Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center is the sister organization of Nepal Yoga Home. It is one of the leading yoga ashrams in Nepal. Since Nepal YTTC is incorporated with Nepal Yoga Teacher all the assets will be provided here also. Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center is purely established to provide yoga classes in Nepal.

Since few years Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center is providing yoga classes and meditation classes. The main goal of Nepal YTTC is to spread spiritual awareness and transformation of life through yoga and meditation. Nepal YTTC helps the organic farms with eco-friendly manner for promoting the organic foods in the yogic lifestyle out of their profit.

Courses provided by Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center for Yoga Classes in Nepal

Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center is yoga academy in Nepal due to which it offers some courses for the trainee. All the courses related to the Yoga and Meditation. Also, the course teaches you to free your mind from tensions and keep you away from the social tensions.  Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Centers offer some courses for yoga classes in Nepal are:

  • 200 hours Yoga Classes in Nepal
  • 500 hours Yoga Classes in Nepal
  • 100 hours Children Yoga Classes in Nepal
  • 300 hours Advanced Yoga Classes in Nepal
  • 700 hours Yoga Classes in Nepal
  • 1000 hours Advanced Yoga Classes in Nepal

200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses

This is the course accredited to yoga alliance. It is the most popular course of NYTT and everymonth many students join this 200 hours YTT class. All the classes are handled by the expert team of yogis. If you are beginner and thinking about yoga teacher training, this is the best course for everyone who have never join any yoga class before and wants to make yoga a career.

The goal of 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

200 hours course teaches yogic disciplines and makes ready them to go to a higher level of yoga teacher training course like 300 hours YTT, 500 hours YTT, 700 hours YTT and 1000 hours YTT classes. The beginner can join the class and step forward towards the next level

500 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

Nepal Yoga Teacher Training Center offers you one month or 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course throughout the year in Nepal. You can grab this opportunity to be on the way to becoming the best teacher with international standard yoga meditation course. This course is for those who want to gain knowledge from basic to advanced level. This course is designed for the yoga student of every level from a different tradition, style and age group from all over the world. During this course, you will get chance to learn all dimensions of yoga. You can also get deeper information about the holistic approach to yoga and meditation.

This is also a certified course to yoga alliance. It is next step after the 200 hours YTT. You can reach to 500 hours in two ways: 1. you can directly jump to 500 hours YTT and complete it at a time and 2. you can join 200 hours 1st then join 300 hours yoga teacher training course to accomplish the 500 hours YTT. It is also next popular course at Nepal Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat Center.

The objective of this course

  • To follow the yogic lifestyle its ethics and standard
  • To know the advanced asanas series
  • Understand the mediation in higher level
  • help to know the yoga philosophy.
  • deepen the practice of 8 fold of ashtanga yoga
  • To complete the ashtanga vinyasa primary series
  • To understand the kundalini yoga and how to awaken the kundalini
  • completion of Iyengar yoga
  • to understand many hidden parts of yoga in deeper level

100 hours Children Yoga Teacher Training Course

Children Yoga is one in all the foremost difficult as well because the most fascinating subjects of study each for the teacher as well for the youngsters as they require nice sense of ability and playfulness which may be extended through yoga. Yoga may be the important motivator to the youngsters for exchanging their fun, joy, and pleasure to every different. observant of their completely different intelligence, a different schooling is required. When the yoga teacher enters the class then the duty of that teacher is not just teaching some posture of yoga. The main duty of yoga teacher to understand the children’s mind, behavior and condition. And according to their condition trend the children.

This 100 hours Children Yoga Teacher Training Course specially design for the people who are interested familiar with children. Just because you love children you can take the course but also to those who want to share their love, wisdom, and ideas to the children. The best candidate to pursue the 100 hours Children Yoga Teacher Training Course; is that person who has great harmony and rapport with children. If you love children and yoga and you think you can trend children; after taking this course then you can join the course. To join this course, first of all, you have the soft corner for children and need to have ideas to handle children.

300 hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course

300 hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainig Course is the advance yoga course specially design for the yoga enthusiasts. This course is for those who are searching for harness and hone the journey of the yoga in deeper and comprehensive level. The course deliver the higher study and skills to the practitioners who have already graduated 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course. It includes the subjects of higher level of yoga asana practice, gentle and relaxing yoga. Not only these, it also includes few classes of Acro-Yoga.

Who can attain this course

  • After complition of 200 hour YTT
  • Who already have knowledge of yoga and have some academic course but not enroll in 200 hours YTT is also eligible to join.

700 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

The 700 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course is the advance course in every subject of yoga. It is for those who want to enhance the practice and study of yoga in deeper level. This course is to have strong foundational and fundamental understanding and practice of yoga. During this course, one is have to lead one’s professional yoga teaching in higher level by acquiring the ideas and skills to enhance the ability and quality of a participants. Besides that, it is fully practical base and profound platform to explore your inner inspiration and joy.

1000 hours Advanced Yoga Certification Course

1000 hours Advanced Yoga Certification Course is the advance course among all. This course lays stresses over the yoga enthusiasts who want to pervasive and comprehensive study of yoga. This course is to empower one’s yoga passion into the everyday life. 1000 Hours Advanced Yoga Certification Course is specially for those yoga candidates who feel by the core of their heart. So they have to step any for improvement of their skills; and talent to turn over into the practice of authentic knowledge and insights of yoga. It’s the course mainly for all the dedicated souls who have the sense and belief. That they meant to be within yoga not only as professional.

But also as guide or assistant for several yoga aspirating this world. Nepal Yoga Ashram emphasizes and welcomes all those determined yoga teachers to participate. In all the wide-ranging and vital programs for honing and heightening the ability; insights, and knowledge in yoga on each side. Our Yoga shala can attempt to include all the expertise and data of yoga into one place through this Course. Our instructors with their best performance potential can provide you with all the love, fondness and help.

Some requirements for taking this course

Here you can read who can apply for the course?

  • Who dont’ care hours but believe in yoga practice and who knows its a lifelong journey and hours doesnot matter.
  • who have positve mindset about yoga
  • commitment of learning yoga meditation
  • strong desired to be a yoga instructor

A beginner and open-minded are welcome to join our training course. They’ll show a high level of self-discipline throughout the course. Since it’s a self and spiritual journey which might be extremely hard if you didn’t prepare well and extremely rewarding if you have a real yogi nature.

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