Let’s explore why we suggest you to join Yoga in Kathmandu, Nepal?

Yoga in Kathmandu provides you all the aspects of yoga with a wonderful experience. Being a holy country, the energy from the divine inspires you to have complete knowledge of yoga and meditation in Nepal. Culturally accepted yoga in Kathmandu has its different perspective with the completeness of doing yoga and receiving the knowledge of yoga can be your plus point.

Nepal is the country where yoga was originated many years ago. Most of Nepalese adopt the yogic culture in their life. There is the yogic way in Nepalese cultures pre-birth to post-death. Yogic ways of the conception of a baby and yogic process to make baby safe into the womb of a mother are also found in the practice in Nepalese culture. The scientific logic of the culture is to enable a mother to give a perfect child.

There are many cultures in between the life of people in Nepal. Even after the death of a human, the culture wants to protect its soul and let it go in the higher level of the spiritual realm. There is a different way to mourn in Nepali culture that the suns of a father or mother stay in the meditative state for 13 days, eating only for a time, and wearing very clean cloths. They hear the philosophy of death and after death from a priest. The philosophy focuses on living yogic lifestyle throughout our life which is the different aspect of yoga in Kathmandu.

Nepal is naturally beautiful so we can enjoy the natural beauty in the process of learning yoga in Kathmandu. It is so close connection between yoga and natural beauty. Natural beauty adds the value of yoga and yoga encourages us to love natural beauty around us. In past days, yogis went to the jungle to practice meditation because jungle can give us the energy which motivates us to find the inner self and join the inner self with the supreme self of the universe.

Natural vegetation increases the level of Oxygen in the atmosphere. Oxygen is the life force of every creature of earth. The real function of pranayama is to increase the level of oxygen in our brain and every cell of the body. Oxygen increases the immune system of human body and saves us from many diseases. Pranayama and meditation are the part of yoga in Kathmandu which is helpful to connect with the life energy. Meditation is the best way to be free from the stress.

Kathmandu is the city of temples and the divine energy can be found in the surroundings of the capital city of Nepal. People of Nepal believe in God and their motto for the guest is, “Guests are God”. They have been teaching this motto from their childhood. Their heart is so broadened to the guests. The yogic philosophy is very easy to teach them because most of the concept should not teach them so Nepali teacher can teach yoga in Kathmandu perfectly. They can express the spiritual knowledge openly and comprehensively.

Nepal is the country of many yogis. From Buddha to yogi king Janaka was born in Nepal. Buddha spread his knowledge most of the Asian countries. Now, Buddha’s teaching is becoming the most influent spiritual philosophy in the world. Buddha and Janaka are the national heritage of Nepal. It is believed that many yogis are still meditating in the Himalayan areas of Nepal.

Another attraction to choose Nepal for yoga teacher training course is that Nepal is the country of the mountains. The highest peak of the world is situated in Nepal. There are 8 mountains in Nepal higher than 8,000 m among 14 in the world. The mountainous area is the best place to practice yoga because Himalaya can give us the pure energy around us.

The foundation of yoga is considered the knowledge of Vedas. The writer of Vedas is Veda Vyasa who was born in Nepal. Nepal is the suitable country to do yoga as well as learn yoga if we analyze much logic for it. Here one can find the original taste of yoga more than any other country in the world.

Every aspect of yoga should be learned in the process of yoga learning. If you want to experience the real version of yoga by learning yoga in Kathmandu, you can find in detail. Nepal is rich in medicinal herbs and Ayurveda. You can get the required knowledge about Ayurveda in the teacher training course of yoga in Kathmandu. The climate of Kathmandu is so favorable (not so cold and not so hot) to practice yoga in every season of the year. If you are planning to learn yoga or even to be a good yoga teacher, you should choose Nepal as your destination. Nepal can provide you the aspects of yoga which cannot be learned by teaching in a yoga hall.

People of Nepal practice spirituality in day to day life knowingly or unknowingly because the practice of spirituality is in the culture of the people. In yogic culture, people eat only after praying to the God for providing food. They become grateful every time they eat. They put every result of their life in the hand of God and start to do the action. They want to establish a close relationship with God in their life.

Nepal is the home of God Shiva who is considered as the founding father of yoga. Lord Shiva founded 8.4 million yoga poses. According to Hindu philosophy, he lives in the Kailash mountain of Nepal. He gave the knowledge of yoga to his wife Parvati for the first time. Most of the yogis chose the mountainous area to practice yoga in the past.

Nepal is a holy area so many yogis in the past who wanted to came to practice yoga in Kathmandu. The place where the great sages got enlightened is considered as the holy place from where we can get the grace of those yogis. Many yogis wanted to spread the message of peace and spirituality from this land so if you are choosing as your destination to learn yoga in Kathmandu, you are right.

The beautiful part of learning yoga in Kathmandu is that this country can give you the real satisfaction of learning yoga. Nepal gives you the knowledge of every aspect of yoga, every part of yoga, every detail of yoga, every pattern of yoga. To be a perfect yoga teacher you should come to learn yoga in Kathmandu for yoga teacher training course.

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