Love of Radha Krishna- The Unconditional Love

Love is one of them, if not the most beautiful things in the world. It is the element that gives meaning to life. Even animals feel love, some birds and animals are unable to move from the demise of their partners and even throw away their lives in their memory. Till this time there were many individuals whose incredible story remains today as a treasure as well as the symbol of love itself. Among those individuals, there is one story that goes beyond everything, which is the love of Radha Krishna.

Lord Krishna is the eighth form of Lord Maha Vishnu who incarnated into this world to free the world from evil. Lord Krishna from the moment of his birth killed many demons in his lifetime and gave the ultimate knowledge of Geeta to prince Arjun so that he could defeat the evildoers in the ultimate war of Mahabharata. Lord Krishna had many purposes he needed to fulfill in his lifetime.

Sometimes, the battle strength and the role of Krishna in the war of Mahabharata tries to outshine the role of Krishna in spreading the love and bond he spread. He only took out the weapons when there was no other way, and he already tried every possible way to keep the situation calm without using any kind of violence.

Love of Radha Krishna shows what level of affection Lord Krishna was capable of showing when one showed true and unconditional love towards him. In various civilizations, many overcome their endeavors, elevated themselves from the state of selfishness and achieved selflessness towards their love, and had a great impact on the world of unconditional love. However, from Hindu mythology the greatest love there was and there will be is the Love of Radha Krishna.

Radha and Krishna

Radha and Krishna have been friends since their childhood. Krishna was born in a cage where his parents were kept by Kansa. However, by getting help from Devi Yogmaya Krishna was transported to Vrindavan in the house of Nanda and Yasoda. Radha also lived with her parents in the same village. They were friends in the beginning but in the meantime, with age, their friendship turned into love. Their love was so pure and true that after thousands of years and in other Yoga also they are the symbol of love. Even today if some show deep affection towards their partner people say that their love is like that of the Love of Radha Krishna.

Time with Radha

Lord Krishna and Radha used to spend time together in Vrindavana when the Lord was small and used to herd the cattle of the village. In the meantime, the unconditional Love of Radha Krishna blossomed. The entire village, forests, rivers, and surroundings were blossoming with the magical and eternal affection that the two of them shared. They were inseparable from each other, and they were always the topic of talk to everyone. When the Lord was scolded and punished for his pranks Radha would feel the pain that the Lord felt. 

The tragedy and the call of duty

Lord Krishna incarnated in this world to protect the Dharma and free the world from evildoers and the evil itself. However, the Love of Radha Krishna came between the duties of Krishna. Lord wanted to be with his love but couldn’t do so in the presence of his duty for he arrived on the earth. So, at the age of 11 years, Lord Krishna left Vrindavana and went to Mathura to kill Kansa. 

Flute of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is always depicted as a man with a flute in his hand. However, the lord only played his flute when he was little. At the time he left Vrindavan he also left his flute forever. He used to play flute for his love Radha. The music and melody sang the love of Radha Krishna. However, at the time of departure from Radha, he also gave up his purpose to play the flute and left it forever. He sang for his love and never after.

Radha, Krishna, and marriage

Lord Krishna had many wives and lovers during his lifetime. He had quite a lot of looking at the number of wives he had. However, despite this, he did not marry his true love who was Devi Radha. Many stories say why Krishna did not marry Radha. However, after departure from Vrindavana, there is hardly any mention of Radha in the rest of the story of the life of Lord Krishna.

The love of Radha Krishna was so pure and intense that they became one. Marriage is the process of binding two individuals, however, since Radha and Krishna had become one. How can someone marry oneself? That was the love of Radha Krishna.

Some also say that Radha was Krishna himself. The Maya and beauty of Krishna were so captivating, beautiful, and complete in themselves that even Lord himself could not escape its beauty and got captivated by it in the form of Devi Radha. However, when the time of duty arrived, he took Radha back inside himself.

Whatever may be the case the Love of Radha Krishna remains and will remain immortal in our hearts.