Pingala Nadi And Its Function In Our Body

Pingala Nadi is one of the many Nadis that are present in our body and is also one of the three major Nadis on the body. These Nadis are scattered all over our bodies. They are present within us and are present in great numbers. Unlike the external and internal organs, we commonly known about, they can neither be seen nor easily noticed so many people do not know about the Nadi system of their own body. They are of various types and serve various purposes in our bodies. There are three that are considered to be the most important among the many types of Nadis. Let’s know and discuss Pingala Nadi and its functions.

Characters of Pingala Nadi:

Color of Pingala Nadi

The color that is used to depict Pingala Nadi is red. 

Masculine energy

The universe is composed of masculine and feminine energy. When the two energy combines, they form life. Hindu mythology tells that when Purush fused with Prakriti the universe came to life. The most notable nature of Pingala Nadi is the masculine energy. Masculine energy is ever-present in everyone even in the female body. While it is not as dominant as it is in the body it is ever-present and needed by the female body also. 

Cosmic body

Pingala Nadi is associated with the sun and is closely linked to it. Sun is the source of all life on earth. No matter what the form of life and energy it is ultimately derived from the energy we get from our sun. The Sun is always linked with hope, energy, and life itself which the Pingala Nadi represents within us.

Warmth nature

We have various emotions within us. All these emotions and feelings guide us through our situations and lives. Some are born from calm energy; some are born from warm energy which is very active. Pingala Nadi is responsible for the warm energy within us which is the source of compassion and kindness.

The left side of the mind and right side of the body

Our body is very unique and so is our mind. It is divided into various segments and collectively works as a single unit and appears as one but looking closely it is not the case. Our left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice versa. Pingala Nadi of our body is responsible for the left side of our mind and the right side of our body and better functioning and awakened Pingala Nadi enhances the efficiency of these parts.

Now, let’s look at the functions of Pingala Nadi in the body:

Transfer of the Prana 

Prana is the subtle life within us. It is life itself as after death our body remains, but Prana will be absent in it. It is received in the body through various points but transferred to all parts of the body through the Nadis as all the body parts need their share of Parana to function well and be alive. Pingala Nadi is active in the left brain and the right part of the body and supplies prana there. Talking about the origin of the Pingala Nadi, it originates at the Muladhara and ends at the right nostril.

Physical activity 

Sun is a big ball of fire and is the source of energy. Now, we know that fire is associated with high energy and is a very active element. The individuals who have well-activated Pingala Nadi have good physical movement and can do amazing physical activity. They are always active and eager to do things. Obstruction of the Pingala Nadi can make a person weak and energy less to perform activities and duties. Also, having an awakened Pingala Nadi with other obstructed Nadi systems can be very harmful. 

Efficiency and vitality

A physically active person may not always be an efficient as well as a vital person. Peaked physical activity may be the outcome of a rapid burst of energy but efficiency only arrives when one gains control over that burst of energy. Only having strength is not enough, one needs to be efficient with strength. Pingala Nadi also functions in the body to provide efficiency and vitality.


Pingala Nadi is one of the most important energy transfer systems of the body which acts in amazing ways and is responsible for the various functions of the body. However, not just the Pingala Nadi but all of the Nadis in the body need to work in a balanced form. The opposite of the Pingala Nadi is the Ida Nadi and is opposite it in every direction. From the nature of the Nadi to the site of action everything about them is opposite and acts in a balancing way. When those two get balanced and act in a perfect way the individual who has awakened them gets various amazing benefits.