Yoga For Holiday: why you need to Take part yoga in holiday

Do you want to make this holiday meaningful and unforgettable forever in your life? Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat center gives you the golden chance to spend your holiday creatively. Really, yoga is for the refreshment from our monotonous part of daily duty. It is the part of the break in our life. There is no other better option to spend the holiday than yoga. Yoga for holiday includes postures, breathing techniques and meditation. Let your holiday become most effective in this year.


There are a lot of factors which makes our life unhappy, but we cannot understand the exact reason for our sadness. We become dissatisfied by the reason inside. So, we must search the solution inside of our every problem of our life. Yoga motivates you to find the cause of your insecure feeling inside. You will get the inspiration to live a life full of joy, full of happiness.


Everyone in the world wants to travel to discover the world. The main purpose of them is to find happiness. Nepal is a very beautiful country with a mountainous area. If you come to join in yoga for holiday in Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat center, you can get the chance to travel to different parts of Nepal after or before the yoga class on your own.


Yoga for holiday is a complete package of a different part of yoga styles. We teach you Hatha yoga, Astanga Vinyasa yoga, Sivananda yoga, Iyengar yoga, Restorative yoga. Kapalbhati, Anulombilom, Bhastrika, Bhramari, Shitali and many more breathing techniques are in our course of study. You will be able to learn how to do different meditation techniques like Vipasyana meditation, Buddha meditation, Mindful meditation, guided meditation etc.


Yoga is the part of our being. Yoga is the source of life and eternity. Yoga is the medium to be the part of the universe. Yoga has a lot of benefits in your life. Yoga gives you a healthy body and clear mind. Yoga can heal your mind and purifies your spirit. Yoga can be your best friend in your lonely life. Yoga improves your decision-making power. Yoga increases your mind
power as well as concentration power. So yoga for holiday might be best option for you rather than spending time on other things


Yoga increases the flexibility of your body and flexibility of mind. Yoga will aware of everything you do in your life if you apply yoga in your daily life. Awareness brings happiness into your life. Yoga philosophy corrects your living and thinking strategy. When you continue yoga in your daily life after the class, you can able to experience different types of benefits
which you never expected to solve in your whole life.


You are the chosen one in this world for your spiritual journey through the practice of yoga. Yoga is nothing, but it is the unavoidable part of our lifestyle. Yoga takes 1 to 2 hours daily from your life, but it gives you uncountable achievements in your life. Yoga provides you with the peace of mind. When we analyse about the scientific proofs of yoga, we can find incredible research report. So, yoga is scientifically proved activities which can make you younger than you are.


Yoga doesn’t give you the fitness of your body but also it gives you the right direction in your life. Yoga alerts you from the wrong way and places you on the right path. Yoga improves your sleep. Yoga makes your sleep deeper and refreshed.


On the other hand, yoga gives the chance to behold the beauty of the creation, beauty of the human being. We never become curious about the greatness of the creation. Yoga makes you curious about everything in the universe and beyond. We indulge in the worldly affairs only and we involve solving the problems of our life but we never let our mind to think about so many things which surprise us. Yoga is the journey to the happiness, awareness, curiosity and even ecstasy.

Here are the option of yoga for holiday: 

  1. 8 Days yoga for Holiday
  2. 10 Days yoga holiday program
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