Yoga Instructor Course in Nepal, a perfect place for yoga instructor course

Yoga Instructor Course in Nepal is being taught at Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center. The training and retreat center is located at the lap of Sivapuri-Nagarjuna National Park. The place is full of Natural beauty and purity. The greenery of forest and fresh environment can be enjoyed at this location. It is about 5 km far from Thamel, Kathmandu. The place is suitable for Yogic activities and Spiritual practices since many spiritual masters belong to this and nearer places. The environment constitutes the invisible strength and divinity of their practices. People of all categories and levels are welcomed here. There is no age bar, no gender bar, no religious bar, and no cultural bar. As sunlight is for all, so is the Yoga for all. If you are completely new to yoga, you will find a new way of life where there is only health, balance and harmony through the practice of Yoga. If you have already begun the yoga, Yoga Instructor Course in Nepal will be a medium to explore and progress your knowledge and make you a certified and qualified yoga instructor. This certification will work all over the world. If you are the advanced level practitioner, this course will be a better environment to extend your experience and broaden your realization. This is the place of many Yogi, Holy person, Spiritual Masters and the enlightened person like Lord Buddha, King Janaka, Devi Sita, Veda Vyasa (who wrote), Ashtavakra, etc. Even Lord Shiva, founder of Yoga belongs from Nepal. Thus, due to the spiritual environment since historical period, the practice of yoga over here gives a better result for all level of people. Nepal is such country where vegetation, climate, temperature combination of plain, hills, mountains, and Himalayans, all the factors favor for yogic activities.

Yoga Instructor course in Nepal is based on hatha yoga and Ashtanga Primary Series, attached with the skillful sequencing approached applied in Vinyasa. In other words, Vinyasa is entirely taught here. The course is residential. This offers lodging and feeding facilities. Food is vegetarian and vegan. The food is fresh and natural. If anyone is not habituated on such food and residence system available in yoga center, there is a different facility for them to which they can adapt. The Foundation Yoga Instructor Course is for 200 hours which completes in 21 days. The Advance Yoga Instructor Course is for 500 hours and completes 30 days.  The practice builds a strong foundation in Asana. The physical practice of different styles of yoga is the most important sector. You will learn the styles of yoga from the ancient period to the modern age.  More than 100 asanas can be learned with a deeper understanding of biological functioning, breath work, consciousness, and perfect ailment within each asana.  Entering into the depth of huge ocean of Asana you will gain a strong technical foundation and experience Vinyasa style class bedighting intelligence, creativity, and intuition. It provides a better groundwork for advance level of asana and long-term meditation and austerity. It helps to uplift the health condition including vitality and mental power.

By the end of Yoga Instructor Course in Nepal, you will be able to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and other normal yoga for all levels. You will be able to find the modifications for the students with injuries or physical limitations. The course has given focus on both theoretical and practical approach. It provides the comprehensive introduction of all dimensions of yoga, including effective and elegant practice. The methodology of teaching eight-limbed yoga, anatomy, philosophy, diseases, health and spiritual growth helps a person in all the aspects. Yoga Instructor Course in Nepal suits for all levels of physical practice. Trainees can get 200 hours and 500 hours Yoga Certificate course, which is connected to American Yoga Alliance.

The outline of Yoga Instructor Course in Nepal consists classes from early in the morning till 7 pm. Each day becomes very important to learn new things. You will observe a conative and practical hands-on approach, understanding the skill of adaptations, pose alignments, the use of yoga props, etc. The course is included with ethical topics such as yoga etiquette and practical elements of teaching. The following things are included in the course:

  • Joint exercise, fast exercise, and power exercise.
  • Asanas, Pranayama, and meditation
  • Theory classes on Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy, and other philosophy related to Yoga.
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa,  Ayurveda
  • Detailed study of eight limbs of Yoga.
  • Health Tips and its secret
  • Practical healthy living approach
  • Food Habits
  • Detailed study of alignment in each asana.

By a week to day 10, you can start a self-practice.  During the class, teacher guides all students one on one basis to improve your practice and go deeper into the body, offering a chance for personalized feedback. After the completion the course, you can be your own master. You can guide self for the healthy and happy living. Similarly, you can show correct path for healthy living to your family, relatives, and friends. The course helps for better management of living. You can also work as a qualified Yoga teacher or instructor in any part of the world. You can open your own Yoga Institute and conduct the classes for general people, patients, students, professionals, and other different levels of people. The Yoga instructor course in Nepal helps to develop self and other people around you.

The objectives of Yoga Instructor Course are:

  • To endow authorized, intuitive, sapiential instruction the practitioner of all levels.
  • To promote and flourish yoga knowledge all over the world in order to produce healthy people.
  • To welcome the students and practitioner of Yoga of all over the world and make them a qualified yoga instructor.
  • To create the environment for the students to deepen the love for yoga and realize its advantages.
  • To unite like family members of worldwide graduates.
  • To introduce the natural living, preservation of nature and humanitarianism; and development of strong friendship throughout the world.
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