Yoga Anatomy- Introduction

 Yoga is not only about poses but also something more than that. It is about undoing what is in the way of the poses. If you are just beginning your journey of yoga or have been in this field for a long time, yoga anatomy will be the invaluable resources for you to perform yoga effectively. Yoga is a composition of 99% practice and 1% theory.

To perform every poses perfectly, we need to gain knowledge of both the practical and theoretical side of yoga. The practice of yoga should be both spiritual and physical, understanding the yoga anatomy will teach us about physical alignment with each muscle that is engaged in asana. This concept of yoga anatomy is often passed by a teacher to a student and is a fundamental part of growing yoga practice in daily life.

To know the Joint effect during the yoga asana, stretching, and contraction of muscles in the human body, Yoga Anatomy is very important. No one can be a good yoga practitioner without knowing the anatomy of yoga. It just gives muscles tear, fractures, and the problem in different parts of the body.


Importance of knowing yoga anatomy

If you want to be a yoga teacher by taking yoga teacher training, you must know about all the yoga anatomies properly. It is very fair for a yoga teacher to ask about the use of “yoga anatomy” in their job. Cause remembering the Latin name of all the muscles and bones is a hard task to do. Multiple reasons point to the value of yoga teachers studying anatomy.

Joint moves in a pose will not be clear if you have no idea about it. You will not be able to tell your students correctly, which part should be contracting, which should be relaxing during a yoga pose. Knowing yoga anatomy, will a cherry on the top because your name as a yoga teacher will be more if you can accurately instruct and explain about poses. 

yoga anatomy


Yoga anatomy—a mysterious place to warm-up?

It is a shed light in a mysterious place to warm-up your weak or injured physical system. If more yoga teachers will be familiar with yoga anatomy, it will be easier to overcome weaknesses and imbalances, recover, and prevent injuries. Knowing anatomical yoga, the yoga teacher will be able to realize the limits and remove barriers of the practitioner.

“Anatomy of Yoga “is a titled book of a reference for yoga teachers or anyone interested in learning more about yoga. The book has cleared all the queries of a yoga teacher about muscles used in each asana. It was written by Dr. Abigail Ellsworth and published in 2013. There are clear instructions and full-colour detailed anatomical drawings. This book depicts the most common asana to provide a deeper understanding of yoga and poses related to it.

Yoga anatomy can benefit anyone and everyone in yoga practice.

 It is like having Google Maps for your body. Without yoga anatomy knowledge, you could have just tried yoga, stretching or massaging your buttocks, mistakenly thinking that you have tightness there. When you have a good knowledge of yoga anatomy, then it will help to guide you while you perform any type of yoga poses. It is a smart practice to work on yourself without getting an injury or any chances to be hurt.

After you will get the knowledge of yoga anatomy, you can get a good knowledge of the human system. Therefore, while doing and experimenting with new poses, you can easily know the time to back off. Micromanaging our body and other body as a yoga teacher is a difficult part to do. With proper anatomy knowledge and applying them to our yoga practice, you will know when it is time to slow down for muscle recovery and to avoid injury. 



You will also learn to co-activate muscles, contract them, and release them during different yoga poses. This all actions will help us to avoid fatigue, overusing certain muscles, and possible injuries. Yoga anatomy will make us aware of our body and knowledge about its functioning. Practicing yoga without knowledge about yoga anatomy is like driving without a map, driving continuously in the wrong direction, and going nowhere. 

The fact is, you will not be a good yoga teacher without Anatomy & You will not be a good yoga practitioner without knowing the yoga anatomy. So, for both teacher and practitioner needs yoga anatomy for proper yoga asana.