Mind level and its types

Our mind is the most prominent part of our body. It is situated inside our head and lies in the topmost part of the body and is responsible for the overall functioning of the body. Our mind is a single organ. Yes, it may be true but, on the surface, the mind is the combination of various parts and fragments which is unique from other parts and have their unique functions. They are collectively working together to form a single mind. The mind has a mind level and even those levels have their types. 

There are two types of mind levels, the inner mind, and the outer mind. The outer mind has three parts, conscious mind, subconscious mind, and unconscious mind. However, the inner mind level is divided into four parts supra-conscious, superconscious, supreme conscious, and cosmic conscious. 

Let us begin to look at mind levels, starting from the outer mind and its types:

Conscious mind

The conscious mind is the mind that is active on the surface, and one is currently aware of. It has a very volatile memory and passes memory to other parts of the mind. Simply, it is the part that is thinking about what you are thinking now. The mind that is on the surface and can be seen on the surface is only a fragment of our consciousness and mind. We can see that on the various mind level our conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg while a huge fragment of that iceberg remains underwater unseen by anyone.

Subconscious mind

This level of mind is the conscious and unconscious mind. This part stores the memory and experience that are sent by the conscious mind and returns it to it when the time of experience and past memory is needed. This mind is responsible for dreams and is more active when our conscious mind is not working, and it is during the time of sleeping.

It is said that the Subconscious mind is one of the most important parts of the mind itself. The subconscious mind is even more active and powerful than the conscious mind. It is the very reason why it is said that the mind is more active and powerful during sleep as it is the time when the subconscious mind. That is the very reason why some artists say that they sometimes compose their songs and music in their dreams and later write in the morning.

Unconscious mind

The unconscious mind is part of the outer mind level which acts as the reservoir of memory and feelings. This mind level is mostly the cause of our behavior, actions, and way of thinking which is based on core memory. Unlike the other part of the mind, this mind’s memory is not available for introspection. It is where the core memory is stored. Core memory is something that is at the core of the memory, and in fact, people are not even able to alter it or remember it. 

Now, let us look at the types of inner mind levels and their types:

Superconscious mind

It is the type of mind that reaches the highest level of awareness of the human mind. Frankly speaking, it is even beyond the conscious and the subconscious mind. This mind is linked to the third eye chakra and is located between the center of two eyebrows. This mind is the link that one needs to tap into the state of energy by living in this material world.

Supra conscious mind

It consists of three words, Supra, conscious, and mind where supra means beyond. This is the level of mind that is beyond the conscious mind. There are many things beyond the outer and the conscious mind, which deal with energy and the realm beyond the world of matter. These inner mind levels exist in the physical plane but operate and connect with the spiritual realm. The supra-conscious mind level is beyond logic, consciousness, and even reality.

Supreme conscious mind

It is the mind that when activated provides the state of supreme consciousness. It is said that everything in this entire universe is changeable and with time changing all aspects is inevitable and the only thing that is going to remain constant and unchanging is the supreme consciousness. A supreme conscious mind provides a sense of equality for the individual who has activated it. They see each and everyone without any form of indifference and discrimination. 

Cosmic conscious mind

The intellectual potential that is given by the cosmic conscious mind is called cosmic consciousness while the source or the mind which grants the connection to those is called the cosmic conscious mind. It is one of the ultimate states of the inner mind level, which when activated grants the ultimate knowledge of the cosmos itself. 

The cosmos is the entire universe itself and the energy related to the cosmos is called cosmic energy. The cosmic mind level of the human body grants the individual the connection to knowledge and touch with the energy of the cosmos.