Theory Of Yoga About Everything Is Impermanent (Theory Of Impermanent)

Human existence has always been questioned in different ways. These are the things we often ignore facing but when we start to question ourselves about everything around us, its origin, we get the impermanent answer, which is not concrete in nature.  Not only have we, intellectuals, monks, scientists also stammered while answering these questions. This article is all about the theory of impermanent meaning everything ( our stress, anxiety, suffering, pain, sorrow etc.) what we think as permanent are infact impermanent and they will go away with time. 

Yoga is a vast subject, spanning thousands of years ago. They have certain principles, significant religious overtones, and are considered religions by many people.  The two types of humans in this world are categorized as one full of questions and the other having no questions. Talking about those who do not have any questions, they are the lazy ones who never think. Or, maybe they overthink and already know the answer. Even if they know the answer they most of the time get according to the theory of impermanent answers. On the other side, we have those who want to know or do not know all the answers.

They are the ones trying to find their goal. Alternatively, they also may be the one who knows nothing. However, here is a question, why does anybody want to seek an answer? They can just enjoy and pass things like a blow of wind. So what is the reason behind rushing for answers? Actually, why do we try to rush behind answers? It is because we are sick of this world and trying to seek something new to detach ourselves from this world.

It said that you seek when you are tired. When we use our mind to understand this world by solving its equations, the number of answers we get fascinates us. These concepts are constantly used by our minds for our interpretation of the present moment in such a way that we think of how we can use that with our knowledge of the past so we can alter it in some way for our benefit somewhere inside the future.

What things are impermanent?

In yoga, the theory of impermanent says everything in this world is temporary or non-permanent. Impermanent here is referring to formless things such as feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc., or with the form: your body, other people, buildings, money, etc. generally, everything that exists in a dualistic world is impermanent. No state and no time lasts for a long period. Whatever you are today, what you possess today, you can even lose that. We can take beauty as an example of it. Even if remained a lot of time with you, it’s sure you are gonna lose it one day.

This is because everything in this world is under the power of time. We were something else in our mother’s womb and right now we are something else. Our body is changing, our egos also, our minds beliefs and so on…but never consciousness, because it is being itself, it looks like a mirror where everything appears. All events and states take place in consciousness. Time and space. All of time and space is mind-stuff; consciousness. It appears solid, but actually, it is not solid but dreamlike. According to theory of impermanent, there is nothing permanent in the play of consciousness. It is a spinning wheel.

Attachments and theory of Impermanent

Our attachment to something that is changing, thinking it will be the same forever (young forever, I’ll never die, my loved ones never die, I’m forever healthy as long as I eat healthy, etc.) causes us to be in this dualistic world. Taking rebirths, constantly dying and being reborn and go through all types of suffering repeatedly (Suffering from pain, the suffering of change, all-pervasive suffering). Theory of impermanent says everything (every compound phenomena) is temporary, impersonal, and unsatisfactory.

Suffering arises from clinging to compound phenomena, motivated by a desire for satisfaction, rooted in delusion Cessation of suffering (Nirvana) is achieved through cessation of clinging, which happens once mental delusion is dispersed.

One will be able to rest in the true nature of mind – clear, peaceful, and compassionate – effortlessly – seeing clearly into all phenomena, without lying to oneself. Just learn to distinguish things and go with the flow. So, What you need to know at last is according to theory of impermanent, nothing in the world is impermanent and it comes and goes so we should be stable and should not suffer with this worldly things.

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