Nauli kriya-One of the detox processes in Sat karma

Nauli kriya is one of many yogic techniques to cleanse the stomach. It is one of the sat karma in yoga. The process involves the continuous steps of rolling of abdominal muscles in various directions. According to yogic scriptures nauli kriya is believed to cleanse digestive organs, improve digestion, cleanse stomach as well as strengthen the muscles of the stomach.

To perform a yoga posture or a technique one need to have a good knowledge about the technique and what to do. Then they can do the yoga from that day onwards like breathing exercises or other postures. However, Nauli kriya is different from other yoga techniques in a sense that without practice for some time or some prior yogic practices it is almost next to impossible to do Nauli kriya from day 1.

nauli kriya in satkarma

Nauli kriya itslef is a collective name given to various technique as one. Uddiyana bandha, uddiyana bandha contractions and nauli kriya. The step-by-step procedure of nauli kriya are as follows:

Uddiyana bandha

The first step of uddiyana bandha is to sit calmly and take a long breath. Then you must sit in a cross-leg position. Empty your lungs by throwing out breath as much as you could then closing the mouth. Slightly tilt your body front and be in that position by putting your palms in your knee.

After few seconds take a false inhale and try to exhale more pushing the stomach more inside. This position should be hold by the person until he feels a little bit uncomfortable.If after releasing this position one feels short breath, he/she holed that position a little bit uncomfortable.If after releasing this position one feels short breath, he/she holded that position for too long.

Agnisara (Uddiyana bandha contractions)

For agnisara the first step is doing the uddiyana bandha as mentioned above. Dipper the stomach in and out without releasing any air. Repeat the process by moving in and out of the uddiyana bandha contraction, which creates in and out contractions of the stomach muscles. Just like Uddiyana bandha this can be also repeated until the person starts to feel uncomfortable.
Uddiyana bandha is easy compared to Agnisara. While an average person may be able to perform uddiyana bandha agnisara is another thing. It is ok if you cannot immediately perform it and best you have someone to teach the technique.

Nauli kriya

After Uddiyana bandha contractions comes Nauli kriya. To perform nauli kriya at first isolate the contraction at either side of the stomach then slowly move the contraction to the opposite side. The movement of the contraction in the stomach of the nauli practitioner looks like wave in the ocean.

At beginner level slowly move the contraction to the other side while you can increase the speed as you become more expert in this technique. One thing which must be noticed is that the contraction should go from right to left and vice-versa not just one side contraction.

As amazing as nauli kriya may sound it is not for all. As every yin has yang and every coin has two sides nauli also has its dark sides.

The people who should not attempt nauli are: 

  • Such type of abdominal activity for pregnant woman is very harmful.
  • It is not suggested for people with hypertension.
  • If the practitioner has stomach related severe medical conditions nauli is not suggested.
  • Constipation, hernea, high blood pressure, ulcer patient is also suggested not to practice nauli kriya.
  • If the patient just recovered from major surgery then they also should not practice nauli kriya.
  • If the person is very weak from birth with unique medica conditions they also should not practice nauli kriya.

While nauli may have been restricted for many peoples, the people who can practice it freely can have following benefits from it:

  • Strengthen stomach muscle
  • Detoxifies stomach
  • Accelerates intestinal secretions
  • Promotes kidney health
  • Nauli has been seen to have helping diabetes patients
  • Increased stomach health
  • It has also been found aiding maintaining blood pressure
  • Improved blood supply in the abdominal region
  • Nauli increases the efficiency of the digestive system

Nauli kriya is different from another yogic practice in the sense that it is hard as well as different from others. As, mentioned above if you are not from the yoga-practicing background it is not good to start yoga from nauli by yourself. Therefore, find someone who can teach you? However, if you and your body have good yoga experience you can study and do it by yourself.

Some interesting facts about nauli kriya are as follows:

  • Nauli kriya is one of the most popular yoga techniques.
  • It has respectable number of practitioners in foreign countries.
  • People think the stomach looks weird and sacry while practicing nauli kriya.
  • It is one of the satkarmas.
  • Various online site teaches you to perform nauli kriya, even youtube have many videos on how to perform nauli for beginners.
  • There are several types of nauli kriyas: vama nauli, dakshina nauli,madhayana nauli.
  • Nauli is not advised to people above 40 and children below 14.