Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna  3 Major Nadi in Human Body

The common notion that yoga is all about working on building up muscles and improving the breathing pattern, is based on inchoate knowledge. There are certain aspects beyond that as well. For that we work on our inner processes, namely the nadis in a bid to expand the awareness of humankind. The awareness is expanded and the nadis are energized if we incorporate yoga in our daily life.

Every human being has an astral body, which is also called the Pranic body. The Pranic body acts as the energy center, and the main function of the body is to act as a translator between the mind and the physical body.  Nadis are the energy channels that is the core part of the pranic body, which goes through the system of the human body. The unique function of Nadis is to carry the information and energy from one part of the body to another part of the body.


Subtle information

In the nervous system, the nadis runs and spread in a small channels which reach to the smallest space of our physical body. However, they are not visible through our naked eyes nor through the microscope, nonetheless, you can feel the activity of the flow of energy in our body. The yogic philosophy says that there are altogether 72,000 nadis in our body. It is also said that they are aligned in the hierarchy, Just like the nerves in our body. There are a few main channels of the nadis and other are delicate ones.


Sushumna Nadis

Sushumna is considered the main channel of the Nadi that lies in the middle of our body and that goes through our spine and the through the 6 chakras situated there.  Sushumna is the joint between various elements important to our life. They are the nexus between the earth, the roots and the material life, the celestial bodies and heaven, and the awareness and the heavenly existence of the body.

Sushumna nadi is powerful enough to take control over our physical as well as the mental energy and functions. Other two important Nadis that arises and run alongside the main channel are Pingala and Ida. Furthermore, these two Nadis are responsible to activate our male and female aspects too.

Pingala and Ida organize the regenerative process, that helps in the physical actions from the human body. Moreover, these two nadis work together with various systems mainly the autonomous nervous system and helps to make the system work in easy.


Ida Nadi

Ida Nadi are concentrated in the left side of the spine of the human body. The word Ida is connected with lunar energies. Ida nadis takes control over the right hemisphere and the left side of the body. The main purpose of the Ida nadi is to activate and regenerate the intuition, and healing and receiving of the nerves. In a bid to activate the Ida Nadi we need to calm and serene. Many yogi scriptures claim that Ida Nadi is active during nighttime and the healing process continues during the nighttime.  


Pingala Nadi

The right side of the Sushumna is the place where the Pingala Nadi runs. The main responsibility for the Pingala Nadi is to activate the right side of the body and the left hemisphere of the brain. The physical activeness of the human being is contingent upon the Pingala Nadi. The Pingala Nadi is also called constructive Nadi. Furthermore, Pingala Nadi is also responsible to control the logical activity. If the Pingala Nadi is in the balanced state then the harmony is achieved between the mind, body and soul. Therefore, the person can perform the activity with ease.