Yoga for Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common, painful as well as irritating disease. It affects the joints of bones and causes much pain. In time the people suffering from Arthritis will have breakdown and inflammation in the bones. Science says there are 100 types of Arthritis. There are various types of activities that can be done to treat this painful and irritating disease.

In the minor cases and beginning of the disease applying ice and warm water to the place of inflammation can lessen the pain. In extreme cases, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used as the medication. Yoga for Arthritis is also the popular way to tackle this disease. There is various yoga for Arthritis which aids to strengthen the bone as well as lessen the pain.


Arthritis is not a disease that is caused when a foreign body enters the body and hampers its system. Instead, it is the condition of the body where the joints of the body give extreme pain. There are many types of pain in the bones and joints. About 100 types of those pains are classified as Arthritis. Among the 100 types of Arthritis, the most common types are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Those two are the most common and let’s talk about these two. Osteoarthritis is caused by the effects of old age. With time the bone in the body gets weaker and weaker and osteoarthritis may occur in the bones. This mostly occurs at the knees and hips. This is common as most people get various bone and joint-related problems at a later age.

Another form of common Arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis. It is a kind of autoimmune disorder that mostly affects the bone of the hand and leg but occasionally can affect the bone of other parts of the body as well. Unlike osteoarthritis, this is not bound to age and can happen to any age group.

Autoimmune disease is a condition where the immune system attacks its own cells mistaking them for the invading organism. In rheumatoid arthritis, the immune system attacks its own cells which causes inflammation in the joints and results in severe pain. When the condition gets severe it causes stiffness and in the severe condition, the individual also may find it very difficult to move and walk.

Yoga for Arthritis

Tree pose/ Vrisksasana

It is also known as the tree pose and it is an excellent yoga for arthritis.  

To do this pose first stand firmly on the ground. Then place the feet of your left leg to the right thigh. To do this one must first have the right balance and be firm on one foot otherwise putting feet on another may make you lose yoga balance, and you may fall. Then the next step is inhaling with a deep breath. To take a deep breath one must rise both and join the hands above the head in the namaste position. Then after this in the step of exhaling one must lower the hand in the relaxing position. Now, get back in the relaxing position and get back on both of your feet.

Half of the process of tree pose yoga for Arthritis has been completed now what’s left is to repeat the same process with right feet on the thigh of the left foot.

Advantages of Vrisksasana yoga for Arthritis:

The biggest advantage of the tree pose is the sense of balance. During, Arthritis patients may lose the sense of balance due to the pain in their joints. Tree pose practice gives a better sense of balance to the people who practice it. When they stand on one pose each foot becomes better at balancing the body. Humans are designed to balance their body on both feet but on one foot also the body can be balanced for quite a time, tree pose practices make them able to do that.

Another advantage of the tree pose is that it gives strength to the legs and back. When this pose is practiced the bone of the legs and back becomes strong and their bone density increases. Therefore, tree pose is a must-do in yoga for Arthritis.

Virabhadrasana or warrior pose

Warrior pose is a very famous pose, this is more than yoga for Arthritis as it has various benefits for just bones in the body. 

How to do warrior pose as yoga for arthritis:

At first stand with a strong pose straightly, then move either foot so that your feet be at least three feet apart. The thigh of the foot which is forward should be at the angle of 90 degrees with the leg. Another foot should be at a 45-degree angle with the ground. Then stretch your hand slowly upward. The hands should be parallel to each other with your head in between. Hold this position for 25 to 20 seconds then come to the relaxing position. This completes the warrior pose yoga for Arthritis.

Following are the advantages of warrior pose yoga for Arthritis:

Warrior pose gives complete exercise to hands, shoulders, back, and legs. It makes the bones move to their maximum capacity thus improving their movement and flexibility. It improves and strengths the bones and structure of the body. Warrior pose also boosts the confidence of the individual who tries it. This pose is also easy to do and with a little help and instructions, anybody can do it almost right away.

Triangle pose or Trikonasana

Triangle pose is another weapon in the arsenal of yoga against Arthritis. This is a must include pose in yoga for Arthritis.

How to do triangle pose yoga for arthritis

First, stand strongly on both your feet and take a deep breath preparing your body for the pose. Now, slowly stretch your feet apart from each other. Doing so, the right feet should be stretched further away while the left feet should be less stretched and closer to the body. Try to balance the body during the slow movement as if you do wrong you could trip and fall.

