Pancha Prana in Yoga

Prana is a Sanskrit word, and it translates to life. Prana is also used to denote the air in the human body and is collectively said to be prana Vayu. Air is one of the four elements that give life to a living being. When talking about the Vayu in the body most only think about respiration and breathing, however, the air is more than just breathing and is present in various parts doing various functions. There are five of them and they are collectively known as the Pancha Prana Vayu.

Air is the life in all of us, without air we cannot be alive. Since it is the most constant element, we need it in the body at any time. It is called prana Vayu. Yes, other elements are also very important like water, earth, and space but nothing is required as instantly as the air. We need to take in the air every time to be alive. Air plays a much more important role in the body than just breathing. Let us look at the Pancha prana and its role in the body.

Prana Pancha pranas

This is the main and first of the Pancha pranas. This is the process of breathing and from the nose to the lungs, every organ is involved in this action. In this through the help of the lungs, windpipe, mouth, and nose air is constantly taken into the body and constantly thrown out of the body continuously. This Pancha prana is called the prana (life) itself because it is the life element in the body continuously filling the body with life energy. Aside from the lungs, this prana is also responsible for the heart. This Pancha Prana has upward movement. 

Apana Pancha pranas

Apana Pancha prana is the second of the five Pancha prana. This type of Vayu in the body moves downward. The organs below the lungs are responsible for this type of Vayu. The urinary system, small and large intestine, and kidney are the major organs that are associated with this prana. The function of this prana in the body is the elimination of the waste in the body through urination and bowel movement. Apana Pancha prana actively moves the waste out of the body for the efficient functioning of the body. When this Vayu in the body gets weakened or imbalanced the individual suffers from problems like constipation, piles, etc.

Samana Pancha pranas

Samana Pancha prana is the third of the five Pancha prana. This Vayu does not work like the prana and Apana in the most noticeable way but works very subtly. This Vayu is active in the organs like the liver, pancreas, stomach, and small and large intestine. The purpose of this Vayu in our body is to digestion the nutrients in the body and collect them in the required organs and system.

The work of this Vayu is very subtle but also one of the most important as it is responsible for balancing and providing the required nutrients for the body to function better and well. When this Pancha prana in the body is not working correctly then an individual may face problems regarding nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and digestion-related problems.

Udana Pancha pranas

Udana Pancha prana works in the upper part of the body. This Pancha prana acts in the face and throat region. Inside of the head is the most important organ of the body which is the brain. It is responsible for everything; our consciousness is our brain. Udana Pancha prana also performs the task of providing oxygen to the brain. Apart from all these functions, Udana Pancha prana is also responsible for the movement of the hands and legs. When this Pancha prana in the body is disturbed then various functions in the head region, as well as the efficient functioning of the hands and legs, are disturbed.

Vyana Pancha pranas

This is the final of the Pancha pranas. This prana is very different from all of the other pranas and their working process. Others work in specific organs and parts, but Vyana Pancha pranas work in every part of the body. Also, the functioning of the Vyana Vayu is at the cellular level. The function of the Vyana Pancha prana is to transport the required nutrients and minerals to the various parts of the body.

It is the function of the blood to transport the nutrients and other vital elements to the various parts of the body and the Vyana Pancha prana also works within that very domain. In the cases of shortage of nutrients and minerals in the various parts of the body, this Pancha pranas sends the required nutrients and elements for better healing and efficient functioning of the body. It can also be said that it is the reserve for energy that gets more active when there is scarcity in the various places of the body.