Sutra Neti -A Yogic Detox Process

Yoga comprises numerous health techniques that are useful in living a healthy life. One of such practices that people can practice to live a fulfilling life is sutra neti. This wonderful technique dates back hundreds of years and although it saw some changes, the core idea remains the same. In this blog, we shall decipher the benefits, precautions, and how to practice sutra neti.


It is an ancient yogic practice that is designed to cleanse the nasal cavity. It is one of the six methods of body purification as stated in the ‘Hatha Yoga Pradeepika’, a yogic text. This yogic text not only deals with sutra neti, but mentions other cleansing methods like Jala neti, and dughda neti. 

Likewise, we can say that sutra neti is a method to clean the nasal passage. Its importance lies in the fact that it enables easy breathing, and accentuates asanas and pranayama. So, if you face any difficulties while performing these exercises, then do practice sutra neti.


To perform sutra neti, you need a waxed cotton string. This waxed cotton string goes through the nose and is taken out from the mouth. Grab both ends of the string with your hands and move it back and fro. This forward and backward motion cleans the nasal passage and enables you to breathe easy. In recent times, a rubber catheter is also frequently used.


If you are a beginner, then you need proper guidance to perform sutra neti. Without proper guidance, you risk injuring yourself. You should perform this exercise early in the morning. The best time according to experts, is at the same time when you brush your teeth. Once you acquire a perfect rubber catheter, follow the given steps.

  • Grab the rubber catheter with both your hands and slowly insert it into your left nostril. Make sure that you do not rush. As you move deeper, you can feel a tingly sensation. For some people, this sensation might be irritable. If you feel extreme irritation, then refrain from practicing and seek medical/expert guidance. Move the tube upwards into your nostrils and push it until it hits the back of the throat. At this point, the tube will now bend and move down to the throat. Slowly push the catheter down.
  • In the third step of sutra neti, widen your mouth and use your fingers to hold the tube from inside your throat. This is difficult at first but once you get the hang of it, it is easy.
  • Take the half part of the tube out from your mouth slowly while the other part remains inside.
  • Holding both of your hands, move the tube back and forth in a massaging motion. This motion helps to clean your throat.
  • Once you finish with the left nostril, repeat the process with your right nostril.
  • After you finish with both the nostrils, remove the catheter completely and thoroughly clean it. Store it in a clean and dry place for future usage.


The numerous benefits that sutra neti provides are listed as follows:

  • It aids in cleaning the nasal cavity and maintain nasal hygiene. It does so by removing the excess bacteria, dirt, and mucus which are trapped in the nostrils.
  • It helps to tackle issues like headaches, migraines, and sinusitis.
  • It aids to desensitize the sensitive tissues that reside inside the nose. Through this process, the person doing this can reduce allergies and rhinitis.


Sutra neti is a great technique to live a healthy life and we encourage our readers to practice the same too.

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