Shiva-yoga meditation is a devotional meditation to Shiva. Shiva introduced yoga in this earth planet at the first time ever and he was the first guru of yoga. It is considered that he lives in the Himalayan region in Nepal. He created 8 million and 40 thousand yoga posters. Shiva-yoga meditation is a form of mantra chanting. We try to dissolve in the mantra and we forget everything of the worldly existence. We can get a blessing if we can totally sink in the mantra during meditation. Shiva is considered as a powerful deity in Hindu philosophy. He has many names and there are many mantras to worship him.

To understand Shiva-yoga meditation, we have to know about Shiva first. Shiva is a part of the Trinity in Hindu philosophy. He is the god of the destroyer of evil and transforming life. To worship this kind of powerful deity, we perform Shiva-yoga meditation. Shiva-yoga meditation is suitable for those who can devote to some higher energy than them. Mantra has a powerful energy and mantra can bring us to the very higher level of meditation. If we can surrender ourselves to Shiva, we can achieve a higher level of experience in the meditation.

The most powerful mantra of Shiva is Mahamrityunjaya mantra which is said to be the great mantra of longevity and immortality. When we can get perfection in this mantra, we don’t fear the death. By this mantra, we can able to accept our life as it is and even we can accept our death. This mantra protects us from every danger of our life. This mantra can be the protection of our life. It is also the mantra for healing physical and mental diseases.

As you know, meditation is the medium of transforming our life. It can balance our every aspect of life. Shiva-yoga meditation can lead us to the state of healthy and happy life. This meditation can eliminate all our stresses and heals our physical diseases. This meditation can be the life-changing weapon of our life. We have to learn this meditation from a very experienced and higher level yoga teacher.

‘Aum Namah Shivaya’ is a very common and easy mantra for Shiva-yoga meditation. The meaning of this mantra is I salute Shiva. Aum is a very powerful mantra which can provide universal energy in our body. Aum is the sound of the divine and mystical world. It can create the energy field and protect us from the evil.

Anyway, Shiva-yoga meditation is a powerful meditation among different types. First, we can start this meditation by counting the mantra. When we become habitual in counting mantra, we can start to cite mantra inside the heart. By doing this, we can reach in the state where we become mantra itself. We don’t have to cite mantra, mantra itself is cited. We can get bliss in this state. We get ecstasy, heavenly pleasure.

We have to go step by step in Shiva-yoga meditation. We should not hurry up. We can bring the image of Shiva on our third eye in this meditation. A strong image of Shiva can help us to go into a deeper level. Shiva-yoga meditation is a part of bhakti yoga meditation where devotees forget themselves for the sake of devotion. They really want to forget their identity to make their new identity with Shiva. Their only goal becomes to achieve the grace of Shiva.

At the first level of the meditation, most of the people seek worldly achievement. It is very easy to achieve materialistic abundance in our life by becoming a devotee of Shiva.  The beauty of Shiva-yoga meditation is that it can provide us with the real taste of meditation. This meditation can inspire us to the path of purification.

In Sanskrit language, Shiva is called ‘Asutosh’ which means being happy soon. He can be happy soon by our worship, by our meditation. The real meditation is the absence of any thought in our mind but it is not easy to empty our mind. The mantra is the medium to make empty our mind. When we cite the mantra, there will come the time when our mind becomes united with the mantra. There will be the only mantra. The frequency of mantra creates an energy field. The energy field connects us with the divine energy.

The ultimate goal of Shiva-yoga meditation is to transform our life, to be enlightened, to be purified. But many people have a misconception about Shiva-yoga meditation. They don’t understand the real aspect of meditation. They do meditation with the knowledge which has been the right direction. This kind of knowledge cannot lead us to the truth. We have to learn Shiva-yoga meditation with a perfect professional yoga master.

Shiva is the synonym of meditation because we find most of his pictures in the meditative mood. This meditation can open our third eye and we can master our mind. This meditation helps you to be free from your stressful life. In the deep meditation, we can experience the light, illumination. The light covers our body and gives us extreme pleasure.

Some benefits of Shiva-yoga meditation are as follows:

  1. It gives you the mental peace and relaxation.
  2. It helps to keep your body healthy and it increases the stamina and metabolism of your body.
  3. This meditation helps you to control your thoughts.
  4. This meditation becomes helpful to eliminate the fear from your mind.
  5. This meditation can be helpful to lose your weight and maintain the body weight.
  6. This meditation helps you to find your real purpose in life.
  7. This meditation increases the power of forgiveness. It increases the kindness within you.
  8. This meditation increases your memory power and boosts your intuition power.
  9. This meditation strengthens your immune power and helps you to be healthy most of the time.
  10. This meditation helps you to be stable in your life. Your restlessness behaviour can be wiped out.
  11. This meditation helps you to find the real self.
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