10 Poses of Yoga for Elderly People

One best part about yoga is it is so adaptable by all populations with diverse physical and mental abilities. Yoga refreshes our mind and body. It helps to tone our body keeping a harmonic balance between internal systems. However, the popular image of yoga is set for young people but those who are older and less flexible can also practice and enjoy yoga to the fullest.

Elderly people have enough time to practice yoga and many people with hectic schedules only find time after retirement. All types of people can perform most of the yoga poses. However, there are some particular yoga poses made for senior people considering their capacity.

Senior people can do a variety of standing poses, sitting, lying down, and chair yoga asana. As age progress, it is more important to focus on how to do more than what to do are. Yoga is an incredible exercise for the older population to maintain their hormones, bone health, and muscle mass.

Yoga for elderly people will tremendously benefit them providing space for their mind. Yoga for elderly people will help them to forget their sorrows and live a happy life. 10 poses of yoga for elderly people for anti-aging and a healthy lifestyle are listed below:

1. Mountain pose- Yoga for elderly people

Mountain pose is great yoga for elderly people as their postures start to slouch. Stand straight drawing your abdominals in and up relaxing your shoulders down and back. Breathe multiple times engaging your legs muscles. This pose helps to find a balance in our bodies.

tadasana-mountain pose

2. Tree pose

 This pose is excellent for seniors to find balance in them. To practice this pose, you need to stand straight placing one foot on the opposite inner thigh. Open your legs to the side and bring your hands into prayer pose. This pose helps to maintain mobility and reduces hip problems.

tree pose

3. Downward facing dog

 This pose is great for joints, flexibility, and strength. Lift your hips up and back until your body forms a triangle shape. By using your core strength, bring bodyweight back as much as possible. This yoga for the elderly will help seniors with serious wrist problems.

adho mukha svnasana- downward facing dog-Mountain pose

4. Sphinx 

 It is excellent for people with back pains. Lie down on your stomach placing your arms on ground and elbows under the shoulder. Lift your abdominal in and up and stay at least for eight breathes. It does a great job of opening up chest and heart valves.

Cobra-Pose- Sphinx pose

5. Cobbler’s pose

 It is a great pose of yoga for elderly to open their hips and massage their feet. Sit down folding your legs forward and stretch your back. Hold this position at least five breathes. This helps to generate legs strength and reduces back pain.

Cobbler pose

6. Savasana

It is the easiest pose on yoga for elderly people. Lie down in a comfortable position relaxing muscles. Take a deep breath lying down and restore energy. This pose helps to reset the nervous system and restores peace in mind.


7. Legs up the wall

Next important pose of yoga for elderly people is Leg up the wall. This pose helps to reduce strain and stress from our minds. Lower your back on the floor shifting your legs up the wall bending your knees slightly if you cannot keep them straight. Breathe deeply and hold this pose for a minute. It helps to recirculate blood back to the heart.

Legs up the wall

8. Bridge pose

 This is great yoga for the lower back. Lie on your back with flat feet, straight arms and hips distance apart directly under your knees. Breathe in and out tightening your stomach. Bridge pose helps to strengthen our hips and lower back. It is also great for thighs.

Bridge pose

9. Chair pose – yoga for elderly people

 Chair pose helps to improve cardio health. Stand by your feet and swing your hands above your head. Bend your knees to form a right angle with chest and thighs. Hold this pose as much as you can. It helps to improve your balancing skills and strengthen your feet.

Cobbler pose

10. Low lunge pose

 It is one of the best yoga for elderly people. Step your left foot forward and bend your left knee. Lower your right knee to the ground and tuck your back toe under. Breathe for 20-30 seconds in this pose. Low lunge pose helps to stretch your muscles, open your hips, and releases tension from the body.

Low lunge pose.

To know the more depth of yoga, you need to join the yoga teacher training for senior citizens or the related yoga retreat for seniors or seniors yoga. A normal yoga retreat might not be fit where the young people join since old age has its restriction of asana due to flexibility and capability to do it. So, you need to select certain postures, breathing, and meditation techniques to preserve your old age.   

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