Why is yoga better than the gym? Yoga or Gym, which is better?

Are you pondering about what to select—yoga or gym? Both have their benefits and one cannot outrightly say which one suits you. In a bid to stay healthy and hearty, we must indulge ourselves in some sort of physical workout in our daily routine. However, most of the people claim that they do not have time for yoga and gym, which is ultimately based on circular reasoning, because without good health no matter how rich a person or busy a person is cannot withstand the trouble that follows if he/she does not do yoga or gym on daily basis.

Yoga asana will aid you to get you one step closer to the proper functioning of the whole body and helps to shun different diseases including heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, anxiety, and other mental disorder. Some yoga asana burns the calorie, and make us healthier. The holistic approach of yoga asana will aid you to keep you fit and healthy and keep you in the proper shape.

Yoga works for both physical and mental level whereas the gym works more in physical level this is one reason why yoga is better than the gym. If someone ask, yoga or gym, Most of the people choose yoga which is the holistic way of living and Gym is just shaping and remain healthy physically.

The main reason why youths head to the gym is to gain some muscles. The human muscle is peculiar from other animals, that is the human muscle can be strengthened and gain much weight if exercise is done at the regular interval. In today’s world, the sign of having big muscles is power and strength.


However, many yogis claim that having big muscles does not translate to being holistically healthy, and argue that there are umpteen of ways to look muscular, like silicon implanting. The argument is also true as in today’s world silicon implanting is widely used by the people to show bigger breasts as well as muscles.

While there are other ways to gain muscles too, though the technique is easy, yet it is costly in terms of health and wealth, many youths have a predilection of using cortisones and hormones to pump iron to the muscles and look sturdy and muscular. There are other umpteen of ways to look muscular if the main goal is to look handsome or beautiful.

Of course, going to the gym, doing some weightlifting and other aerobic exercises give strength to your muscles. Besides the gym, there are other techniques to keep you holistically fit and flexible. Many scientific texts, including the World Health Organization (WHO), have claimed that there are various facets of wellbeing, which include mind, body, energy, and soul. Anyone can invest one hour in the morning and evening to get magical benefits, not only in the form of swollen muscles.

Yoga or Gym for Exercise, which one is the best?

The common notion that Yoga is all about exercise is based on partial knowledge about Yoga. There are various facets of Yoga. Besides spirituality, physical exercise and mental exercises are also attached to yoga. In ancient scriptures, there is an illustration of Upa-yoga—a form of yoga where there is no connection of spirituality, but the physical fitness is given more priority. The main feature of practicing Upa-yoga or also known as Angamardana is, unlike the gym, it does not need any sort of equipment to build muscles or do exercise.

You involve your muscles to practice yoga, besides, a small space on the floor suffices to kick off the yoga. Many practitioner share positive results from Upa-yoga. It is believed that Upa-yoga is the best substitute for individuals who want to gain better muscles and a sturdy body. Furthermore, the stress that the human system has to go through weight training in the gym is obliterated. It is said that doing exercise is not just about the bulging the muscles from your triceps but to keep the overall body fit and flexible to perform the work flexibly.

Since yoga is a holistic approach, unlike the gym, yoga focuses on the proper functioning of the whole body not only on muscular strengths. Apart from muscles, the health of the other part of the body is equally important, for instance, if you have a muscular body, but your lungs do not perform well, then what the use of having a muscular body is. All the body parts must work efficiently and harmoniously. So, yoga or gym both are good but yoga is always better than gym.

Choosing between yoga or gym is not an arduous job. With no negative side effects, yoga stands tall in front of the gym. The main purpose of yoga is not the strength of the body or make your mind calm. Yoga has a higher dimension of spirituality, which is profound. It comes into your feeling and reality by practicing yoga for a longer period because it takes time to go beyond the physicality.

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