Osho, a Complete Philosophy of life and spirituality

Osho Rajanish is a very famous name in the field of spirituality. The real name of Osho is Chandra Mohan Jain, who was born on 11th December 1931 in Madhya Pradesh, India. He is known as the most influential spiritual master in the world. The discourse with logic and full of emotion can attract anyone who hears the audio, watches the video and reads the book. He had given his discourses about every aspect of life and spirituality. The awareness in his discourse can allure every one of us because he speaks in his discourse in very easy language and flowing manner.

He was very brilliant in his study. He was the gold medalist in philosophy at Masters Level. He started to teach on the campus and he continued to speak to the public. Osho traveled India by spreading the spiritual knowledge throughout the country after giving resignation from his post of lecturer of philosophy. He wanted to eliminate the hypocrisy in the religion. He started to give the real knowledge by which many youths attracted to him at that time. He criticized all orthodoxy idea of the people especially of the priest of Hindu religion.

He had an open idea about sex and didn’t teach to suppress sex. We have to understand the sex and transfer it into the creativity but people misunderstand him about it. He criticized the fake yogis who don’t want to talk about sex but they are not free from sex in their mind. They suppress sex and become mentally sick. But there is the way to be free from the sex. We have to go beyond the sex by understanding the nature of sex.

In the first phase, he started his journey of spirituality master from Mumbai by initiating his followers as a ‘New Sanyasi’. The new type of Sanyasa focuses on the aspect of being yogi living in the society. He focused on the knowledge rather than the following anything blindly. The main challenge of this time is the fake knowledge in the field of spirituality. We have to understand who is saving the world and who is cheating the people. We don’t have to leave our home and job to be yogi. We can be yogi by staying in the society.

Osho criticized everyone who is illogical and who follow the superstition without knowing the reality. He also criticized the political leaders of the world especially of India. He severely criticized the spiritual Gurus of that time. He respected all the true masters of the world. He didn’t discriminate any religion but he wanted to make an amalgamation of all in one and establish an inclusive spiritual formula. He gave his discourses in many scriptures of the world.

He established all the facilities of spiritual knowledge in his Ashram. He believed that every human being is different in their nature and some can understand some way of spiritual practice and other can understand another way of practice. It is needed a different way of teaching of spirituality and life for every individual because the God gives different qualities for everyone.

Osho established his Ashram in Pune, Maharastra in 1974. Many followers came there from many countries and took Sanyasa with him. He was the real hero to the people who couldn’t find the real meaning of their life and had an illusion. He gave his clear ideas about every aspect of life so everyone of that time wanted to meet him and want to be in his Ashram. His discourse was the main attraction to the people because his speech can make spell bounded the soul of the people.

Osho has published more than 600 books about spirituality which are transcribed from his discourses. His discourses can be found in the audio and video format in the YouTube and many websites. His discourses are in both languages Hindi and English but he gave more his discourses in Hindi. Most of his books are translated into English from Hindi.

He had a photographic reading power. He could read books in a very short period of time and can remember most of the content of them. It is said that he read more than 200 thousand books in his life. He has written very few books by his hand. His autobiographic book is ‘Glimpses of a Golden Childhood’. He wrote his memories of his childhood in the book. His books have the life-changing capacity by refreshing our mind and touching our heart.

It is written that Osho was born silently and didn’t eat anything for three days. The reason is that he was meditated in his past life in Tibet for 21 days but someone killed him in 19 days. He fulfilled his meditation without eating and crying in his infant state in the life as Osho. From three days, he started to cry and eat. He was very logical in his childhood. No one could satisfy him with their logic.

In 1981 Osho established an Ashram in Oregon, America. But his journey to America became misfortune to him because his misunderstanding started with the government of America after four years of being in America. He was successful to attract the intellectuals of America but he severely criticized Christianity so Christian people of American couldn’t stand his popularity in America so the government of American arrested him and put in the custody for 12 days.

He wanted to go to different European countries after that but American government sent the message to all of the countries by his ambassadors not to give entry to him. He had to return from the airport. 21 countries didn’t give him to entry in their countries. The Indian government also didn’t give him the permission to stay in India. After a strike of his followers, the Indian government gave the permission to stay in India. He stayed in Pune again until his death.

He focused on celebrating life as a gift of God. He said that there is not the existence of death, death is an illusion. He died on 19 January 1990. He said before he died, ‘Celebrate my death and don’t mourn but be happy and dance with full of joy in my death.’ He said that he did not die; he was with all the disciples. Who can feel the appearance of him, he can be with them. His disciples celebrated his death by being happy.

He gave emphasis to a joyful life with real knowledge. He wanted to make the people of the world spiritually literate. He wanted to establish a spiritual society in the world. He was in the favor of establishing the peace in the world. There are many people in the world who love Osho as a true spiritual leader by his books, audios, and videos.

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