10 Popular Yoga Teacher Training Questions That Everybody asks

We have collected here 10 very popular yoga teacher training questions which everybody ask before join the class and which everybody should know before joining the class.Yoga has all the recent attention today and special experts are assigned for this job as yogi or yogini. This particular job has hype nowadays and the interest of people towards this is growing moderately.

 People always have so many queries in their head regarding yoga teacher training so here a 10 popular yoga teacher training questions which everybody asks.

Is yoga teacher training for me?

1st yoga teacher training question, which everybody think is if YTT is for me or not? Yoga is a very vast subject and learning this needs great patience. On every note, you must make up your mind for doing a little better. You need a calm and cool head before you become a guide possessing a great hearing skill. You must analyse yourself first before entering into this field.

Does the style of yoga resonate with me?

 Yoga is being popular every single day and the craze towards it is increasing rapidly. There are so many styles of yoga and each one is unique. You must figure out which one is of your type first before becoming a yoga-training teacher. Deciding a particular type that suits you and working at that particular type will make you easy to move forward. You should concentrate both your mind and soul in that and work hard to achieve top position.

Can I bear the responsibility of a teacher after taking Yoga teacher training program?

This is very important yoga teacher training question for those who are little old in age, very young in age and who never practice yoga before.  Being a tutor and a guide is a very tough job to do. You need to have a balance between your mind and your body.

Analyze each word of yours and concentrate on yourself first so that you can concentrate on others. You must learn to resist articles if needed. As you are looked up by people as an inspiration so you must make yourself a strong personality first. Yoga teacher training can be challenging sometimes but you must make yourself ready to tackle all the challenges.

What do people expect from me as a yoga teacher after Yoga teacher training program?

 Different people have different expectation as they are in different level of their life so this yoga teacher training question is very obvious for all. After you reached a certain position, the expectations also increase.

As a yoga teacher, the learners see you as something more than just a source of knowledge. One must need to understand how to fulfill their expectations. You need to know what they expect from you and what are the things you need to do to fulfill that.

How long is a yoga teacher training course?

 One of the most asked questions is the time duration to become a yoga teacher. Yoga being a board subject needs attention and enthusiasm more than time. The average time to complete the yoga teacher training course could range from 4-5 months. Besides that, one must prepare themselves physically and mentally with a strong attitude of never giving up.

To be honest to this yoga teacher training question, it takes several years to be a teacher. 4-5 month of practice is just to start your journey and to be a good teacher, at least you need to be very devotee for 5-6 years and rest you will get by experience.

How much a yoga teacher earns after taking Yoga teacher training program?

 It might depend upon your experience and how good you fit in this field. However, most of the yoga teacher earnings are around $1300. Nevertheless, fully depends upon the number of the class you take, country you are working in, your skills, what type of yoga you teach and many things.

What facilities am I getting?

 Besides the mental and physical stability, a yoga teacher gets all the possible attention and respect. Yoga teachers are generally called guru’s which on Sanskrit means something more than a teacher. Other from this a yoga teacher gets a yogic cleanse kit, yogic meals and we will ventilate the room if you are far from your house.

What are the prospects of yoga teacher training in my area?

 When you choose any field, you must be aware of the prospect of that particular type of field. The mentality of society towards it. Yoga may not be the way to become rich economically but this job will be full of experiences and socialization. Mostly yoga is taken intrinsically as a self-employment job. So more than searching the prospects of yoga, you need to create it.

How and where am I registered as an official Yoga Trainer?

 This is the most ask yoga teacher training question by students in their 1st email to school. To be a registered yoga trainer you should complete the training with a registered yoga school, this might be register with your country or alliance in your country (national or international yoga alliance). Nowadays, there are several yoga alliances mostly every country wants to make alliance as a regulatory board. You should register there and start your yoga career.

What are the things I need to take care of as a yoga student?

Last but not the least in our 10 yoga teacher training question. Most people assume yoga for Physical fitness more than mental. However, the yoga student should need to make a balance between both physical and mental conditions gracefully. He/she should take care of their body and mind and set examples as a good student for others.


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