Yin Yoga in Nepal

Yin yoga is one of the most amazing forms of yoga. It is the combination of various forms and techniques. This form of yoga is often combined with the yang form of yoga to completely form the yin and yang style of yoga. However, apart from that combination also each of those forms has an existence and ability of its own. This form of yoga was derived from Chinese techniques, but it also has a rich essence in the neighboring country of Nepal. Yin yoga in Nepal also has been a trend and people are learning, teaching as well as practicing this form of yoga.

Yin yoga

Yin yoga is the slow-movement form of yoga. Probably Yin yoga also may be the slowest of the yoga. The masters of Yin yoga hold the same form for about five minutes or more before changing, while the beginners stay in the same position for about a few seconds to 2 minutes. The posture is held for an extended amount of time to stimulate the subtle body which is present within every one of us known as meridians in Chinese and Nadis in Hatha yoga.

Teachers of Yin yoga in Nepal

No matter the form or method of yoga the role of the teacher is very immense, and it cannot be ignored no matter what. Various yoga centers teach Yin yoga in Nepal and to teach efficiently they need an experienced teacher. Luckily, Nepal is one of the countries with a rich history and tradition of yoga many masters have mastered the various forms of yoga, and Yin yoga is one of them. There are various proficient masters in the field of Yin yoga also who are very capable. They have years of experience with which they have amassed much knowledge and know how to distribute their knowledge to their students efficiently. 

Teaching the philosophy of Yin yoga

While teaching Yin yoga in Nepal the teachers will not only teach the physical forms and techniques but also will teach the philosophy behind Yin yoga. It is based on the Chinese philosophy of Yin and yang. They are the two opposite forces that are represented by two colors, black and white. They when combined form a complete circle with the color black and white in equal amounts and harmony with one another. 

In the yin and yang relationship, the yin is said to have the character of cold, passive, immobile, downward movie force. So, actual yoga is also the slow movement of the body parts where the posture is held for as long as possible. 

Preparation for Yin yoga

Yin yoga is a very unique type of Yoga that is different from other forms of yoga. When this yoga is practiced one may go through various emotional ups and downs. The teachers realize that when people practice Yin yoga they will go through various emotional journeys. Everyone has their emotional journey, and they have something hidden inside their subconscious mind. They may go through the journey of pain, emotion, anger, sorrow, etc. and it is perfectly normal and there is no need to worry about it.

Locations of Yin yoga in Nepal

No matter the form and technique of yoga it is at its highest efficiency when practiced as one with nature. This is also true for Yin yoga. Mostly the people who will teach Yin yoga in Nepal will try their best to fin locations that are in harmony with nature. Luckily, the country is extraordinarily rich in natural resources and has a vast number of places that are in harmony with nature. The rivers, forests, mountains, the country has all of them and more.

Advantages of Yin yoga in Nepal:

Yogic nature

It is believed that yoga originated in ancient times in this region. The yogic nature that is available in this region is not found anywhere in the world. Yin yoga in Nepal will let you touch the yogic spirit that is living in this land for thousands of years.

Authentic knowledge

Nepal is amazingly fast in the field of yoga and there are various yoga association and organization that is monitoring the authenticity of the yogic knowledge that is distributed. If one comes for Yin yoga in Nepal, then they can be assured because the knowledge is very authentic.

Valuable certificate

The certificate of Nepal in the field of yoga is incredibly famous. Many people want to learn Yoga to begin their career in this field as this field is growing and becoming more sustainable. Learning Yin yoga in Nepal they will gain valuable certification by which they can move ahead in the field of yoga to begin their career.

Taste of the culture and adventure

Yes, when learning Yin yoga in Nepal one will get all the knowledge and practice of the related field as much as one wants. However, there is another advantage of learning Yin yoga in Nepal, and it is getting the taste of the culture and adventuring on the nature of the country. It is like two birds with one stone.