Nepal is one among the foremost effective places to realize inner peace and cleansing each the mind and body. It offers the last word yogistic experience by centering on the tenets of yoga meditation and pranayama. It’s primarily the yogi’s dream destination. that’s not the only real reason to travel to Nepal, though. If you are seeking a life-changing experience that moves on the so much aspect your regular yoga category, then be a part of similar individuals in Nepal for your next yoga vacation.

Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center is one among the Yoga Retreats in Nepal. Like alternative Yoga Retreat Center Nepal, Nepal Yoga Teacher training and Retreat Center additionally provide some packages. The Nepal yoga retreat includes packages of 1 night 2 days Yoga Retreat in Nepal, 2 night 3 days short Yoga Retreats in Nepal, and One-week rejuvenating Yoga Retreats in Nepal and we provide other retret upto one month.

One week yoga retreats

3 weeks yoga retreat 

10 days Yoga Retreat 

One Month Yoga Retreat

The 1 night 2 days Yoga Retreats in Nepal is to introduce you in the journey of yoga, meditaiton and peace of mind. This retreat offers you the chance to find out concerning the healthier and stressless lifestyle which may modify the means of living and thinking. The most goal of this retreat is to supply the tremendous expertise of doing yoga, breathing exercise and meditation. In addition, it’s also useful for people who need a peaceful place. Since yoga retreat is completed within the peaceful setting. Hence, it’ll be nice likelihood to be calm and free from stress and tension of mind.

Benefits of one night two days Yoga Retreats in Nepal are:

  • asana, meditation, and breathing mixed class.
  • this introduces you in yoga journey
  • strengthen the physical/mental abilities
  • teach how to be a happy all the moment
  • increase concentration power

2 night 3 days short yoga retreat

Like 1 night 2 days yoga retreat, this yoga retreat is also short yoga retreat package offered by Nepal YTTC. Since it’s offered by Nepal YTTC; it’ll embrace the attractive inexperienced setting. This yoga retreat provides the great introductory yoga retreat course during this short amount of your time. This short package includes Yoga, Asana, Meditation, Relaxation, appropriate accommodation, and meals. the 2 night 3 days short yoga retreat is that the combination of each sensor and theory through a tough yoga teacher.

Beginners will be benefited to understand simple and tough yoga practitioners. They’re going to get the chance to increase their data and experiences. This package teaches the beginners the right means for real peace, health, and harmony. They’ll discover the self-guidance mechanism throughout this short amount of your time.

One week rejuvenating yoga retreat

One week rejuvenating yoga retreat is that the longest package offered by Nepal Yoga Teacher training and Retreat Center. This package is appropriate for those that do not have the most time. However, wish to find out the effective technique of yoga and meditation underneath a knowledgeable teacher. This course offers asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, philosophy, relaxation and many of refreshment time. It’s exalting course to point out your life from negative to positive direction. In short it is for good health, happiness, to adopt yogic lifestyle, and increase strength, flexibility and confidence within.

Why yoga retreats in Nepal?

Diverse Culture

Nepal is found right within the center of the various of the world’s greatest cultures. As a result, each culture has contributed to the eclectic culture of Nepal. There are over 35 ethnic groups throughout this tiny country, transportation many different languages, customs, dishes, and music. Once you visit Nepal, you will get a glimpse at tons of what the world possesses to offer!

The Annapurna Region

Nepal understood for its unbelievable trekking routes, particularly at intervals in the Himalaya. Despite the fact that you’re not into hiking you will be ready to still get pleasure from the breathless views. Instead, apply yoga on a grassy hill dominating a variety of the foremost famed mountains in the world.

It’s Super low cost

Nepal is one among the foremost cheap countries you will be ready to visit whereas not sacrificing for accommodations or safety. you will see this not entirely at intervals the daily purchases you produce but also at intervals the value tag of your elective yoga retreat.

The Food

Because there is most outside influence on the culture of Nepal, the food there is a mixture of all sorts of flavors. Southeast Asia, India, and China all contribute to the national dishes in Nepal, but so do the middle eastern countries merely to the west. As a result, the food in Nepal uses an oversized variety of recent ingredients and an abundance of spices.

The views

The elevation in Nepal varies so greatly that it’s inevitable that you simply get some pretty spectacular views. the very cheap elevation is just sixty meters more than water level and also the very best is over eight,000 meters (thanks to Mt. Mt. Everest at eight,848 meters). This wildly swinging elevation brings relating to gorgeous peaks and pleasant sky-blue lakes (like Phewa Lake in Pokhara Nepal). observe impressive yoga views!

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