Astrology (Jyotisha) is a very famous subject in Hindu philosophy. It is the part of the knowledge from Vedas. Astrology is based on the planets of the solar system. Astrology believes that the energy of the planets can affect positively and negatively in our life. In the birth chart of the person, there are 12 houses with different placement of the planets. The birth chart is made by the date, time and place of birth. By the birth, chart astrologer can predict the future of a person, tell your past, remind your inner capacity and show the right path in your life.


We can see many people wearing different Gems on their fingers. Why do they wear the gems? Gems can bring positive change in your life. Gems can save us from the negative effects of the planet. A gem is not worn only for its brightness. Gem has the divine energy to solve the problems. Gems are related to the energy of the different planets of our solar system.  We have to wear gems according to the placement of the planet of our Birth chart. If the planet is positive in our birth chart but the planet is very weak to give a positive result, then we wear gems to accelerate the energy of the planet.


Each planet is in a different place in our birth chart and they move from one to another. All planets have their own time period to move from one house to another. Movement can bring the planet in different houses in certain time. The particular planet which is placed in the birth chart in the present moment can affect our life. All nine planets have their degrees and they give result by their power of the degree. Young planets can give the 100 percent of the result but infant and old planet can give the negligible result in our life.


We can decrease the negative effect and increase the positive effect of the planet by different remedies. Among them, gems remedy is very famous and easy to apply but we have to be very careful with it. We have to council with a very experienced astrologer before wearing the gem. Gem only increases the power so we have to wear the ring of the planet which is able to give us the positive result in our life and the planet is lower in its degree.


In the ancient time, the great sages knew the colour of every planet and identified the gems according to their colours. Gems can connect with the energy of the planets and increases the effect of the planets in our body. Every planet has their different types of gems. Gems can capture the energy of the planet and helps to enter the energy in our body.


Planes and their related gems

There are 9 planets in our solar system according to the astrology even there are 8 planets according to scientists after 2006. Nine planets have their virtues and qualities. The nine planets give us the result by their virtues and qualities.


  1. Sun:The sun is the sign of life energy which gives the vitality in our body. The gem of the sun is Ruby. Ruby balances the temperature of the body and maintains the mental balance. If the sun is positive in the birth chart, then astrologers recommend wearing Ruby. It increases the fame and respect of the person in the society. It is related to the father.


  1. Moon:Moon represents the psychological aspects of our life. It also represents the higher intuition power of the person. The related gem of the moon is the white pearl. White pearl controls the emotions of our mind. This helps us to gain the peace at the home. It can give us the benefit of transportation in our life.


  1. Mars:This is the planet which is the symbol of courage and endurance. The related gem for mars is Red Coral. Red Coral increases the warmness of the body and strengthens the digestive power.


  1. Mercury: Mercury is the planet which is the force of speech, behaviour and business. If this planet is positive, the person becomes good in trade and speaking capacity. The related gem of Mercury is Emerald. Emerald increases the intellectual capacity. It balances the mind.


  1. Jupiter:This planet is associated with generous quality of human. This is the sign of intellectuality and wisdom. It plays the role to expand the humanity in the world. The related gem of the Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire. Yellow Sapphire gives you spiritual progress. It teaches you to use the knowledge properly.


  1. Venus:Venus is the sign of creativity, fine arts, beauty, luxury, romance, marriage reproduction power, and love relation. The related gem of Venus is the Diamond. Diamond gives you the prosperity. It gives you the positive perspective of love and beauty.


  1. Saturn:Saturn is concerned as a negative planet but it is the sign of our Karmic debt and justice. It gives us the justice in our life according to our Karma. If we do positive Karma, we can get the positive result and if we do negative Karma, we get the negative result. Anyway, it is not negative because it can give us the natural justice in our life. The related gem of Saturn is Blue Sapphire. Blue Sapphire increases the logic and the feeling of justice. It gives you the technical knowledge too.


  1. Rahu: Really Rahu and Ketu are not the planets but they are the shadows of the planets. Both are shadows to cause eclipse in the solar system. Rahu is the sign of fame, material goods and attachment. The related gem of Rahu is Gomed. Gomed balances the hormones of the body.


  1. Ketu:Ketu is the sign of enlightenment, liberation and spiritual growth. It is the cause of nonattachment with the materialistic things. The related gem of Ketu is Cat’s Eye. Cat’s Eye protects us from the negative energy in our body. If Ketu is positive, it can protect us from the negative effects of other planets.


We can increase the power of the planet by using different Gems. If the planet is very good in the placement but unable to give its fruit properly, then we use different types of Gems according to the planet. We have to be careful when we use the gem on our finger. We have to consult with a perfect astrologer before that

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