Pancha Kosha of Human Body

Yoga is about not only performing asana and pranayama to increase the flexibility of muscles, open up the chakras, soothes the mind, body, and soul. Likewise, the ultimate aim of doing all forms of yoga is to establish a relationship with their self. The establishment of a relationship with their self is produced by knowing who I am. While most people think they are the body, which is complete disbelief of their self.

We are more than a body; we are energy, which governs us. The energy leaves us when we die that energy in spiritual terms is called Atman. The realizing of Atman and receiving a blessing from the Parmatman is also a form of yoga. 

The ancient and famous scriptures of the human, Upanishads, has clearly described that human nature is composed of mainly five elements and dimensions. We all know about the elements, however, most of us yet are oblivious about the dimensions. What we see in the outer surface is incomplete.

We are much inside when we go inside the mortal coil; the coil expands into some of the layers that revolve around the spiritual center. The five distinct “koshas” revolves around the soul of the human. The peculiarity of each kosha is they vibrate in a certain frequency starting from gross and ends up to the transcendental dimensions which are also called the ultimate dimensions. 

If we learn about the Pancha koshas (five sheaths) we will ultimately end up finding the way forward to know the spiritual and the psychological aspect of the body. The Pancha koshas are namely:

Annamaya kosha – Related to Physical

Prana Maya – Related to energy

Mana Maya – Related mental energy

Vigyan Maya – Related to wisdom

Ananda Maya kosha – Related to bliss

Here the word Maya refers to consists of. Whereas the other meaning of Maya is an illusion, which is not applicable here.

1. Annamaya kosha, (the sheath which consists of food)

Among all koshas, the annamaya kosha is the dense koshas. The annamaya kosha includes the bones and tissues of the body, which is responsible for the formation of muscles and organs of the human body. The annamaya kosha is regarded as the lowest vibration of the human. The food we consume makes up the Annamaya kosha. The peculiarity of the Annamaya kosha is it is made up of both prana and the consciousness. 

 2. Pranamaya kosha, (the sheath that which consists of energy) 

The word Prana refers to energy. The meaning of kosha is the force that revolves around the body. There are five pranas. To name them prana, Apana, Udana, Samana, and Vyana are responsible for controlling many functions of the body. We would be lifeless without the prana. Some of the major works of prana are it helps in the circulation of the blood, helps in making our vigor, energize the spiritual and psychic energy of the human body.

3. Manamaya kosha, (the sheath that consists of the mind)

The word mana refers to the mind. The Manamaya Kosh is responsible for our thoughts, feelings, mind, and emotional activities. The Manamaya kosha is responsible for the pain-pleasure interaction of the body. The Kosh causes us the euphoria and the sadness in our life. Among Pancha kosha, Manamaya kosha can hijack the mind. If the mind is not in proper control then the Manamaya kosha will cause you to lose your senses. Therefore, to come out of such regular practice of yoga is most.

4. Vijnanamaya kosha, (that which consists of subtle knowledge)

Vijnanamaya kosha is responsible for regulating the subtle knowledge in the mind of the human. Through this kosha or by utilizing the Vijnanamaya kosha we can reach the highest consciousness. Through this sheath, the person can reach the highest consciousness i.e from beyond the mind to the higher state of the mind. The higher mind is the best state of the Pancha Kosha. The higher state seeks truth and consciousness. The connection is possible through the Nadis that is responsible for the connection of the mind to the higher state of the mind. 

 5. Anandamaya kosha, (the sheath that consists of Bliss)

The word Anandamaya refers to the bliss. The inner peace is the bliss. This kosha is joined with the superconscious and the unconscious part of the mind. When we connect with the superconsciousness then we realize the self as well the supreme energy that runs the whole universe. However, among Pancha kosha, Anandamaya Kosha is the toughest kosha to attain. It is said that only the seasoned yogis can connect to the Anandamaya kosha.