and meditation helps to keep the body active and healthy, and mind peace and happy. It eliminates diseases and maintains the good functioning of the body. It helps to meet the goal of life.



Secret 2: Right Food: Of course, food should be nutritious and healthy with correct way and time of eating. But this is not sufficient. The food we eat must be from right earning. The food earned from unwholesome act makes the blood profane, degrades the level of mind. Earning by harming other is said to be a wrong way of earning. Only right food can keep one happy secreting happiness hormones and providing good health.  



Secret 3: Right Aim: Working with the wrong intention takes the person to the misery. Speak or act with the wrong aim, it brings only misery. The aim which is against the goodness of others and oneself is the wrong aim. Any ambition which creates or promotes other and oneself wellness is a wrong aim.     



Secret 4: Right Effort: No matter we have right aim, but we also should have the right way to achieve it. Achieving the aim through the wrong way of effort can never give happiness. Let’s say our aim is to bring peace in the country. This is right aim because peace is necessary for all. But, If we engage in unnecessary war in the name of peace, then we never achieve peace. War has always negative effects for both teams.



Secret 5: Creative task: We have to be engaged in a creative task in free time. It removes boredom and stress. It decreases Alzheimer’s diseases, heart diseases, depression etc. It keeps away from negative thoughts providing a way to perceive the world positively. Creative activities achieve the source of happiness. Engaging in a creative task helps to regenerate brain cells, awakens inactive portion of the nervous system.



Secret 6: Company with better people: Our habits, attitudes, and way of thinking turn into the style of the company with whom we stay. Company with wrong people makes us negative and company with better people makes us positive.



Secret 7: No expectation from others: We have a habit of expecting from others. Whenever our expectations do not get fulfilled we become sad. Depending on other, hoping something from other gives sadness as our home may not be fulfilled always. It doesn’t mean to be hopeless. It means to say that we should be self-dependant. Besides, we should not be affected by others behavior. Being affected by others’ behavior is to give the key to our happiness to them. People behave and act as per the level of their mind. You have nothing to give and take  from the status of others’ mind. So be neutral in their behavior and activities.


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