Now, slowly bend your body downwards so that your torso and head region will be parallel to the ground. Now, slowly extend your right arm to touch the ground while the left arm goes upward in the same position as the right arm. Now, stretch as much as you can as you inhale and exhale with long breaths.

This completes half the work for triangle pose yoga for Arthritis. Now, repeat and do the same for the other side. This time the left hand will touch the ground while the right hand will stretch in the upward position.

Advantages of Triangle pose:

Triangle pose yoga for Arthritis is a stretching yoga that improves the muscle and bone condition of the individual who practices it. It is very good for the bones of the hips, legs, and torso. Arthritis can slowly immobilize the bone of the joints; triangle pose yoga keeps the body part mobilized and in the right shape.

Forward fold

Forward fold pose yoga for Arthritis is one unique way to battle Arthritis. This posture is easier than other poses but there are few steps where one can get the entire yoga wrong decreasing the efficiency of the entire pose.

How to do forward fold yoga for Arthritis:

To do forward fold yoga for Arthritis first stand still and take a deep breath relaxing your body from the inside. Now, from the standing still, position slowly bend forward so that the upper body region hangs forward. The entire upper body hangs without tension and pressure. The body should not rest on anything, not even the hands are allowed to have support on anything.

The hands can either be put behind the back in the folded position or they can rest on the elbows of another hand. The entire pressure and weight of the upper body need to be felt on the mid-section of the feet if you are feeling it on the toe part or back of the feet there is something wrong with your posture. Also, one needs to be alert that they do not lock their knees during this posture.

Advantages of the forward fold:

Forward bold is a very amazing exercise for the back and hips part of the body. It improves the hips movement and provides a flexible body to the individual who practices the forward fold pose. 

Cow pose

Cow pose is a simple yoga pose that has multiple benefits. This is easy to do and can be done within seconds. 

How to do cow pose yoga for Arthritis:

First, stand still and take a deep breath, then get down on your knees. After standing on your knees then tilt forward and support your body with the wrists also. The knees and thighs should be perpendicular to the body. In this position slightly bend the mid-section and tilt the stomach downward. Then extend the chest forward, lowering the shoulder blades.

Advantages of cow pose:

Cose pose is a very easy yoga for Arthritis. This yoga is much easy to do, it is so easy that anyone can do it almost immediately. This exercise is good for the hands and shoulders, but it is best for the spine. A healthy spine is the backbone of health itself. It gives flexibility to the spine and aids in restoring and healing its mobility.  

Bridge pose

This yoga is called the bridge pose and it is quite an odd pose as well as a unique pose at the same time. This yoga posture is extremely efficient and also can be done easily. 

How to do bridge pose yoga for Arthritis:

First standstill and take a deep breath before beginning your yoga. Then lie down on the mattress with your face towards the sky. Then bend your knees and lay your hands comfortably parallel to your body. Now, here is the main part. Press your feet to the ground to lift your body upward. Support your body will your upper back and feet. Try to remain in this posture for 15 to 20 seconds before coming back to the normal position.

Benefits of Bridge yoga for Arthritis

Bridge yoga strengthens the posture of the body. Sometimes due to bad posture, the condition of Arthritis can increase as the pain can increase. This pose maintains a good posture dampening the pain caused by Arthritis. It is also good for the back and hip region and improves its flexibility and movement.

Downward facing dog

The downward-facing dog is another amazing yoga for Arthritis, it is best for the spinal region. 

How to do downward facing dog yoga for Arthritis:

The first step of doing any form of yoga is to take a deep breath while standing still and strong. Then band down with your palms touching the ground while your feet also touch the ground. Now, stretch your hip upward as much as you can. This should be done so that the hip region should be the upmost part of the body while doing this posture.

Also, one needs to stretch their palms as far away from the head as possible. Push on your knees so that your knees will be as far away as possible from the ground. Hold this position as long as you can and then get back to the relaxing position.

Advantages of Downward facing dog yoga for Arthritis

The downward-facing dog is an average kind of yoga posture. This is not so hard to master but also not that easy and needs some kind of instruction from the instructor or detailed written instruction to perform properly. Despite everything, it has its amazing benefits. This is best for the back and spine. The health and strength of the individual depend upon the strength of the spine.

When the spine suffers from Arthritis the entire body suffers. As. It is the bone that gives strength and support to the entire body when it gets weakened and when it pains on the spine the body becomes weakened and in lots of pain. 

Downward facing dog yoga for Arthritis also helps with the strength of hands and legs. While its main target area is the spine region and hips it is well for legs and hands. Hands and body become mobile and strong when this yoga posture is performed.