Morning breathing workout

Some techniques if you incorporate in your life can be super handy. One of the important and most discussed topics in today’s world in incorporating breathing exercises in your morning routine. Morning breathing workout is the most soothing technique to keep you awake for the whole day. By incorporating, morning breathing workout you feel pure and fresh for the whole day. We will discuss the three most effective breathing techniques to keep you healthy and hearty for the whole day, which in turn keeps you in good shape for the rest of your life. 

The most amazing fact about the morning breathing technique is you will feel calm and relaxed if you practice at any time of the day. However, if you practice in the early morning you will get the most amazing benefits to run your life smoothly without any sorts of a hindrance. You can start by doing some sort of easy exercises like following your breath. After practicing following your breath, you can kick off the belly breathing, which is also called diaphragmatic breathing. The ultimate goal of the morning breathing workout is to relax your mind, body, and soul. 

In this article, we will delve into the three most effective breathing techniques. They are:

1. Kapalbhati: The King of Breathing Workout

The word Kapalbhati is derived from two words Kapal, which mean forehead and the word Bhati refers to shine. There are humongous benefits of Kapalbhati Pranayama which are mental, physical, and spiritual benefits. If practiced regularly, Kapalbhati pranayama helps to reduce the excessive fats from your belly and other parts of the body. Kapalbhati is considered as a handy morning breathing workout to purge out the unwanted and harmful fats from the body. Likewise, Kapalbhati has some other benefits like it helps to keep your chakras calm. 

By conflating Kapalbhati and other morning breathing workout and yoga techniques, you could get numerous benefits. The breathing workout helps to remove the unwanted toxic air and harmful toxins from the body, which are accumulated on our body. Likewise, while doing the morning breathing workout you will be immobile and fix your balances, however, it requires not much effort, nonetheless, you will get returns exceeding limits and bounds. It is advised to practice 10 mins of Kapalbhati daily. 

2. Agnisar Kriya another effective Technique for Morning Breathing Workout

Agnisar Kriya is one of the pranayamas that is incorporated in the 7 pranayamas, which is also called morning breathing workout. The Agnisar Kriya helps you to activate and revitalize the Manipura chakra which is located near the belly of the yoga practitioners. The name Agnisar Kriya comes from two words called Agni and Sar. Agni refers to “fire” whereas Sar refers “to flush”. In other words, the Agnisar Kriya helps you to cleanse the fire chakra situated in your belly that helps you to purge out the unnecessary toxicity from the body, and ultimately you will be healthy and hearty. 

Furthermore, the unnecessary fats that are deposited around the belly also get destroyed. Secondly, it helps to boost the immune system of the body. The benefit becomes distinct when we practice 10 minutes of Agnisar kriya each day. Some other benefits of Agnisar Kriya are as follows:

A)The kriya helps you to strengthen the belly muscles and purges out the digestive disorders.  

B) Sleep disorders get cured to some extent. 

C) The excessive chemicals deposited in the lungs area get purged out, keeping your lungs in a healthy and hearty condition. Likewise, the breathing becomes smooth. 

D) The aging becomes slow and the vital organs rejuvenate even in the old age making your skin glow. 

E) The internal organs of the body are activated making digestion smooth and easy. 

F) The blood circulation also becomes easy. 

G) The person suffering from diabetes and excessive obesity become placated. 

Nauli Kriya

 Nauli Kriya is yet another morning breathing workout that helps you to keep your muscles in healthy and hearty conditions. There is a simple thumb rule of Nauli Kriya where it is advised to keep your muscles moving to keep them in proper shape. Likewise, by practicing Nauli Kriya you will revitalized and the unnecessary blockages get opened. The main benefit of carrying out the Nauli Kriya is to purge out all the unnecessary elements from your body.

 Practicing 15 times Nauli Kriya will heal your body to a much extent. 

Some benefits of Nauli Kriya are as follows: 

 Helps in the regulation of the blood pressure and prevents the unnecessary accumulation of the fats in the body. 

Aids in curing skin diseases. 

Effective against: headache, skin diseases, and cancer also.