Ida Nadi And Its Function In Our Body

Our body is extremely complex and is dependent on various complex systems and energy transfer to keep us alive. There are systems, chakras, and Nadis. They all transfer energy from one place to another keeping us alive. There are many Nadis and among these is the Ida Nadi which is among the most important energy systems of our body. 

Origin of Ida Nadi

It is believed that there are 72,000 Nadis in the human body. They are located at various parts of the body, some located very close to each other’s while some are far from each other, but these vast numbers are still present inside of our body. The most notable are the three Nadis that are Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna. 

We are talking about Ida Nadi, and it is located in the head region of our body. It is not an exact point and extends from one organ to another. It is believed that Ida Nadi originates in Muladhara and extends to the left nostril. 

Color of Ida Nadi

Ida Nadi is represented with the color white. 

Characteristics of Ida Nadi in our body:

Feminine energy

While Ida Nadi has many characteristics one of the major characteristics of this Nadis is that it has feminine energy. It may be confusing, and the male readers say that they are male and how can they have feminine energy in their Nadi. However, one must understand that our sex may be male or female, but our entire body is made by the combination of both male and female energy. The entire cosmos is made by the combination of Purush and Prakriti.

Calm nature

Our body is constructed with various energy and various elements. They all carry their characteristics within us. Ida Nadi carries a calm character within it. All have Ida Nadi which carries a calm nature, but it must be highly active for the person to inherit the calm nature of Ida Nadi.

Associated with the moon

Ida Nadi is also associated with a cosmic body, and it is the moon. The moon is always linked with water and calm energy which cools down everything. The moon is linked with water and water is the symbol of calm energy, which also may be one of the perceptive to look at.

The left side of the body and right side of the mind

Our brain is divided into two parts, the right brain, and the left brain. Coincidentally, either side of the brain controls the opposite side of the body. For example, on the right side of the brain, the right brain governs the left part of the body and vice versa. The right brain is also called the logical brain and is linked with Ida Nadi along with the left part of the body.

The following are the functions of Ida Nadi in our body:

Transport Prana to the nervous system of the body

Prana is the life energy that is flowing through our body all the time. With the help of Nadis, this energy is transported to all parts of the body. It is the life energy whose constant flow to the body parts keeps us alive. If the Prana flow stops in the body an individual meets his end.

Ida Nadi supplies prana to the nervous system of the body. There are many functions of Ida prana, but this has to be the most important function of this Nadi as without it supplying prana to the nervous system no human being can be alive. Even disruption of the flow of prana to the nervous system can wreak havoc on our bodies. It can even hamper the way of thinking as well as the personality of the individual.

Calm quality

Every individual has all kinds of Nadis in their body; however, the most important thing is how active the Nadis are in their bodies. The individuals that have their Ida Nadi are more active and dominant than the other Nadis and are very calm. Even in desperate and demanding situations, they can act calmly and collectively.

Feminine energy balancing

Feminine energy is a source of various things. Even males need to have feminine energy in their body which is the source of various functions and powers of the body. Energy is linked with fertility, nurture, and even the growth of the entire body. Ida Nadi, when activated and in good condition provides the benefits of having a good amount of feminine energy in the body.

Balanced life

Ida Nadi is very important for individuals. However, there is a catch that the people who wave active Ida Nadi will have massive potential, but it will be incomplete as they will lack the will to live a balanced life or pursue yogic practices. Ida Nadi provides them with the lunar side and all they need to do is awaken their solar side to complete their potential with the goal and will to travel to that goal.